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The Vizzed Retro Game Room offers 1000s of free professionally made games, all playable online on the website and is loaded with features. Some games require the Vizzed RGR Plugin while others require no downloads.

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Vizzed Board is a family friendly community and forum where users of all ages can discuss video games, entertainment or life in general. This 'cyber family' also has a lot of events and competitions that you can participate in.

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Latest Announcements
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Vizzed Minecraft Server = Join for a chance at winng Viz and Cash! (edit) - 04-22-14 - 21:51 by Davideo7
EDIT: Remaking this announcement since I provided the wrong link to the Official Minecraft server thread with the last one.

The Vizzed Minecraft Server is ready for anyone who has a copy of PC Minecraft to join:

For now, the point of this server is to work together and populate 3 towns. You buy lots with MViz (you can convert your Viz to MViz; more info in the above URL). The first time you play on this server, you'll start out in Vizzed Ville. That is the main town but most of the lots are taken. If you turn around, that bridge leads to Iggy Land which has a lot of cheap lots. Than there's a 3rd island with Geeogree's town but the lots there are expensive and reserved for rich Vizzed users.

I've also got 2 contests going on where you can earn Viz and Cash.

Build the Best Structure in Minecraft = Earn up to $30 or 40,000 Viz

Take the Best Screenshots = Earn up to $10 or 15,000 Viz
Vizzed Minecraft Server = Beta Launch Ready! - 04-18-14 - 21:47 by Davideo7
I'm titling this a Beta Launch since not everything is ready yet and since I haven't finished typing up the thread for the server with all the details and future plans. Anyways, the server is ready to everyone to join. More info here:

I'll make another thread once the server is no longer "beta".

If you don't have a copy of Minecraft but still want to see what the Vizzed Minecraft server is all about, I'll be streaming the server for a little while on my Twitch Channel here:

I apologize for the delays.
Vizzed Minecraft Server = Delayed until 9 CST - 04-18-14 - 20:24 by Davideo7
The Vizzed Minecraft server has been delayed but it will be ready in an hour. IgorBird122 is still finishing up stuff in his town and I'm working on typing up the thread with all the details regarding the server.

Also, since there's an in game currency which for the time being I'll be called MineViz (MV for short), I'll allow you guys to buy your in game currency now so that when the server is ready for launch, you have money to spend. Everyone starts out with $100 in the game and here's how much lots cost:
Small Lot = 500 MV (max 2 per user)
Medium Lot = 1000 MV (max 2 per user)
Large Lot = 2500 MV (max 1 per user)
Each lot will come with a chest full of items.

Items cost money too. For example, a bundle of 64 Stone Blocks will cost $9 and additional items can be purchased in either the Vizzed Mall or in IgorBird122's shop. IgorBird122's shop, which is in his town, has more items (until I can finish the Vizzed Mall) so if you want a wider variety of items, go to his town to buy from him.

1 MV = 1 Viz so however much MV you want, send IgorBird122 that amount of Viz. Be sure to tell him your Minecraft username!

Below is a map of the Vizzed Ville town.

If you have any questions, go here:
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