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Power Stone 2
Power Stone 2 was the sequel to Power Stone. So for those who aren't familiar with Power Stone, Power Stone is a 3D fighting game series by Capcom (no wonder it's so good. You know, those guys don't screw up much.) where instead of back-forward-sidestep-attack-jump, instead you can move freely around, you can pick up weapons like an inflatable hammer, a three-barreled gun and you can throw objects at each other. Graphics:9-They are quite impressive but it was on the Dreamcast which was the first 128-bit console.The way the characters look, it actually looks suitable. I mean it looks a lot bet...

3rd: 00:03:46
My best so far...
Marble Madness
4th: 00:03:39
Marble Madness
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  Pokemon Emerald  
Rating: 9.6  Plays: 1,868,786    Plugin Required
  Pokemon Fire Red  
Rating: 9.5  Plays: 1,285,504    Plugin Required
  Pokemon Light Platinum  
Rating: 9.6  Plays: 1,116,311    Plugin Required
  Pokemon Rebirth  
Rating: 9.4  Plays: 570,857    Plugin Required
  Pokemon Mystery Dungeon - Red Rescue Team  
Rating: 9.4  Plays: 350,032    Plugin Required
  Pokemon Shiny Gold  
Rating: 9.2  Plays: 380,203    Plugin Required
  Yu-Gi-Oh! GX - Duel Academy  
Rating: 8.9  Plays: 370,325    Plugin Required
  Pokemon Ruby  
Rating: 9.4  Plays: 540,330    Plugin Required
  Mario & Luigi - Superstar Saga  
Rating: 9.5  Plays: 191,041    Plugin Required
  Pokemon Ash Gray (beta 3.61)  
Rating: 9.5  Plays: 433,496    Plugin Required
  Legend of Zelda, The - The Minish Cap  
Rating: 9.4  Plays: 138,838    Plugin Required
  Pokemon Ruby Destiny Reign of Legends  
Rating: 9.2  Plays: 191,158    Plugin Required
  Pokemon Leaf Green  
Rating: 9.4  Plays: 292,478    Plugin Required
  Pokemon Flora Sky  
Rating: 9.3  Plays: 283,387    Plugin Required
  Pokemon Platinum  
Rating: 8.4  Plays: 425,753    Plugin Required
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