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01-18-20 12:16 PM

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How old is your computer?
Some people have the latest some people have the old computers.
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08-10-12 04:23 PM
01-06-14 02:00 PM

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How old is your computer?


08-10-12 04:23 PM
G@mehe@d is Offline
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How old is your computer, mine is about 3-4 years old and it has not crashed yet.
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Location: Texas
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08-10-12 04:30 PM
CC23 is Offline
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Mine is about 4 to 6 years old and it never crashed either its cool. 
Perma Banned

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Registered: 07-24-12
Location: MI
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08-10-12 07:29 PM
Eddy88 is Offline
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Well, the one I'm on is like... 1 or 2 years old... This one never crashed

We have a desktop one, that's more older, like 6 or more years. This one crashed like 2 or 3 times.
Vizzed Elite
[7:43 PM]mlb789:Quote me

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08-10-12 07:56 PM
Lazlo Falconi is Offline
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Lazlo Falconi
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Parts of it were purchased in 2006, whilst the motherboard and processor were changed out in late 2007 or 2008. The video card and RAM were upgraded earlier this year, though.

I'm not sure what you guys mean by "Crashing", but I guess I've messed up my computer hundreds of times. But then, experimentation is the only way we learn.
Vizzed Elite
The Shake Zula

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Registered: 01-07-12
Location: Cartoon Hell
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08-10-12 10:27 PM
skeletor22 is Offline
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I built mine 2 years ago, and Core 2 duo has been out for awhile now. Video card was updated last week, and a few other things a few weeks ago (cooling) and never had a crash that I didn't provoke ha ha

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 08-09-12
Location: Arizona
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09-29-12 11:17 AM
Gn120 is Offline
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Mine is around 5-6 years is a 2007 Toshiba

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 02-21-12
Last Post: 2436 days
Last Active: 887 days

10-01-12 01:47 AM
dazzsheil is Offline
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My current computer has been around since 2007 (before Call of Duty 4 of all things...and it can't even run THAT game -__-) and sonce then I've upgraded OS and graphics drivers a few times, but no major changes.
Trusted Member
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Registered: 02-12-10
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10-01-12 02:21 AM
SunflowerGaming is Offline
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My computer is about 6 years old. But I had it completely rebuilt. It's not the BEST computer in the world, but it gets me by. I'll be getting a new laptop soon so I'm psyched about that. For now this computer is bearable. I'll probably keep this one as a back-up after I get my new one.
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Registered: 05-29-10
Location: United States
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10-01-12 02:59 AM
LegolasJJH is Offline
Link | ID: 660705 | 337 Words

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As far as computers go, my computer is ancient haha , its a 2007 laptop. It constantly crashes , I know it is crashing due to overheating , but I'm unsure why. I think that it crashes cuz of an insane amount of dust build up inside the computer , but since it's a laptop I've never opened it up to try to remove dust from the inside, but I'm sure after 5 years without cleaning the inside is probably filthy with dust.

It also has windows vista which I shouldn't have to explain how junky this is !

The funny thing about the laptop is, it ran perfectly up until EXACTLY 1 day AFTER my warranty ran out. It was weird the exact next day after my warranty runs out, my power cord for the laptop broke. I didn't know it was the power cord , I thought it was the actual laptop that was broke for the longest time, and I discovered toshiba customer service is HORRIBLE. Every time I called the toshiba customer service I got a rep that was from India and I could barely understand them and they couldn't understand me. The rep would just repeat useless information that didn't have anything to do with my problem, very frustrating.

Finally I found a friend who had the same power cord as my laptop used and thats when I plugged it in and it finally started charging fine so I knew it was just my power cord that was broke, little did I know, a new power cord for your laptop is expensive and I wound up spending $100 just for the new cord, but it was a top-end quality one and it has worked perfectly the 4 years since.

I really wish I had enough of a disposable income that I could get a new desktop or laptop though because their are a lot of new computer games I would like to play that my current laptops video card just cannot handle.
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Registered: 08-14-12
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10-01-12 05:32 AM
YourMajestyKen is Offline
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My Hp laptop, the one I'm currently using, I believe I had since Christmas of 2009. It's been infected with viruses more than once and works like perfection on Safe Mode. I even have audio so it doesn't give me any problems. Good as new.

My flat screen desktop is more current. I got it about a year and a half ago. Thankfully I've never had computer problems with it.
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Registered: 10-01-10
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(edited by YourMajestyKen on 10-01-12 05:33 AM)    

10-01-12 06:55 AM
Minuano is Offline
Link | ID: 660779 | 42 Words

Super Davideo7 2
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This computer is going to be a year old on Christmas. I haven't gotten a virus yet, nor have I bothered to even get anti-virus.

My mom's computer which I use more than her (printer) is about 3 years old I believe.
Moderator Manager
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10-01-12 07:16 AM
INRI is Offline
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i've bought my laptop almost a year ago as a christmas present for myself . 
Lesson : Sometimes , you should appreciate your self before others - By me

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 10-01-12
Location: At My Own Awesome Place !!
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10-01-12 01:38 PM
james44028 is Offline
Link | ID: 660969 | 20 Words

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my computer is a dinisore its like 4 years and SO SLOW it takes forever mto just load a page!
Trusted Member
???? Keldeo

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Registered: 08-04-12
Location: destiny islands
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10-02-12 12:44 PM
Crazy Li is Offline
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Crazy Li
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I think I put together my computer back in 2007... so that would make it about 5 years old now. I could stand to get/assemble a new one... but I've been really tight on money lately, so that's not likely to happen anytime soon. I'll just have to deal with the problems of this one :x
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12-23-12 02:10 AM
Mobouis1 is Offline
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Mine is about around 8 years old, and I am thinking about buying a new computer, or just upgrading it components.
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Registered: 04-07-12
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12-23-12 02:30 AM
Matias72 is Offline
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   Mines probably about 4 or 5 years old tops.  works good but only has a basic graphics chip, needs a new one.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 08-09-12
Last Post: 2568 days
Last Active: 154 days

12-23-12 02:40 AM
skippercapt is Offline
Link | ID: 707229 | 116 Words

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james44028 : That's not why its going slow. Mine is 4 years old, OS: Windows 7 Ultimate (Which was added later. Original OS: Windows XP) 1.84 GHz Processor Intel Core Centrino Duo, 2 GB RAM, 172 GB Hard Drive. If your is 4 years old, it shouldn't be any worse then mine. It doesn't depend on how old it is, its about the specs, and if it has a virus. My laptop goes SUPER FAST and the specs are pretty low, compared to now-days computers. First tell me your specs, then I'll tell you the best virus protection program ever! If you don't know how to see your specs, tell me, and I'll make a Youtube video!
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12-23-12 02:56 AM
speedy gonzalez is Offline
Link | ID: 707234 | 44 Words

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my computer is really old. i think it is like the first thin screen computer the ones just after the fat ones. it hasnt crashed yet but when you turn it on it is really slow but then after a while it gets faster

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 12-06-12
Location: new bark town (in jhoto)
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12-24-12 06:24 AM
Add Me Maybe is Offline
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Add Me Maybe
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My computer is about three years old. The only thing I changed in it was the graphic card, but other then that I've had no problems with it.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 10-24-12
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12-24-12 06:35 AM
zelda2 is Offline
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I have a DINOSAUR for a computer. Not sure when it was made, but while all you are enjoying your windows 8, I have to suffer through *shudder* WINDOWS XP! Everyone looking at the post: "Oh no!" "AAAGGGHH!" "That's terrible!"
Perma Banned

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