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08-27-16 11:51 AM  
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Vizzed is an online gaming community which lets you play 10,000s of retro games online for free, get information for almost every game ever made and discuss both gaming and life in general in a very welcoming family-friendly environment.

Retro Game Room

The RGR offers 10,000s of free professionally made games, all playable online in the browser and is loaded with features like saving, screenshots, netplay & more!

Top Pages: Netplay Lobby, Streamers, Rom Hacks
Top Series: Mario, Pokemon, Sonic, Final Fantasy
Top Systems: GBA, SNES, N64, NES, Arcade, DC

Vizzed Board

Vizzed Board is a family friendly community and forum where users of all ages can discuss video games, life in general, etc. Welcome to your "Cyber Family"!

Top Forums: General, Games, News, RGR, Newbie
Top Pages: RGR Help, Friends List, Layout Editor
Top Features: RGR Plugin, Viz, TdV, Notifications

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Vizzed Market

Buy and sell Digital game codes for steam games, eShop and more. You can also find Vizzed items which can unlock site features. Instant delivery.

Buy: Digital Games, Key Items
Sell: Digital Games, Vizzed Items
Resources: Market Forum, How to Earn Viz

Video Game Room

Get information, music, screenshots, reviews, guides, prices, videos, articles, character info and more for every video game, accessory, and system.

Top Pages: Music, Characters, Minecraft Server
Top Series: Mario, Pokemon, Halo, Call of Duty
Top Systems: XB1, PS4, Wii-U, 3DS, X360, PS3, PC

Pokemon GO

Get the most out of the game with information and resources. We offer Pokemon GO strategy guides, lists & charts, tips & tricks and so much more!

Strategize: Best Pokemon, Best Moves
Lists: Pokemon, Moves, Items, Level Rewards
Resources: APK Download, Server Status, Map
Fund Vizzed on Patreon for Exclusive Rewards

I've created a Patreon page for Vizzed which you can find here:

Working on the site is something I do full time and previously the ad revenue covered both my employment and the site expenses and server fees, however, the ad revenue has taken some drops over the past few years (traffic drops, ad blocks, mobile devices, etc) so I'm no longer able to invest 40-60 hours into the site a week like I love doing.

Here are the tiers which you can also find on the above page (I plan to add more soon):

$2 a Month
-Access to a Patron Exclusive forum
-All RGR Games Cost 0 Viz
-All Ads Removed

$5 a Month
-Access to All RGR Games (including PS1 games and beta ticket exclusive games)
-Added to my Vizzed friends list, Skype, Xbox Live and/or Steam (permanently)
-Earn 1.25x more Viz for everything you do *
-All Previous Rewards

$10 a Month
-Access to Almost All Site Features (all the features that require special items)
-All of your Private Messages are prioritized (I'll make sure to get to them within 24-48 hours)
-Earn 1.5x more Viz for everything you do *
-All Previous Rewards

$25 a Month
-You get to have some input on what features I invest my time into
-Promoted to Vizzed Elite if you're not already (you get to permanently keep it if you do this tier for at least 1 year)
-Earn 1.75x more Viz for everything you do *
-All Previous Rewards

$50 a Month
-1 undivided hour of my time a month (spent in any way that you want)
-Ability to change your username color whenever you want as often as you want (your final color is permanent if you do this tier for at least 1 year)
-Earn 2x more Viz for everything you do *
-All Previous Rewards

$100 a Month
-I'll invest 10 hours a month toward any feature that you request (either a new feature or a current feature)
-Ability to change your username border color whenever you want as often as you want (your final color is permanent if you do this tier for at least 1 year)
-Ability to change your username whenever you want as often as you want for 0 Viz (no more than once per a day)
-All Previous Rewards

*The multipliers from these rewards would be added to the current multipliers that users already have based on their CP total. So if a user already has a 1.5 multiplier on Vizzed, the $10 a Month tier would turn that into a 2x multiplier.

All rewards would only be active while the user is an active patron (unless stated otherwise).

If anyone has any questions or feedback, be sure to let me know in this thread:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 08-27-16 - 05:07 am
New Donation Methods Available

I've created a new Donation page (which you can read about here) which offers a few new ways to donate. You can find the Donation page here:

It costs a lot to keep this site running with all of the games that it has so it's always greatly appreciated with users help out. The ads only pay so much and that's mainly because I don't want to flood the pages with ads, don't want use popups and I also want to avoid adding annoying, unsafe or adult ads. All donations are rewarded a lot of Viz and CP and also offer other benefits (with more benefits coming soon for all current and future donators).

Donation Options
Donate with Stripe
Stripe lets you securely donate any amount to the site using Credit Card, Bitcoin and Alipay.

Other Ways to Donating
You can do a manual donation using just about any method and still get full credit for it.

Donate Games
If you have any physical games you no longer use, get full credit from donating them.

Donate with PayPal
This isn't a new form of payment but I figured I'd remind everyone that this is an option.

Great Things that Cost Viz
PlayStation Item
Get access to nearly 2,500 PS1 games on Vizzed

Beta Test Ticket
Get access to games & features not released yet

Lets you play all the RGR games with 0 Viz

Vizzed Market Games and Codes
Buy Digital Games and Codes in the Market

All Other Items
There are lots of other items you can get

If you have any questions or suggestions, please respond to this thread:
Posted by: Davideo7 on 08-19-16 - 17:51 pm
Vizzed Competition Reminder = Earn Viz and $ Games $

A reminder to compete in this month's competition for a chance at a lot of Viz or Steam Games.

Music Competition: Turbo Grafx CD
Find the best music in Turbo Grafx CD games

High Score Competition: Space Fantasy Zone
Get the highest score in Space Fantasy Zone (unreleased)

Speed Run Competition: Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
Beat Castlevania - Rondo of Blood (english translation) the quickest

Screenshot Competition: Retro Olympics
Get the highest score in as many of the 5 games as possible

Video Competition: Tool Assisted Speedruns 2
Speed run as many games as you can using TAS features

You can earn up to US $300 worth of Steam Games or 300,000 Viz in the above competitions!

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Posted by: Davideo7 on 08-16-16 - 19:36 pm

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