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List of Video Game Characters in Ogre Battle Franchise
Aerial [Ogre Battle],
Aisha Knudel [Ogre Battle],
Albeleo [Ogre Battle],
Andoras Gaffryn [Ogre Battle],
Ankiseth [Ogre Battle],
Apros [Ogre Battle],
Apsara [Ogre Battle],
Ares [Ogre Battle],
Arycelle Dania [Ogre Battle],
Ashe [Ogre Battle],
Asnabel [Ogre Battle],
Babaloa [Ogre Battle],
Badista [Ogre Battle],
Banya [Ogre Battle],
Barbas Dahd Geuse [Ogre Battle],
Bayin Rosen Orne [Ogre Battle],
Beelzebuth [Ogre Battle],
Berevra [Ogre Battle],
Beylevra [Ogre Battle],
Biske [Ogre Battle],
Boltorono [Ogre Battle],
Borgnine [Ogre Battle],
Brantyn Morne [Ogre Battle],
Brutakox [Ogre Battle],
Canopus [Ogre Battle],
Carth [Ogre Battle],
Castor [Ogre Battle],
Cerya Phoraena [Ogre Battle],
Chamos Zalman [Ogre Battle],
Chloeri [Ogre Battle],
Cirvante [Ogre Battle],
Cistina Phoarena [Ogre Battle],
Cressida Obdilord [Ogre Battle],
Cybil Alinda [Ogre Battle],
Debonair [Ogre Battle],
Denam Morne [Ogre Battle],
Deneb [Ogre Battle],
Destin Faroda [Ogre Battle],
Dio [Ogre Battle],
Eleanor Olato [Ogre Battle],
Elrik [Ogre Battle],
Endora [Ogre Battle],
Euphaire [Ogre Battle],
Europea [Ogre Battle],
Felicia Malxion [Ogre Battle],
Fellana [Ogre Battle],
Fenril [Ogre Battle],
Figaro [Ogre Battle],
Fogel [Ogre Battle],
Fortune Teller [Ogre Battle],
Galf [Ogre Battle],
Gares [Ogre Battle],
Gawain [Ogre Battle],
Gilbert [Ogre Battle],
Gizolfi [Ogre Battle],
Glycinia [Ogre Battle],
Hamen [Ogre Battle],
Hikash Vinzalf [Ogre Battle],
Iuria Wolph [Ogre Battle],
Ivanna Batraal [Ogre Battle],
Jeunan Avertif [Ogre Battle],
Jonathon Torgeaux Lindl [Ogre Battle],
Juda Ronwey [Ogre Battle],
Justin [Ogre Battle],
Kapella [Ogre Battle],
Katreda [Ogre Battle],
Klaire Halmorah [Ogre Battle],
Lanselot Hamilton [Ogre Battle],
Lanselot Tartaros [Ogre Battle],
Lara [Ogre Battle],
Leia [Ogre Battle],
Lethe [Ogre Battle],
Liedel Klein [Ogre Battle],
Lobelia [Ogre Battle],
Lubina [Ogre Battle],
Luvalon [Ogre Battle],
Lyon [Ogre Battle],
Magnus [Ogre Battle],
Malicia Batraal [Ogre Battle],
Mango [Ogre Battle],
Margret [Ogre Battle],
Meredia [Ogre Battle],
Mizal [Ogre Battle],
Naris Batraal [Ogre Battle],
Nichart Briffaut [Ogre Battle],
Norn [Ogre Battle],
Nybeth Obdilord [Ogre Battle],
Omicron [Ogre Battle],
Orson Lamies [Ogre Battle],
Parcival [Ogre Battle],
Paul [Ogre Battle],
Peyton [Ogre Battle],
Phaesta Morandi [Ogre Battle],
Poltorano [Ogre Battle],
Porkus [Ogre Battle],
Porkyus [Ogre Battle],
Posha [Ogre Battle],
Prancet Morne [Ogre Battle],
Previa [Ogre Battle],
Prince Tristan [Ogre Battle],
Prokion [Ogre Battle],
Ramidos Mendoza [Ogre Battle],
Randals [Ogre Battle],
Rashidi [Ogre Battle],
Rauny [Ogre Battle],
Ravness Loxaerion [Ogre Battle],
Rictor Lasanti [Ogre Battle],
Rimmon [Ogre Battle],
Rodrick Desmoria [Ogre Battle],
Saia [Ogre Battle],
Sara Ostvald [Ogre Battle],
Saradin [Ogre Battle],
Shaher [Ogre Battle],
Sheen [Ogre Battle],
Sherri Phoraena [Ogre Battle],
Shiven Verde [Ogre Battle],
Sirene [Ogre Battle],
Sirius [Ogre Battle],
Slust [Ogre Battle],
Tamuz Fedorenko [Ogre Battle],
Tarut [Ogre Battle],
Toad [Ogre Battle],
Troi [Ogre Battle],
Usar [Ogre Battle],
Vad [Ogre Battle],
Vepar [Ogre Battle],
Versalia Oberyth [Ogre Battle],
Volaq Windsalf [Ogre Battle],
Voltare Montrose [Ogre Battle],
Vyce Bozeck [Ogre Battle],
Warren Omon [Ogre Battle],
Yushis [Ogre Battle],

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