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Oldschool777's Last 10 Game Comments (view last 100)
Guardian Legend, The Just beat this game with the TGL code. That was a f--king nightmare. Thank God for save states.
Low G Man Supermatt,you have to jump on top of the machine,stab the operator a couple times and jump to the right to avoid the wrecking chain and the bullets. Rinse and repeat.
D.J. Boy This is Rollergames.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Cowabunga Edition Tip: Use Leonardo for most instances,he has a decent attack range. Only use Donatello for hard to reach enemies and bosses.
Journey It reminds a bit of Tron.
Double Dragon Another tip: If you have the elbow smash in stage 3,use it to destroy the Abobos. 4 elbows and they die. But be careful,as the elbow does not have good range and your back is to the enemy.
Double Dragon Best advice for this game: Use punches whenever you can in the first level,kicking only to disarm the Lindas. By the time you reach the door to the boss,you should be well on your way to the 3rd heart,the jump kick. Use the whip if needed.
SaGa Frontier Some may have criticized the game for its open path system,and it did deserve that strike,it has a fun combat system and I love seeing that light bulb come up when a character figures out a new move,esp. after being struck or before the attack lands.
Shadow Warriors (World, set 1) My best advice for this game,master the flying throw,enemies are everywhere and love to gang up on you.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV - Turtles in Time 15 viz is nothing.

Oldschool777's Last 5 Game Reviews (view last 25)
Biomotor Unitron
01-17-17 01:37 AM
Biomotor Unitron
It is your old friend (or enemy) Oldschool777.
Today I submit for your approval:
Biomotor Unitron


This game is a fun RPG style game. Your name is Rod,a Biomotor Unitron pilot,and you are out to prove you are the very best. Yes,I know it sounds like Pokemon,but it is true. You fight in the arena for fame,glory and XP and fight in the outside world for GP and XP. You will find treasure scattered all over the place and some might be tough to get to. You will get into random battles a lot,but trust me,you want to fight as often as possible. Your goal is to build up your Unitron to withstand the fiercest that the arena and later monsters can throw at you.


The graphics are plenty good for the system and I think it was a competitor for the Game Boy/GBA (but I could be wrong). The graphics are easily on par and in full color with anything on the system. The characters are bright and well done,the overland is standard,and the battles are where you see you and the monsters swapping blows. The effects are nice and the text is easy to read,the symbols,not so much,but there is a help guide in game.


The sound is nice and crisp,you will hear the same theme over and over but it is not a bad thing. The effects are done well and add to the ambiance of the fights. The sound is par for the system and is pretty good. The soundtrack is nothing to write home about but at least it serves its purpose.


You will have a lot to do in here. Whether you are fighting in the arena,fighting in the outside world,trying to find materials,tools,or tuning up your Unitron,you will have plenty to keep you busy. If you are like me,you want the best arms (weapons) you can find or create. Naturally,the better the weapon,the lower your odds are of crafting it. If you can find the Mastery tool,that is an instant 100% success rate.


At first... Read the rest of this Review
11-25-16 02:16 AM
Jackal (NES)
Hello Everyone,
It is your old friend (or enemy) Oldschool777 with another review.
Today I bring you Jackal for the NES.


This is a action/shooter that was very typical for the time. It was first released in the arcades before being ported to numerous systems. IT can be played two player and in the NES version you could steal a life if you lose your last jeep,(ask your buddy if he minds,before you do that.) You play as a group of commandos in a jeep that is tasked with rescuing POW's (Prisoners Of War). You play as a squad of four men,according to the game,was effective enough for a rescue but not a noticeable blow if they were captured or killed. I believe they took inspiration from the British,who fielded a similar setup in WW2,but I could be wrong. You have to avoid being shot or ran over and one thing that the GTA generation can appreciate is you could run over infantrymen and they would make a satisfying squish sound.

You will search all over for prisoners and special prisoners. The prisoners give you points and the special prisoners will give you an upgrade to your weapon. You are armed with a machine gun that always fires up and grenade that is lobbed wherever you are facing. When you rescue a special prisoner,you gain a missile and it can be upgraded to extend the range horizontally and another upgrade adds the vertical range.

This is a one hit kill game and that might turn off a lot of players,but think of it as a challenge. You will get better and you do have unlimited continues. The controls are good and it feels responsive,but do not expect burning rubber here.


The graphics are colorful and okay,but no real detail to the sprites. The backgrounds are kind of on the blah side,but are decent. You fight from jungles,to ruins,bases and so on with the backgrounds changing to fit the theme. They work but beware you do have the infamous NES scroll issue and that can lead to ch... Read the rest of this Review
SNK vs. Capcom - Card Fighters\' Clash - SNK Version
05-31-16 11:45 PM
SNK vs. Capcom - Card Fighters' Clash - SNK Version
Oh joy,another of my reviews.

Today I bring you SNK vs. Capcom - Card Fighters' Clash - SNK Version,a card battle game in the vein of Yu-Gi-Oh. Basically you have just learned the rules and have a starter deck and that will get you through a few matches,but as you win matches,you will need better cards. They can be picked up in the JoyJoy Land capsule machine,traded with store keepers and other NPC's,gambled,or inserted in machines to gain a new card.


I thought this game was well done,it is fun and not too complicated like Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh. It has nice graphics for the system and the music is not too bad,just not my kind of music. The game moves at a good pace and it does come with instructions and terms in game. Trust me,you will need them. There are many ways to win in the game,from either brute force,clever strategy,trickery with Action Cards,character special abilities,and combo attacks. You will need them all to stand a chance. You will need to win 5 coins from "boss" fights to be admitted to the finals.


The graphics are on par with the only other game I have played on here,Biomotor Unitron and I believe the system was a competitor with the Game Boy.  The graphics are colorful and easy enough to read,keep in mind,I think it is an 8-bit system,which makes it all the more impressive. The overland is about Pokemon quality,which is not a bad thing,but the actual card battle is where it steps up its game.


The music is bright and lively and does change for each tier of combatant. The effects are nicely done and you can tell what is happening onscreen. It is nice,not my kind of music,but hey,I do have rather bad tastes at times. I would have liked a Dragon Force loop,but that is me.


I can totally see people addicted to this game,with 300 cards to collect,you are going to be spending a lot of time mixing it up with people and fine tunin... Read the rest of this Review
Shinobi (set 6, System 16A, unprotected)
03-19-16 01:04 AM
Shinobi (MAME)
Hi everyone! I know,it has been forever since I reviewed anything.


The graphics are nice and colorful,you can tell at a glance what is happening and the soundtrack is decent,if not repetitive. The controls are pretty good and you handle easily,you will have to figure out that to jump into the background,hold up and jump and to jump into the foreground it is down and jump. Same for going up and down the level. The enemies respawn like crazy,but that is normal,it is to encourage the player to dispatch the enemy quickly and move on. Your job is to rescue the children of the world leaders and when you find one and free them,they will give you points and at times a handgun. (Yes,ninjas with a handgun make no sense,but it is a game.) You start off walking to the right,throwing shuriken (ninja stars) and if you are close enough to the enemy you will swing your sword of if you are crouching,a kick. Once you defeat the level,you will enter a ninja shooting gallery for the chance at an extra life. Shoot all the ninja in the background before they advance to you. (Word of warning: I do not know if it is MAME or my laptop,but the game can stutter a bit and that will throw off your progress,usually it does not,but it can happen.)


The graphics and large and colorful,and you can tell what you are supposed to do when you see the enemy. The backgrounds are good and the ability to go into the background or an upper or lower level is well done. You are a lone ninja trying to save all the pink clad kids while defeating threats and avoiding knives,boomerang swords,bullets,swords,and other implements of death. Your sprite looks good and animates pretty well. The enemies look nice for the most part,(the soldier types,not so much) and the bosses look nice.


I do not know if it is MAME or my laptop,but the sound was somewhat muted as I played through. You barely hear the music and the sound effects of your shu... Read the rest of this Review
11-02-15 09:44 PM
This is the M*A*S*H game for the Atari 2600. I did not know there was a game for M*A*S*H honestly. For those that do not know,MASH was a TV show in the 70's and 80's along with a movie. It was about the life of a MASH unit (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) and the craziness that ensued there. As much as it was a comedy,they also showed the flaws and humanity of the staff of the 4477th MASH unit and how they could not save everyone.


The graphics for a Atari 2600 are surprisingly good. Yes,it looks like a bunch of blocks to us today but back then that was home gaming for you. The helicopter segments are fun if not frustrating and you have to dodge enemy fire while rescuing patients. Then when you collect enough of them,then you operate,a la Operation. You touch the block with your forceps and try to back of the patient cleanly. Failure to do so,results in a loud buzz and on top of the screen,it calls you Ferret Face,a nickname for Frank Burns,a below average surgeon.


The graphics are surprisingly good for a Atari 2600 game. The helicopter missions are probably the weaker,graphically,but you can see the objective and the operation part is well done for the time. Keep in mind the Atari was one of the first home consoles of the time and the graphics were not there. The Intellivision was better graphically,but most had the 2600.


I would say mercifully the sound is at a minimum,with only the game using a simple melody in the helicopter rescue mode. You can hear the sound of the copter and the vehicle firing at you. The operation has no music but a heart monitor sound when you are trying to grab the obstruction and pull it out. If you hit the edges,you get a loud buzz.


It is not addictive like River Raid,but it is fun. You are competing against a rival MASH unit and dodging enemy fire and trees to rescue patients. The surgery is a good touch,but the fun can wea... Read the rest of this Review

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