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12-14-19 02:07 AM

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01-03-19 04:03 AM

01-07-19 09:40 AM

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01-03-19 04:03 AM
m0ssb3rg935 is Offline
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Since the last little shake up on the site, we've been seeing a fairly consistent raise in activity, and I'm really thankful for that. A lot of us are, in fact. But something I've noticed since I've been posting around is that a lot of threads in here that ask questions will have very little in the way of discussion. There's posting going on, there are opinions being stated, but there's very little engagement among the members of the community. Take the following threads, for example

Did you get what you want for Christmas???

What was the first meal you had of 2019?

Happy New Year's Vizzed Gamers

With a couple exceptions, there's not much in the way of members really talking to each other. If y'all are afraid to discuss stuff, don't be. While it's not required, you can discuss in this forum for as long as you like. If we didn't want that, we'd move the thread to Polls and Questions or wherever else it would be more appropriate. That's what we're here for.

Talk; have fun, guys.
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01-07-19 06:55 AM
Light Knight is Offline
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I am wondering if TdV has something to do with this… what am I saying? Of course it does. I wonder if there’s some kind of contest where we reward the most meaningful posts? I can’t think of any way we could implement that, but it would be cool.
Vizzed Elite
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01-07-19 09:40 AM
is Offline
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I get what you are saying but you cannot expect users to interact when the threads you posted do not require you to talk to others. They are asking simple direct questions what you ate or what you got for christmas... In fact, if you try to chat with someone is such instance it can be considered slightly off topic or turn into back and forth spamfest.

Example: What did you get for Xmas?
User 1: I got an XBOX
User 2: Oh you got an xbox, I love xbox, what games did you get?
User 1: I got so and so but wish I had gotten this game.
User 2: Yea that game is awesome go get it. Do you like sonic?
User 1: Of course...
User 2: Me 2, how about mega man?

While this is discussion it is slightly off topic and it can drag on, the thread is not asking people what they think of other peoples presents it is simply asking what they got.

It really depends on the poster, some people will choose to comment on anothers post and some will not. But we should not expect such interaction in these kinds of threads.
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