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List of Video Game Characters in Sailor Moon Franchise
Ami Mizuno [Sailor Moon],
Artemis [Sailor Moon],
Bakene [Sailor Moon],
Chibiusa [Sailor Moon],
Gurio Umino [Sailor Moon],
Haruka Tenoh [Sailor Moon],
Ikuko Tsukino [Sailor Moon],
Jadeite [Sailor Moon],
Kunzite [Sailor Moon],
Luna [Sailor Moon],
Luna P [Sailor Moon],
Makoto Kino [Sailor Moon],
Mamoru Chiba [Sailor Moon],
Michiru Kaioh [Sailor Moon],
Minako Aino [Sailor Moon],
Nephrite [Sailor Moon],
Queen Beryl [Sailor Moon],
Rei Hino [Sailor Moon],
Sailor Chibi Moon [Sailor Moon],
Sailor Jupiter [Sailor Moon],
Sailor Mars [Sailor Moon],
Sailor Mercury [Sailor Moon],
Sailor Moon [Sailor Moon],
Sailor Neptune [Sailor Moon],
Sailor Pluto [Sailor Moon],
Sailor Saturn [Sailor Moon],
Sailor Uranus [Sailor Moon],
Sailor Venus [Sailor Moon],
Shingo Tsukino [Sailor Moon],
Tuxedo Mask [Sailor Moon],
Usagi Tsukino [Sailor Moon],
Zoicite [Sailor Moon],

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