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10-17-19 08:35 AM

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If VALVe were to be involed in the newest SSB ?
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08-14-11 07:53 AM
08-15-11 03:53 PM

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08-14-11 07:53 AM
Didowe is Offline
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hard to start this off.

It would be really interesting if VALVe, creators of HL2, Portal and Team Fortress, were to get referenced in the newest SSB. Trophy, soundtrack, stages, characters or even just a sticker. What should get in ?

I think not too much focus on characters and more on stages, soundtrack and trophies. I would love a Cave Johnson trophy (I am very interested in how Nintendo will describe him ) and an Aperture Sciecne Stage. 2Fort stage is one I would really love or anything relating to TF2.

What character should be used ? Should it be Altas and P-body (similar to ice climbers) . What should their move-set be ?

Also, this thread is not about the possibility of VALVe being in SSB but rather what should be in.
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08-14-11 07:55 AM
legacyme3 is Offline
Link | ID: 440602 | 62 Words

Lord Leggy - King of IT
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Let me start off by saying this will never happen.

Let me continue by saying it would be nice to have them involved.

I'd like a stage where portals constantly are opened in the level. If you are mario and fire a fireball torwards a portal, a fireball will come out the other end. It would make for a real hectic match.
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08-14-11 06:33 PM
billythekidmonster is Offline
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I have to say you are epicly high right now because this is literary a never going to happen kind of thing. Though they would have good ideas.
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08-15-11 02:08 AM
Someone70 is Offline
Link | ID: 441072 | 55 Words

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Well, that's why they put "If" at the beginning of sentences.

If Valve was to be involved, I think a Portal Gun item is obligatory. You can use it to fire portals across the stage to make it easier for you or to inconvenience your opponent. Of course, it would only have so many shots.
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08-15-11 02:14 AM
UserMike is Offline
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I can see that getting pretty chaotic with all the portals, but maybe a stage with them would be cool. Watch out for the random turret fire (like other pokemon stages that deal damage...)
I'd say maybe just a stage and for a character I honestly have no idea, since a moveset would be difficult to think of..
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08-15-11 10:04 AM
big fat cat is Offline
Link | ID: 441173 | 90 Words

big fat cat
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Didowe : I think we discussed this on steam or something, didn't we?
Anyway, never going to happen, but here's what I think what I suggest would happen.

Someone70 : pretty much summed up what I thought with the whole portal gun idea. If they don't implement it as a weapon then the next possible option would be adding it as a trophy.

Another thing I thought that may possibly make the game x10 more awesome would be removing the ice climbers and adding atlas and peabody as the replacements.

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(edited by big fat cat on 08-15-11 12:50 PM)    

08-15-11 12:10 PM
Someone70 is Offline
Link | ID: 441208 | 43 Words

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big fat cat : But... but... I like the ice climbers. ;~;

A better idea would be to add atlas and peabody as clone characters, except they get portal guns instead of hammers. And then a battle to see which pair is better.
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Nitori Kawashiro

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08-15-11 03:53 PM
alexanyways is Offline
Link | ID: 441285 | 37 Words

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big fat cat : No, the Ice Climbers are too precious to me.

I'd love to play as GLaDOS fighting against Link. That would be epic.

I personally can't wait for them to announce their newest SSB.
Vizzed Elite

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