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10-17-19 05:49 AM

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04-14-19 05:22 PM
10-06-19 11:31 PM

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What do you want your last words to be?


04-14-19 05:22 PM
pennylessz is Offline
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My layout is out of the picture, but the Threadpocalypse continues!

I thought of this when making a thread for the questions forum, it seemed more fitting for this section, since it's a little grim.

I've been writing threads for hours, so I'd like to cut my portion short. I hope my last words are "I love you." Said to my wife. (Currently girlfriend.)

I guess they could be funny too. Like "Oh no, I'm dead!"

In the scheme of things, I think about death a lot, and I think about aging around the same amount. In spite of my endless ability to joke, it is scary, isn't it? No matter what we try to say, to ensure ourselves it isn't, we're all at least a little scared, right?
Vizzed Elite

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04-14-19 09:54 PM
Boured is Offline
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"Guess I'll die."
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04-16-19 06:05 AM
TouchMaster97 is Offline
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''Well, I guess disasters were inevitable. Oh well, the best moments were fun while they lasted.''

Affected by 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome'

Registered: 08-30-16
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07-05-19 06:38 AM
Rayman85 is Offline
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Level: 23

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"That was a HOOT!"
- Heffer Wolfe, Rocko's Modern Life

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Registered: 12-25-13
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07-08-19 12:26 AM
SacredShadow is Offline
Link | ID: 1373299 | 140 Words

Level: 140

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In Sephiroth's voice:

"I...will never be a memory."

In all seriousness, I'm not really sure what I'll say. It's difficult because you never know what your last words to the people in your life will be. You could leave your house one day and then be hit by a bus a few minutes later and there'd be no time for last words and making amends. With that in mind, I would do my best to ensure that my interactions with those around me are warm and positive. If things take a turn for the worse, I wouldn't want to wait too long before giving/asking for forgiveness. I can't imagine there are too many things worse than having your life or the life of a loved one end with clinging to hatred only for it to be forever replaced with regrets.
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07-10-19 10:02 PM
Furret is Offline
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And that'd be it. I've been subconsciously saying this word in reaction to things for a while now and it's gotten so bad that I might have infected a few others with it as well.

So I guess it'd be my final word to go out with a little humor. Because there's no point in being all depressed in this scenario.
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07-10-19 11:51 PM
SonicOlmstead is Offline
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Well I don't know in person but I would love to just be able to message everyone I know one last xD before dying because it's by far what I say the most or maybe it could be like guess I'm dying now see yall later xD
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07-25-19 12:38 PM
Light Knight is Offline
Link | ID: 1374220 | 43 Words

Light Knight
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It's sounds kind of morbid, but probably something along the lines of "Well, it's about time". In a way, every day we live is a day we cheat death, so it's like every day I DON'T die, I'm happy I was so lucky.
Global Moderator
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08-08-19 02:01 PM
plasticinsanity is Offline
Link | ID: 1374648 | 108 Words

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"don't forget to sign up to be an organ donor at"


"facebook is selling your data to any company willing to buy it with intentional uses ranging from ads for items you looked at amazon, to corporations hired by execs to sway the masses for a certain political agenda"

i am THAT person on facebook, and yes i'm the life of the party even if that is often a party of one. if i had time to plan it out, i wanna go out with a bang like this. knowing my luck though, it would be something more like:

"oh sheet who left the mop running"
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10-04-19 11:05 PM
The_IB122 is Offline
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This would easily be my final words.

"I have hidden a stash of cash totaling $1,000,000. The location of the hidden stash is located somewhere you least expect, whoever finds it keeps all of it. The money is located....." and then I die.
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10-06-19 12:22 AM
Sword Legion is Offline
Link | ID: 1375121 | 19 Words

Sword Legion
Sword legion
Sword egion
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I think I utterly missed the point of this threat, but in all seriousness. . .

"I love you."
Trusted Member
Dark knight of the blackened sun. I am Sword Legion, one of many. My mask is thick, and my armor is strong. All the more necessary in a world such as this. . .

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10-06-19 11:31 PM
pennylessz is Offline
Link | ID: 1375125 | 9 Words

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The_IB122 : Did you leave it all in One Piece?
Vizzed Elite

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