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List of Video Game Characters in Grisaia Franchise
Agnes Garrett [Grisaia],
Akihiro Komine [Grisaia],
Amane Suou [Grisaia],
Asako Kusakabe [Grisaia],
Chiaki Sakashita [Grisaia],
Chiara Farrell [Grisaia],
Chizuru Tachibana [Grisaia],
Daniel Born [Grisaia],
Edward Walker [Grisaia],
Haruna Ibuki [Grisaia],
Heath Oslo [Grisaia],
Hiroko Sawada [Grisaia],
Justin Mikemeyer [Grisaia],
Kanako Iida [Grisaia],
Kazuki Kazami [Grisaia],
Keiji Sakashita [Grisaia],
Kiyoka Irisu [Grisaia],
Makina Irisu [Grisaia],
Masataka Irisu [Grisaia],
Megumi Komori [Grisaia],
Michiaki Sakaki [Grisaia],
Michiru Matsushima [Grisaia],
Mifuyu Sakurai [Grisaia],
Milliela Stanfield [Grisaia],
Minori Sakuma [Grisaia],
Misako Sakaki [Grisaia],
Nyanmel [Grisaia],
Ritsu Koide [Grisaia],
Robert Wallson [Grisaia],
Saaya Kaneda [Grisaia],
Sachi Komine [Grisaia],
Sarina Irisu [Grisaia],
Tamaki Hirooka [Grisaia],
Tomoe Okabe [Grisaia],
Yoshihiko Ochi [Grisaia],
Youko Ozawa [Grisaia],
Yumiko Sakaki [Grisaia],
Yuria Harudera [Grisaia],
Yuuji Kazami [Grisaia],

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