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07-20-19 05:57 PM

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01-11-19 03:45 PM
07-09-19 11:47 PM

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Bethesda's Name Used to Mean Something


01-11-19 03:45 PM
Kiyo is Offline
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Bethesda Game Studios. This was your best bet. You wanted a new game to play? Find a game made by them. Didn't know if something would be good or not? Look for Bethesda on the box. It was the comfort zone. They made fun games, good stories, interactive gameplay, amazing ideas. Bethesda was revolutionary in the Western RPG genre. But what happened?

Todd Howard has been a game designer for Bethesda since 1994. He brought produced and designed the Elder Scrolls series as we know it today. He designed and directed Daggerfall, Redguard, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, and all the DLCs for their respective games. We all know and love these games grew up on some of them even.

Todd also was in charge of the Fallout series once it was acquired from Obsidian Entertainment and Black Isle studios. He revolutionized what Fallout would become. Transforming it from a isometric turn based rpg to a first person rpg akin to the previous games he worked on. I feel like this might have been the misstep.

While Bethesda is well known for the Elder Scrolls and Fallout, the Fallout games are kind of lack luster once it fell into Bethesda's hands. Fallout 3 was good, but nowhere near as good as Fallout New Vegas which Todd Howard and Bethesda were not in charge of. That was given to the original creators of Fallout, Obsidian Entertainment. Following that, Bethesda took charge again and made Fallout 4.. this was a terrible game. It had great gun play sure. They solved that. But that was about it.
The story was flat. There was little to none arcing stories. Everything tied back to the main quest instead of being it's own thing. You were given your own backstory; no creativity. You were given a voice so you cannot identify with your character, etc.

Everything about a good RPG was taken away from Fallout. To expand on this, what does Bethesda follow up Fallout 4 with? Is it a new IP? Is it The Elder Scrolls 6? Nope! It's a multiplayer Fallout game called Fallout 76 and retconns almost everything that was already established in the Fallout lore! Hooray!

Combine those choices and their shady business practices of late and it seems that Bethesda has fallen into the pit that companies like EA, Activision, and Konami have fallen into. Companies who's names held merit to the product they created now have let the consumers down because all they cared about was money. Not the consumer, not the product.

They just wanted another game to push out in order to make profit off of one of their popular IPs and the dedicated fans to these franchises were not happy about it. It certainly shows with the flack that they're receiving from every angle.

And now to put the cherry on the cake, it looks like Jeremy Soule isn't composing the music for The Elder Scrolls VI? Shame.
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01-11-19 06:41 PM
Mecha Leo is Offline
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Mecha Leo
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I'm actually impressed that Bethesda made this 180 into the pits of Tartarus. You have them milking Skyrim for everything its worth, then you get the hollow Fallout 4, and now, with Fallout 76, there has been so much going wrong I find it almost impossible to believe they could screw up a game THIS MUCH. They can't go a whole week without something new and concerning happening. For me the real nail in the coffin is that, in light of this disaster, Obsidian Entertainment announces The Outer Worlds, basically saying "hey, remember when we made New Vegas? We did, so let's all just forget Bethesda and have a party!"
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01-12-19 10:16 PM
zanderlex is Offline
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I just look at what they did with Fallout 76 and get turned away. I feel like they tailored this game to a very specific group of people and didn't care for the rest of the fandom.

They messed up as much as Sony did with the PlayStation Classic.
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07-09-19 11:47 PM
Rayman85 is Offline
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Nintendo's name also used to mean something. Now they're a bunch of two-faced edgy perverts with a bad case of trichophilia (hair fetish) and an unhealthy obsession with M-rated games both good and bad, but mostly the latter. Since the world of Sony and Microsoft was heavily populated by mature games, the world of Nintendo was a comfort zone for many people like myself who could unwind and play family-friendly games in a primarily family-friendly world. Of course, there were still some M-rated games on Nintendo consoles even back in the SNES era, but M-rated games excluding Resident Evil 2 and 4, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and Perfect Dark were always GREATLY overshadowed by the family-friendly games for the better, as it gave Nintendo a great family-friendly reputation that parents could trust. In fact, Nintendo's motto prior to the Wii U was to pump out family-friendly games that both kids and adults could enjoy - not strictly the latter.

But then Nintendo had the stupid idea to go out of their way to get M-rated games for their console and advertise their presence on there, likely because a bunch of stupid "grown-ups" thought Nintendo was mostly "baby stuff", which is completely false. But that didn't stop the damned "grown-up" edgelords from complaining, and eventually Nintendo fell prey to the unconstructive criticism and then they said, "f*** our generational family-friendly motto that shaped us as the kings of the gaming industry and fueled us to make the very things that are our greatest hits! We feel like a bunch of edgy adolescents today who want to act grown-up today, so we're going to get a bunch of edgy half-assed M-rated games on our latest console, the Wii U, to hopefully get a mature audience here, even though we already got a mature audience via the very same stuff that brought in our child audience. We're edgy f***ing idiots now!"

And then they started to promote M-rated games on their consoles, most notably f***ing ugly-ass Bayonetta, who is one of my most hated things ever! Her games are everything I could ever hate in a video game; hideous colorless lifelike graphics, convoluted hardcore gameplay, a freakishly absurd, immoral, and overall extreme-for-the-wrong-reasons adult-appeal in the vein of warped crap like A Clockwork Orange, terrible voice acting (And they say Mega Man 8 has bad voice acting. I actually like it, mostly Mega Man's voice.), soundtrack that is among the worst of any video game ever, and overall it's edgy as hell for the wrong reasons. And it's 85% focused on sexual content. Lifelike sexual content, at that. That is a sign Nintendo are acting like a bunch of horny adolescents wanting to feel grown-up, but ultimately come off as a bunch of edgy imbeciles.

It should be noted that any M-rated game on a Nintendo console - that isn't Perfect Dark, Turok: Dinosaur Hunter and its sequel, and the various Resident Evil games released there - have all sold quite poorly and their sales aren't worth writing home about at all. Specifically, said titles (that aren't Perfect Dark and the others, for your information.) don't even sell a million copies despite the great acclaim and the horrendous amounts of overexposure via word of mouth. That should tell you something! I think they just LIKE promoting M-rated games for their consoles because they feel "grown-up", not that it's necessarily benefiting them at all because any family-friendly game they release sells, whereas the "grown-up" s*** doesn't. Their family-friendly reputation is long-since-dead, and like I said earlier, they're now a bunch of two-faced edgy perverts with an unhealthy obsession with M-rated games which makes them feel "grown-up" and a bad case of trichophilia (hair fetish). They likely just care about Bayonetta and Bayonetta-only, and the only reason they give a f*** about Mario and the others is because they make money, and even they know it, Bayonetta doesn't.

I know this has nothing to do with Bethesda's current condition at all, but I thought I'd tell a very similar (but more important) story that I just had to get out of my system.

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