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12-08-19 09:52 AM

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10-25-13 08:25 AM
05-23-14 12:15 PM

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Has your teacher ever made fun of you in class?


10-25-13 08:25 AM
Koda is Offline
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I've had plenty of teachers make fun of me but the worst was my sixth grade art teacher. She always called me ginger because I have red hair. On top of that I was already being bullied every day in the sixth grade so she just made it worse. I hated her so much.
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10-25-13 08:35 AM
Mecha Leo is Offline
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Mecha Leo
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my math teacher in 6th made school living heck for me
she was probably mad her name was Mrs. Cockerham
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10-25-13 10:19 AM
jose2307 is Offline
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oh my gosh yes umm like so many i think in sixth grade a teacher who teaches histroy and enlish made fun of me called me beaner man i wanted to punch her but im a guy so i didnt do it. then everone one would start laughing and i just got mad and got out of class.teachers can be reallly annoying but i got her back for what she did i threw away her starbucks.i was happy though to get her back doesnt matter if its hers teachers throw away students drinks sometimes so i got payback

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10-25-13 04:34 PM
Mr. Zed is Offline
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Mr. Zed
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Yeah . But it is not often . Man . But the teacher that does this can do it to anyone without remorse . He does it to perfection . The guy is wicked smart and full of knowledge .  If you had to challenge A layer with ten degrees ( if there are that many ) and The teacher ..... I'd pick the lawyer . 
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Not Important

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10-25-13 09:19 PM
supercool22 is Offline
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No....not really. I cant remember if my any of my teachers made fun of me. I would do something if any teacher made fun of me...(not punch them)..maybe i would report them to the principle. But i hope it will never happen.
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Dumb Penguin

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10-25-13 09:29 PM
Sidewinder is Offline
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I did not have a teacher that made fun of me individually, but I did have a math teacher who did make fun of one his students in the regular math class (I was in accelerated). 

A friend told me how he would make subtle jokes on how she was lazy and such, like "Today we are going to do ______. I  bet so-and-so is groaning on the inside, because she probably doesn't want to do this." 

This offended her because the teacher was being very ignorant. She wanted to learn, but he was implementing that she was lazy and did not want to learn. 
The teacher thought it was all subtle, like it wasn't offensive. 

Anyways, to all the people here who actually have been made fun of, not only by a teacher, by anyone, just don't take it. You don't have to, and you really do not need to. Just accept the way you are, and if people are to make fun of you for you really are, it really isn't up to them to judge one another. 
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10-25-13 09:29 PM
FFFighterDill is Offline
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A teacher threw away my art paper cause I "did it wrong". There was about 7 Squares? Each one had to be lighter then the last, putting the normal color in the middle, i accedently got a very light Blue, so i thought, "I'll just put it in the last box.". Which is what i did... she got REALLY mad cause i appearntly wasnt supposed to do that, I was supposed to go the middle out. She was still mad and said "Okay, do what you want on it". "Okay, i thought " I'll fix it." so i put the next one next to the middle. She litterally ripped the paper away and threw it in the Garbage. The thing is, she made such a huge scene of it, if she would have said to start over cause i didnt do so and so i would have got that. But making a big scene? I was about ready to yell at her cause appeartly My way equals to HER way. She tripped on my jacket while throwing it away, i almost laughed. She was being really sassy 2 days ago, so i dont know WHAT her problem was.
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10-25-13 09:31 PM
mourinhosgum is Offline
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The only time i have been made fun of is just a nice kidding around way.
Not a bullying kind of way.
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10-25-13 11:30 PM
kramer4077 is Offline
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Koda :
jose2307 :

I am really sorry to hear that teachers were the ones picking on you!  As a third grade teacher myself, I'm really shocked to hear that this goes on in middle schools!  I thought it was just common sense for teachers to call students by the name listed on the class roster and not to give nicknames unless the student specifically asks to be called by a different name than the one on the list.  The only thing I can think of is that must be those teacher's coping mechanism for dealing with middle school students and it's their way of trying to hide their own insecurities.  That's just so unbelievable and sorry you guys had to go through that!  I have never been made fun of by a teacher and I would never knowingly make fun of a student.

Vizzed Elite

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10-25-13 11:31 PM
Malchior is Offline
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yes during math all the time.
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Registered: 10-18-13
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10-25-13 11:48 PM
aux1printer is Offline
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I have a teacher that makes fun of everyone in the class, though it's only as a joke. I've never had a teacher seriously make fun of me, that would make me pretty angry.

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Registered: 06-12-11
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10-28-13 07:33 PM
Barathemos is Offline
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No. Thank the gods. My German teacher loves, and I mean LOVES to make fun of kids, just never me.
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10-28-13 07:34 PM
Pacman+Mariofan is Offline
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My teachers have never made fun of me in class before because I'm a good student who works hard and doesn't mess around very much.
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10-28-13 07:45 PM
SacredShadow is Offline
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My teachers haven't made fun of me in class before. They are all nice, cool teachers. They joke around a lot but they never make fun of anyone unless they are a trouble maker and they goof off a lot. I never make it so they can make fun of me in the first place, I am very well disciplined and I do all my work and act respectfully. So that is why this hasn't happened to me before. 

Good question by the way. In my 10 years of school, a teacher has never made fun of me in a humiliating way, some teachers joke around a bit, but that is  totally different.
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10-28-13 07:50 PM
mh246 is Offline
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No teacher had ever made fun of me but they make fun others one time this kid was not paying attention and he asked what is 2+2 and he replied blue all of the class laughed the teacher wouldn't stop making fun of him until the next day

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 09-08-12
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10-29-13 08:59 AM
queen of lies is Offline
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queen of lies
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Oh my i see that some people get bulled by there  teacher ..  you guys should tell your parents, for me my teacher do not pick on me no one pick on me that why i say that i am lucky when i see how many people get bulled ,luck is something not many people all what can i say for the people how get  treated like that is to never give up ...12 years of school and you will be free for ever  so hold on  

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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10-31-13 12:59 AM
PokefanKala is Offline
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My gym teachers sometimes upset me, but it's not always their fault, because they don't realize how sensitive I am to comments on my athletic ability. I have issues with coordination and I'm sort of weak and just generally bad at most sports, and got teased about it in elementary school, so now comments about anything sports related just make me feel... icky. I hate being singled out about it. Sometimes I've been driven nearly to tears.
This year, for example, my teacher made a comment on the way I walk with my feet turned in. I have an internal rotation to my hips, so I'm actually built differently than most people and my feet naturally turn that way. I am also most comfortable standing with my legs twisted up in ways others find "odd." She was just looking out for me, really, wondering if I should get it checked out, so at first I was like "Okay, whatever, I'll just explain to her," and I calmly told her that I'd gotten it checked out and it was perfectly fine. I actually have less of a probability of needing hip replacement than the average person.
See, at that point she should have dropped it.
She didn't. She kept commenting on it, and arguing with me; not in a malicious way, but I could just feel my defenses deteriorating and she wouldn't shut up, and I was taking deep breaths, trying not to let it get to me... But I have rarely ever been so eager for a class to end.
This other time, a gym sub came in and had us play (horror of horrors!) kickball.
I HATE kickball. I'm an extreme perfectionist, and I'm terrible at it. I can't kick the ball, it never comes anywhere near me, and when it does I can't catch it, and overall it's just a waste of time for me to stand there pretending to participate.
This loud,jerk of a guy made me kick. And I missed. So did he just have me kick again? NO. He actually walked over to me, picked up the ball, and made fun of me in front of the whole class, making me give the ball a hug and sardonically telling me that it wasn't going to hurt me.
I wanted to hit him, but instead he forced me to kick again, when I was already about ready to run to the bathroom and cry in humiliation, and afterwards made the class sarcastically clap for me.
I would have just walked out, but I'm sort of a straight A honor student and if my parents heard about me leaving class... Besides, that'd be letting the jerk win. So I just sort of stood there, numbly trying not to burst into tears.
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10-31-13 11:02 PM
B619ook is Offline
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Nah my teachers never made fun of me ever! sometimes they may call me a teachers pet sometimes but not most of the time. Honestly I don't know why out of all the people they call me a book worm, I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed.
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11-04-13 08:11 AM
Koda is Offline
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PokefanKala : Wow that's absolutely horrible. I absolutely wish I could punch that guy in his face....
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11-04-13 08:34 AM
Sorinkun is Offline
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PokefanKala : Don't worry because here you won't be judged! I would punch the teacher and the suckers who say things like this!
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