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List of Video Game Characters in South Park Franchise
Allie Nelson [South Park],
Amber Hankey [South Park],
Annie Nelson [South Park],
Autumn Hankey [South Park],
Beary [South Park],
Beavery [South Park],
Bebe Stevens [South Park],
Big Bad Government Guy [South Park],
Big Gay Al [South Park],
Bill Allen [South Park],
Billy [South Park],
Bishop of Banff [South Park],
Bradley Biggle [South Park],
Butters Stotch [South Park],
Carol McCormick [South Park],
Catatafish [South Park],
Chef [South Park],
Chickadee-y [South Park],
Chris Donnely [South Park],
Clyde Donovan [South Park],
Cornwallis Hankey [South Park],
Craig Tucker [South Park],
Damien Thorn [South Park],
Deery [South Park],
Dogpoo Petuski [South Park],
Dougie [South Park],
Douglas [South Park],
Dr. Alphonse Mephisto [South Park],
Duke of Vancouver [South Park],
Earl of Winnipeg [South Park],
Eric Cartman [South Park],
Esther [South Park],
Filmore Anderson [South Park],
Firkle [South Park],
Flora [South Park],
Fosse McDonald [South Park],
Foxy [South Park],
Francis [South Park],
Frog King [South Park],
Gerald Broflovski [South Park],
Grandpa Marsh [South Park],
Heidi Turner [South Park],
Henrietta Biggle [South Park],
Ike Broflovski [South Park],
Jason [South Park],
Jenny [South Park],
Jessie [South Park],
Jessie Rodriguez [South Park],
Jimbo Kern [South Park],
Jimmy Valmer [South Park],
Karen McCormick [South Park],
Kelly Gardner [South Park],
Kelly Rutherford [South Park],
Kenny McCormick [South Park],
Kevin Stoley [South Park],
Kyle Broflovski [South Park],
Lemmiwinks [South Park],
Leroy Mullens [South Park],
Liane Cartman [South Park],
Linda Stotch [South Park],
Lola [South Park],
ManBearPig [South Park],
Mayor McDaniels [South Park],
Michael [South Park],
Milly [South Park],
Minister of Montreal [South Park],
Monica Ryland [South Park],
Mousey [South Park],
Mr. Adler [South Park],
Mr. Garrison [South Park],
Mr. Hat [South Park],
Mr. Mackey [South Park],
Mr. Slave [South Park],
Mrs. Biggle [South Park],
Mrs. Tweak [South Park],
Ned Gerblansky [South Park],
Nelly [South Park],
Officer Barbrady [South Park],
Pete [South Park],
Pete Melman [South Park],
Phillip [South Park],
Pip Pirrup [South Park],
Polly Prissypants [South Park],
Porcupiney [South Park],
Priest Maxi [South Park],
Prince of Canada [South Park],
Princess of Canada [South Park],
Principal Victoria [South Park],
Quaid [South Park],
Rabbity [South Park],
Raccoony [South Park],
Randy Marsh [South Park],
Red [South Park],
Richard Tweak [South Park],
Romper Stomper [South Park],
Sally [South Park],
Scott Malkinson [South Park],
Scott Tenorman [South Park],
Scuzzlebutt [South Park],
Sergeant Yates [South Park],
Sharon Marsh [South Park],
Sheila Broflovski [South Park],
Shelly Marsh [South Park],
Simon Hankey [South Park],
Skeeter [South Park],
Skunky [South Park],
Sparrow Prince [South Park],
Squirrely [South Park],
Stan Marsh [South Park],
Starvin' Marvin [South Park],
Stephen Stotch [South Park],
Stuart McCormick [South Park],
Terrance [South Park],
Timmy Burch [South Park],
Token Black [South Park],
Tuong Lu Kim [South Park],
Tweek Tweak [South Park],
Visitor [South Park],
Wendy Testaburger [South Park],
Woodpeckery [South Park],

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