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List of Video Game Characters in Bloodborne Franchise
Adella [Bloodborne],
Afflicted Beggar [Bloodborne],
Alfred [Bloodborne],
Arianna [Bloodborne],
Beast Claw Hunter [Bloodborne],
Beast Patient [Bloodborne],
Beast-Possessed Soul [Bloodborne],
Blood Gel [Bloodborne],
Blood Minister [Bloodborne],
Bloodlicker [Bloodborne],
Bone Ash Hunter [Bloodborne],
Brain of Mensis [Bloodborne],
Brainsucker [Bloodborne],
Cain's Servant [Bloodborne],
Cainhurst Spirit [Bloodborne],
Carrion Crow [Bloodborne],
Celestial Larvae [Bloodborne],
Chapel Samaritan [Bloodborne],
Chime Maiden [Bloodborne],
Church Giant [Bloodborne],
Church Servant [Bloodborne],
Cloaked Beast Patient [Bloodborne],
Cramped Casket [Bloodborne],
Crawler [Bloodborne],
Damian [Bloodborne],
Djura [Bloodborne],
Eileen the Crow [Bloodborne],
Executioner [Bloodborne],
Eye Collector [Bloodborne],
Father Gascoigne [Bloodborne],
Fluorescent Flower [Bloodborne],
Giant Rat [Bloodborne],
Gilbert [Bloodborne],
Gravekeeper Scorpion [Bloodborne],
Hemwick Grave Woman [Bloodborne],
Henriet [Bloodborne],
Hostile Choir Hunter [Bloodborne],
Hunting Dog [Bloodborne],
Huntsman [Bloodborne],
Huntsman's Minions [Bloodborne],
Iosefka [Bloodborne],
Keeper's Hunting Dog [Bloodborne],
Kidnapper [Bloodborne],
Labyrinth Madman [Bloodborne],
Labyrinth Ritekeeper [Bloodborne],
Labyrinth Watcher [Bloodborne],
Large Huntsman [Bloodborne],
Large Viper Pit [Bloodborne],
Lonely Old Woman [Bloodborne],
Loran Cleric [Bloodborne],
Loran Silverbeast [Bloodborne],
Mad One [Bloodborne],
Madman Wallar [Bloodborne],
Maneater Boar [Bloodborne],
Merciless Watcher [Bloodborne],
Mergo's Attendant [Bloodborne],
Nightmare Apostles [Bloodborne],
Parasitic Leech [Bloodborne],
Provost Willem [Bloodborne],
Queen Annalise [Bloodborne],
Queen Killer [Bloodborne],
Rabid Dog [Bloodborne],
Rotted Corpse [Bloodborne],
Scholar [Bloodborne],
Scourge Beast [Bloodborne],
Shadow of Yharnam [Bloodborne],
Skeletal Puppet [Bloodborne],
Snake Ball [Bloodborne],
The Doll [Bloodborne],
Undead Giant [Bloodborne],
Valtr [Bloodborne],
Watcher Chieftain [Bloodborne],
Watcher's Gravedigger [Bloodborne],
Wheelchair Huntsman [Bloodborne],
Winter Lantern [Bloodborne],

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