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12-09-19 12:44 PM

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Layout help
im sorry, but i just can't figure it out.
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04-03-11 08:28 PM
04-04-11 12:04 AM

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Layout help


04-03-11 08:28 PM
iceycold724 is Offline
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Okay, it's official. I'm sick of my layout. It's lasted me over a month, and it was a really good layout, but after seeing it stare me in the face over 300 times, it got a little tiring. Now, after about 2 minutes of google searching, I've got a new pic that suites my tastes. Only one problem- I don't know how to make a layout out of it. I uploaded it, but making it work with the layout creator is confusing and annoying. I can't use the custom layout creator as I don't know how to code, either. If someone can take the pic and make- or at least help me make- a layout from it, I will give them... let's see... 4000 Viz. Please- I'd like it a lot like my current one, but with the new pic i have (it's on my profile, ive got a 800x500 version too if you need it). Feel free to change things up a bit, but keep the sig the same and don't make any changes that are too drastic. I'm not giving you the Viz if the layout you make is really horrible.
the coolest of the cold

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04-04-11 12:04 AM
Juliet is Offline
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I could help you, but the layout editor can't be used at the moment...
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