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06-19-13 10:09 AM
07-07-13 03:01 PM

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What are your thoughts on the Devil?


06-19-13 10:09 AM
bobq is Offline
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Please don't say just "he is cool" or "he is bad".

Talk about how the Devil is represented through religion, through music, through stories or something else.

You could say something like; the Devil is a representation of rebellion and anarchy that is expressed and even promoted through music, for example.

Express what your stance is, and why you have that stance, and what influenced you to view the Devil from this angle.
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06-19-13 10:15 AM
Tails the Fox is Offline
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Tails the Fox
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I see the Devil as a character to be used. I don't see him as a necessary being to balance good and bad, but more just the bad guy. I don't think he represents anything; he owns hell and likes to be annoying. He is a character for stories. I see no religious side to it as I don't follow any religion.
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06-19-13 10:28 AM
sonicmcmuffin is Offline
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The Devil doesn't really mean anything to me.. I mean to me he is just another stereotypical villain.

To others yes he might have much more of a significance.. But for me he has none... anyone can be a villain to someone after all.

I guess i just view it as a typical anime... it needs a villain for there to be a reason for the good guys to do something.. Otherwise you'd just have a group of people sitting around doing nothing as they twiddle their thumbs in the hope that something exciting will happen..

I think the devil is good though.. As he is promoted in a few religions.. And that can bring people to actively try and become a better person in society to avoid his fictional wrath! 
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06-19-13 04:29 PM
yoyogamr is Offline
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My belief is that he is real, but he is also not an excuse for being evil.

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Registered: 06-14-13
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06-20-13 06:17 PM
Brigand is Offline
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If you read the book of Job, you could get the idea he is Gods friend or his minion. And even if not and they had a fallout,at least they are still talking to each other.
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Not even an enemy.

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06-20-13 07:45 PM
thenumberone is Offline
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I think the (notion of) devil is somewhat twisted. of god and the devil he would be the lesser of two evils. he is gods creation, his failings are inherent, he is simply true to his nature. god however created his nature, so he is accountable for those flaws.
I think the quote "better to rule a day in hell than serve for eternity in heaven" sums it up nicely. at least the devil doesent discriminate. you know what youre getting too. with god it seems like russian roulette.  will he smite me? will there be another flood? a plague? his love is conditional.
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06-21-13 06:30 AM
riderx40 is Offline
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A Big Red Ugly Guy with beard holding a needle...

Or it just the evil ho inside all of us..
Dat Rider

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06-21-13 03:20 PM
DH110985 is Offline
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I personally think the Devil was created to be the "symbol" of the cliché good vs. evil battle. Even though evil takes many shapes and forms, the Devil became the embodiment of what "evil" is and frankly it was used as a "scare tactic" by the Catholic Church in order to obtain more followers(more followers = more power, influence and of course wealth).

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07-01-13 01:40 PM
SoL@R is Offline
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bobq :  Lucifer was an angelic being with free will, created by God, but he chose to disobey God and chose the path of pride which caused his exile from God's presence and thus became Satan or the Devil.  He does not rule over Hell nor did he create it.  It was created FOR Satan and his minions by God where they and others that rejected God, will spend one day for eternity.  Also, there is no "good vs. evil".  God, who is good, has no equal. Satan’s power is limited by God’s will (Job 1:10-12; 1 Corinthians 10:13).  Evil has already been conquered and Satan knows this, that's why he is working so hard to drag down others with him before he is put away for good, but as “the god of this world,” Satan has dominion over those who live without Christ in the world (2 Corinthians 4:4).  He is real although he has convinced many people of this world that he does not exist.

thenumberone :  Looks like it's me and you again.  The question was what your thoughts are on the Devil, but it seems like you just have to get your jab in when it comes to God.  Your are a 100% entitled to your opinion, but I'm just letting you know that you are walking on dangerous ground by calling God evil with your careless statement: "the lesser of two evils".  
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07-01-13 04:23 PM
thenumberone is Offline
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SoL@R :
the question was my view on the devil, I gave it along with context.
anything I say is ergo an opinion, such as god being the more evil. im entitled to have an opinion.
im confused as to why people can say gays are immoral, non believers will go to hell, and call non christians wolfs, yet if I say in my opinion, god is evil, I have said something truely wrong.
there is something wrong with society.
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(edited by thenumberone on 07-01-13 04:24 PM)    

07-01-13 05:42 PM
Dean2k13 is Offline
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My thoughts on the Devil.. Hmm.

The devil is God's real .. enemy? Well, sort of like that. God brings peace and harmony while the Devil is evil and corrupts life as it is. That's really my point of view. In the bible the Devil is said to be the tempter and the Evil one. 
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07-07-13 03:01 PM
sonicbros is Offline
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My thoughts on the Devil is he should not be thought of unless you are a Satanist,I have no fear of him,God protects all,God made the Earth,God saves the Earth,the Devil is there to scare and he doesn't scare me or my flock
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