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02-25-13 08:52 PM
03-26-13 02:16 PM

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Do you respect other religions believes?


02-25-13 08:52 PM
zelda2 is Offline
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Do you think that maybe another religion is making a mistake? I don't, I'm just asking if you do. I mean, I have a Jewish friend, and I respect his religion and his beliefs. What do you think? Do you ever disagree or dislike other religions? I gave you my answer, what's yours?
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02-25-13 09:40 PM
ender44 is Offline
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Yes. I really don't care if someone believes the same things as me or not. What I don't like is when I tell them what I believe and then they decide to tell me why that's "wrong" and pester me to convert. And that's why I try not to talk about religion.
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02-25-13 09:47 PM
rcarter2 is Offline
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Well, you are asking multiple questions as if they are a single question, and they kind of contradict each other. You ask mainly if you respect other religions. But then ask if we disagree. Pretty much anyone in a religion is going to disagree with the views of different religions. That is why they are different. There is a huge difference between disagreeing and respecting. 

As far as my answer, yes, I have disagreements. Often with people of my own religion. But the answer to the main question is also yes. Though I might disagree, I respect the opinion of the other. 

The only time I don't show respect is if the person clearly has the attitude that they are 100% right and nobody else's view could possibly be right just because their religion says so. For example, if you see in a thread I have been posting in not long ago arguing creationism vs evolution, I might now have shown the maker of that thread's opinion much respect. But that was mainly because of the path he decided to take as far as how he would 'debate' his side. It was completely close minded and lacked any respect for opposing viewpoints. So of course, I decided to dissect the hell out of his points. But as long as someone shows the respect others deserve, I am more than happy to do the same.

I mean, if you really think about it, every religion has very far fetched beliefs in certain areas. I find it ridiculous to think that everyone else's stories and beliefs are crazy. I mean, I believe that God sent his son in human form to be sacrificed for our sins and he rose from the dead. So do I have a right to say that other people's beliefs are crazy? Haha, absolutely not. 
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02-26-13 09:02 AM
play4fun is Offline
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Saying that a different religion is wrong and disrespecting a different religion are two different things. Christians are not relativists. They don't believe that truth depends on what you believe and that there is such a thing as right or wrong. They believe that there is no other Gods (Exodus 20:3) and that it is only through faith in Jesus Christ that we are saved (John 14:6) I would even say that if you really believe that this is a matter of eternal life and death (which Christians believe) and not even tell someone about it even once, you don't believe in what you believe.

However, I wouldn't do anything that would disrespect them. I wouldn't go to a Buddhist temple and yell "you are wrong" while they are doing their ritual. Nor would I be harassing someone because of what one person believes in.
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02-27-13 06:04 PM
Brigand is Offline
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Play4fun and rcarter both do have very good points on the issue. As for zelda2, keep in mind that Jesus was also jewish.

As for myself, i hardly respect my own religious views but I like to think myself as both curious and tolerant to others.
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02-27-13 06:11 PM
Maguc is Offline
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Yeah, I respect religions a lot, even if I am Atheist my self, but I just hate when people say "omg you don't believe in (insert their God's name here)??? You are going to (insert bad place (like Hell) people go to here)!!!"
That just makes me want to slap them.
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02-27-13 06:36 PM
Queen1591 is Offline
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Yes I respect their religions and everyone will respect their respect. I seen some people wear dress that are religious and I have respect for these people. There are nothing wrong with it and everyone believe in different religious.

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02-27-13 06:41 PM
mister sandman is Offline
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mister sandman
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ya if they keep it to themselves and in there place of worship i could careless what they believed  
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02-27-13 07:00 PM
Eirinn is Offline
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I agree with rcarter2. I do disagree with other religions, but I do not disrespect them. There is a big difference. You can respectfully disagree, and it's cool. But don't go attacking other's religious beliefs, or lack thereof. I don't mind people sharing what they think with me, so long as it's done properly, and with respect. I also try to do the same.
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02-27-13 09:43 PM
randomguy666 is Offline
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zelda2 : In my opinion any religion can be making a mistake. I personally do not believe in any of them but i do not discriminate or tell others that they are wrong. 
 I pretty much respect anyone over their own opinions. 


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03-26-13 02:07 PM
Sword Legion is Offline
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zelda2 : Well Jesus is the only way to heaven. He said that no one comes to the father except through him.

You can still get along with other people though, just try to witness to them. You'll want to see your friends in heaven!
Do show them respect, but don't tell them that they're right if they are wrong.

God might let other religious people into heaven if they are seriously looking for the God of the universe
and they have never heard of Christianity. But God might not, so we've got to tell as many people about the Lord as we can.
That way we know that they'll go to heaven.
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03-26-13 02:16 PM
zelda2 is Offline
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Local Mods : I would like this thread closed, please.
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