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03-28-20 04:03 PM

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01-04-09 09:57 AM
01-19-20 12:45 AM

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Best web browser

Which is the best web browser?
Internet Explorer
4.6%, 11 votes
34.9%, 84 votes
Google Chrome
52.7%, 127 votes
3.3%, 8 votes
0.8%, 2 votes
0.4%, 1 vote
0.4%, 1 vote
2.9%, 7 votes
Multi-voting is disabled

10-10-17 10:13 AM
no 8120 is Offline
Link | ID: 1348678 | 35 Words

no 8120
Level: 45

POSTS: 355/519
POST EXP: 43961
LVL EXP: 631630
CP: 98976.6
VIZ: 4390658

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
  my favorite web browser is fire fox after trying ei and chrome I find that fire fox loads faster than the other two which to me I find to be a little bit too slow
Site Staff
Content Adder

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 06-04-12
Location: CANADA
Last Post: 2 days
Last Active: 9 hours

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01-03-18 12:54 PM
Fancdew is Offline
Link | ID: 1350835 | 47 Words

Level: 46

POSTS: 465/527
POST EXP: 17036
LVL EXP: 689898
CP: 1549.2
VIZ: 74471

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I used to love Chrome. I still love the design, it's just after they disabled something that one of my favorite games required, I just stopped using it. It's way too slow, anyways. I use Firefox now, because it's fast and sleek. I also love the look.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 05-03-11
Last Post: 782 days
Last Active: 371 days

01-03-18 03:58 PM
ZeroTails is Offline
Link | ID: 1350861 | 78 Words

Cool Davideo7
Level: 83

POSTS: 2311/2465
POST EXP: 215125
LVL EXP: 5397590
CP: 18783.7
VIZ: 392880

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I don't remember if I posted here or not, oh well.

I used to love Firefox- I really did, but it just became too slow for me to use ;;. I prefer chrome now, it's what I'm comfortable with now.

But I do use Firefox on occasion, it's still nice. And those two are probably the only good browsers around :'D. I don't know anything about Opera but I don't feel any need to try it out either.
Vizzed Elite
Zt is dead

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 11-30-14
Location: depression land
Last Post: 56 days
Last Active: 56 days

01-03-18 05:22 PM
thing1 is Offline
Link | ID: 1350877 | 41 Words

Level: 208

POSTS: 16080/17155
POST EXP: 919189
LVL EXP: 129875258
CP: 29854.8
VIZ: 351358

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
If ya don't use Google Chrome with Bing as your default search engine, you're wrong.  

I prefer Chrome, just because IE is trash, I don't like Safari, and Firefox is just... just don't use it, so i don't like it. 
Vizzed Elite
What is life?

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 02-03-11
Location: In the South
Last Post: 36 days
Last Active: 1 hour

05-01-18 08:05 AM
TouchMaster97 is Offline
Link | ID: 1353479 | 44 Words

Level: 40

POSTS: 334/509
POST EXP: 26872
LVL EXP: 415062
CP: 2470.7
VIZ: 136479

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I used to browse with Chrome a lot, but since I learned that it watches me, I don't use it that much. Since last year, I've used Brave instead, which has a built-in ad blocker, among a few other add-ons. It's also faster overall.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 08-30-16
Last Post: 8 days
Last Active: 1 day

12-16-18 08:38 PM
Minuano is Offline
Link | ID: 1358611 | 73 Words

Super Davideo7 2
Level: 110

POSTS: 3289/3733
POST EXP: 143348
LVL EXP: 14168327
CP: 10311.0
VIZ: 858304

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
Suppose it won't be an issue if I bump this since it's stickied...

Chrome will be the most common answer, but it's really only good if your computer is up for the task. Thing eats memory like it hasn't eaten in days.

If you want your best bang for buck (buck is memory taken up I suppose), Firefox or Opera. However, if you've got the memory to spare, Chrome is definitely the best.
Moderator Manager

Affected by 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome'

Registered: 09-03-09
Location: Miami, FL
Last Post: 20 hours
Last Active: 17 min.

12-21-18 09:57 PM
Lexatom is Offline
Link | ID: 1359668 | 40 Words

Level: 118

POSTS: 4461/5103
POST EXP: 331654
LVL EXP: 17980715
CP: 26012.5
VIZ: 668448

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I used to use a lot of Firefox, but then I switched to a new laptop and decided to try out Chrome, and it's working really well so far, so I see no need to switch back at the moment. 
Vizzed Elite
Toys 'R' Us Confidant

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 07-30-13
Location: Knoxville, TN
Last Post: 53 days
Last Active: 57 days

12-22-18 01:26 PM
Light Knight is Offline
Link | ID: 1359731 | 116 Words

Light Knight
Level: 116

POSTS: 3583/3765
POST EXP: 272671
LVL EXP: 17271248
CP: 11001.9
VIZ: 1023945

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I'm still bouncing between firefox and chrome. I like how fire fox works on mobile, so I like to use it as my desktop browser so I can sync them.
But I'm starting to find certain things on vizzed work better on chrome. Like when I post a message on Vizzed using Firefox (on desktop), it will remove my line breaks and my posts comes out as a block of text with not paragraphs, I have no idea why that happens.
So I'm undecided.
Edit: Well I was terribly wrong. I just posted this message with Chrome and lost my line breaks. But it doesn't happen at work (where I use Chrome). I must investigate further.
Vizzed Elite
Loyal Knight of Vizzed

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 12-08-04
Location: The Internet
Last Post: 206 days
Last Active: 206 days

(edited by Light Knight on 12-22-18 01:28 PM)    

01-02-19 07:55 PM
yoshirulez! is Offline
Link | ID: 1361210 | 46 Words

Level: 103

POSTS: 3170/3269
POST EXP: 199554
LVL EXP: 11388463
CP: 19463.4
VIZ: 84187

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I tried to use Chrome for a while, but I wound up going back to FireFox. It's just a lot better for me, I'm not entirely sure why. Either way, I'm currently still loving FireFox and I'm glad I ditched Internet Explorer all those years ago.
Vizzed Elite
Vizzed's #1 Kingdom Hearts Fan

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 01-27-10
Location: Duwang
Last Post: 266 days
Last Active: 229 days

01-02-19 10:08 PM
tgags123 is Offline
Link | ID: 1361359 | 18 Words

Level: 148

POSTS: 6828/8635
POST EXP: 509330
LVL EXP: 40345787
CP: 32264.8
VIZ: 727908

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
yoshirulez! : Yesss, #FireFoxGang

I'm sick of being told that Chrome is the only acceptable browser! FireFox all day!
Site Staff
Game Review Manager, Tech Support
Winter 2019 TdV Winner

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 04-26-13
Location: Mars/Long Island
Last Post: 313 days
Last Active: 259 days

01-04-20 03:16 PM
Blacksmith84 is Online
Link | ID: 1376594 | 33 Words

Level: 22

POSTS: 165/271
POST EXP: 17782
LVL EXP: 55964
CP: 179.8
VIZ: 5383

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I gotta roll with Firefox but Penny just got me to download Google Chrome because he told me it was the best one to use with Vizzed. I gotta start actually using it

Affected by 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome'

Registered: 10-23-19
Last Post: 27 min.
Last Active: 11 min.

01-09-20 08:04 PM
LuckyCharms is Offline
Link | ID: 1377338 | 27 Words

Level: 38

POSTS: 149/894
POST EXP: 36196
LVL EXP: 365636
CP: 311.1
VIZ: 9338

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
Personally I tend to prefer google chrome over the others, I prefer it's layout and generally it's also worked out much better for me in the past.
Trusted Member

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 09-23-19
Location: England
Last Post: 53 days
Last Active: 60 days

01-09-20 11:11 PM
Furret is Online
Link | ID: 1377383 | 46 Words

Level: 135

POSTS: 6467/6787
POST EXP: 400081
LVL EXP: 28946549
CP: 38758.0
VIZ: 2816738

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
See I would still give the obvious Google Chrome answer but now that they're going to drop support for Flash I'm not sure anymore. I'll have to see how that impacts a lot of my daily activities online and decide if it's time to switch sides.
User Manager; Minecraft Server Admin
#1 Ace Attorney fan

Affected by 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome'

Registered: 11-25-12
Location: Belgium
Last Post: 20 hours
Last Active: 2 min.

01-18-20 09:25 PM
alexanyways is Offline
Link | ID: 1378666 | 83 Words

Level: 182

POSTS: 12138/12174
POST EXP: 562172
LVL EXP: 81540096
CP: 12510.2
VIZ: 206087

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
Chrome is the simple answer. Google is always the easiest to use.

The difference though is in the freedom of where ads pop up and how pervasive and predictive about your life their practices can be.

I don't want my search results looking different because of the things I click on, and I certainly don't want to be advertised to based on my thoughts.

I use Firefox on my phone and Opera GX on my computer. They're both just as easy to use.
Vizzed Elite

Affected by 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome'

Registered: 02-24-10
Last Post: 21 hours
Last Active: 21 hours

01-18-20 10:09 PM
SonicOlmstead is Online
Link | ID: 1378673 | 47 Words

Level: 58

POSTS: 800/1019
POST EXP: 73520
LVL EXP: 1539603
CP: 5235.1
VIZ: 279986

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
I know this is a dull answer but Google Chrome of course lol, you know if I would of saw this post in the day there's a chance I would of said firefox and I wouldn't be able to live with myself if that was the case.
Global Moderator
Activities Manager; Minecraft Admin
Ore wa Tokoton Tomaranai!!

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 02-08-14
Location: Ohio
Last Post: 2 days
Last Active: 5 min.

01-19-20 12:45 AM
Boured is Offline
Link | ID: 1378678 | 33 Words

Level: 80

POSTS: 1958/1978
POST EXP: 95664
LVL EXP: 4683941
CP: 8441.1
VIZ: 1304811

Likes: 0  Dislikes: 0
Legit anything by Internet Explorer, hell even Microsoft Edge is a better browser than it. It's shown it's age and it must retire.

However I use Firefox, and it gets the job done.
Local Moderator
Gameplay Recorder
The Guildmaster

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 06-23-12
Location: My Laptop
Last Post: 2 days
Last Active: 36 min.


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