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List of Video Game Characters in Rune Factory Franchise
Alicia [Rune Factory],
Amber [Rune Factory],
Anette [Rune Factory],
Arthur D. Lawrence [Rune Factory],
Bado [Rune Factory],
Barrett [Rune Factory],
Bianca de Sainte-Coquille [Rune Factory],
Blossom [Rune Factory],
Byron [Rune Factory],
Cammy [Rune Factory],
Cammy [Rune Factory],
Cammy [Rune Factory],
Camus [Rune Factory],
Candy [Rune Factory],
Carlos [Rune Factory],
Carmen [Rune Factory],
Cecilia [Rune Factory],
Clorica [Rune Factory],
Collette [Rune Factory],
Daria [Rune Factory],
Dolce [Rune Factory],
Dorothy [Rune Factory],
Doug [Rune Factory],
Douglas [Rune Factory],
Dylas [Rune Factory],
Edward [Rune Factory],
Egan [Rune Factory],
Emmett [Rune Factory],
Ethelberd [Rune Factory],
Evelyn [Rune Factory],
Felicity [Rune Factory],
Forte [Rune Factory],
Frey [Rune Factory],
Gaius [Rune Factory],
Godwin [Rune Factory],
Gordon [Rune Factory],
Herman de Sainte-Coquile [Rune Factory],
Illuminata [Rune Factory],
Ivan [Rune Factory],
Jake [Rune Factory],
Jasper de Sainte-Coquile [Rune Factory],
Jean [Rune Factory],
Jones [Rune Factory],
Julia [Rune Factory],
Karina [Rune Factory],
Kiel [Rune Factory],
Kuruna [Rune Factory],
Kyle [Rune Factory],
Lady Ann [Rune Factory],
Lara [Rune Factory],
Leo [Rune Factory],
Leon [Rune Factory],
Lest [Rune Factory],
Lin Fa [Rune Factory],
Lukas [Rune Factory],
Luna [Rune Factory],
Mana [Rune Factory],
Margaret [Rune Factory],
Marian [Rune Factory],
Marjorie [Rune Factory],
Max de Sainte-Coquile [Rune Factory],
Mei [Rune Factory],
Melody [Rune Factory],
Micah [Rune Factory],
Mist [Rune Factory],
Monica [Rune Factory],
Nancy [Rune Factory],
Natalie [Rune Factory],
Neumann [Rune Factory],
Nicholas [Rune Factory],
Noel [Rune Factory],
Pia [Rune Factory],
Pico [Rune Factory],
Raguna [Rune Factory],
Raven [Rune Factory],
Ray [Rune Factory],
Rosetta [Rune Factory],
Roy [Rune Factory],
Russell [Rune Factory],
Sabrina [Rune Factory],
Sakuya [Rune Factory],
Shara [Rune Factory],
Sharron [Rune Factory],
Shinonome [Rune Factory],
Sofia [Rune Factory],
Tabatha [Rune Factory],
Tanya [Rune Factory],
Toona [Rune Factory],
Tori [Rune Factory],
Ventuswill [Rune Factory],
Vishnal [Rune Factory],
Volkanon [Rune Factory],
Wesley [Rune Factory],
Xiao Pai [Rune Factory],
Yang Fan [Rune Factory],
Yue [Rune Factory],

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