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Anarchy Servers
it's pure war...
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03-28-14 06:28 PM
04-09-14 07:53 PM

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Anarchy Servers


03-28-14 06:28 PM
Blubcreator is Offline
Link | ID: 996043 | 83 Words

Level: 64

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Has anyone ever played on an Anarchy server before? I had one hosted with a good friend of mine and it was really fun once we got a few people playing on it. If anyone doesn't know what an anarchy server is it's basically a server where there are little to no rules. Besides the occasional be respectful and don't spam the chat etc. In terms of playing the game there are none. You can grief, steal and kill. It's just pure war.
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(edited by Blubcreator on 03-28-14 06:28 PM)    

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03-28-14 06:36 PM
MysteriousPanzer is Offline
Link | ID: 996049 | 13 Words

Level: 46

POSTS: 242/621
POST EXP: 31299
LVL EXP: 704397
CP: 1646.0
VIZ: 61379

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Never played one, but it sounds really fun! I'll definitely look into them.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 02-18-14
Location: The warzone, rearing to fight!
Last Post: 893 days
Last Active: 775 days

04-01-14 02:58 PM
Boxia is Offline
Link | ID: 998151 | 45 Words

Level: 88

POSTS: 762/2714
POST EXP: 150548
LVL EXP: 6521994
CP: 7644.8
VIZ: 1986

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I do recall playing on an anarchy server once. Basically, all I did was loot, pillage, and murder. I actually got quite a bit of stuff from people I killed, including some invincible armour. Eventually I got banned because my armour was too OP. :/
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04-01-14 11:20 PM
EideticMemory is Offline
Link | ID: 998776 | 87 Words

Level: 127

POSTS: 2669/6325
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LVL EXP: 23169640
CP: 26167.3
VIZ: 8444

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Unfortunately, yes.

I can see why they -would- be fun. However, any true enjoyment gets lost with all of the cheaters =/

In order to prevent your chests from getting raided, you have to go incredibly far out. Many of these servers are essentially vanilla, so you don't even have the benefit of teleportation.

There's also a lot of trolling near spawn. It can be nearly impossible to leave without some dude with a diamond armor seeing you and deciding to attack for the fun of it.
Vizzed Elite

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Registered: 12-30-13
Location: North Carolina, USA
Last Post: 1593 days
Last Active: 1593 days

04-04-14 01:14 PM
zanderlex is Offline
Link | ID: 1001340 | 33 Words

Poor Davideo7
Level: 231

POSTS: 3642/25260
POST EXP: 1518666
LVL EXP: 189063626
CP: 121373.0
VIZ: 3971973

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I have never played on an Anarchy server before, but from the looks of it, it looks like it can be a lot of fun. I might give it  a try some time.
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04-09-14 07:53 PM
NVTaks is Offline
Link | ID: 1005035 | 49 Words

Level: 38

POSTS: 329/392
POST EXP: 29188
LVL EXP: 353116
CP: 1134.4
VIZ: 56064

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I have once, but I could never get fully set up with gear because people would INSTANTLY kill me.

Got a wooden sword. DEAD

Finally got armour. DEAD

Woah, man check out this epic potion. DEAD

*sigh* Suffice to say my time on the anarchy server didn't last long.
Trusted Member

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 02-20-14
Location: my own ass
Last Post: 1584 days
Last Active: 35 days