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List of Video Game Characters in Valkyria Chronicles Franchise
Aisha Neumann [Valkyria Chronicles],
Alex Raymond [Valkyria Chronicles],
Aliasse [Valkyria Chronicles],
Alicia Melchiott [Valkyria Chronicles],
Audrey Gassenari [Valkyria Chronicles],
Audrey Heitinga [Valkyria Chronicles],
Avan Hardins [Valkyria Chronicles],
Baldren Gassenari [Valkyria Chronicles],
Berthold Gregor [Valkyria Chronicles],
Brigitte Stark [Valkyria Chronicles],
Catherine O'Hara [Valkyria Chronicles],
Cezary Regard [Valkyria Chronicles],
Cherry Stijnen [Valkyria Chronicles],
Claudia Mann [Valkyria Chronicles],
Clementia Förster [Valkyria Chronicles],
Coby Caird [Valkyria Chronicles],
Cordelia gi Randgriz [Valkyria Chronicles],
Cosette Coalhearth [Valkyria Chronicles],
Dallas Wyatt [Valkyria Chronicles],
Dirk Gassenari [Valkyria Chronicles],
Dorothy Howard [Valkyria Chronicles],
Edy Nelson [Valkyria Chronicles],
Eleanor Varrot [Valkyria Chronicles],
Elysse Moore [Valkyria Chronicles],
Emile Bielert [Valkyria Chronicles],
Faldio Landzaat [Valkyria Chronicles],
Freesia York [Valkyria Chronicles],
Georg von Damon [Valkyria Chronicles],
Gilbert Gassenari [Valkyria Chronicles],
Hannes Salinger [Valkyria Chronicles],
Hector Calvey [Valkyria Chronicles],
Herbert Nielsen [Valkyria Chronicles],
Hermes Kissinger [Valkyria Chronicles],
Homer Peron [Valkyria Chronicles],
Hubert Brixham [Valkyria Chronicles],
Irene Ellet [Valkyria Chronicles],
Isara Gunther [Valkyria Chronicles],
Jane Turner [Valkyria Chronicles],
Jean Townshend [Valkyria Chronicles],
Juliana Everhart [Valkyria Chronicles],
Juno Coren [Valkyria Chronicles],
Karl Landzaat [Valkyria Chronicles],
Kevin Abbott [Valkyria Chronicles],
Knute Jung [Valkyria Chronicles],
Largo Potter [Valkyria Chronicles],
Laurence Kluivert [Valkyria Chronicles],
Leon Hardins [Valkyria Chronicles],
Lynn [Valkyria Chronicles],
Maurits von Borg [Valkyria Chronicles],
Maximilian [Valkyria Chronicles],
Melville Young [Valkyria Chronicles],
Mica Hawkins [Valkyria Chronicles],
Montley Leonard [Valkyria Chronicles],
Musaad Mayfield [Valkyria Chronicles],
Nadine [Valkyria Chronicles],
Nancy Dufour [Valkyria Chronicles],
Nils Daerden [Valkyria Chronicles],
Nina Streiss [Valkyria Chronicles],
Noce Wordsworth [Valkyria Chronicles],
Oscar Bielert [Valkyria Chronicles],
Radi Jaeger [Valkyria Chronicles],
Ramona Linton [Valkyria Chronicles],
Ramsey Clement [Valkyria Chronicles],
Rosina Selden [Valkyria Chronicles],
Salinas Milton [Valkyria Chronicles],
Selvaria Bles [Valkyria Chronicles],
Susie Evans [Valkyria Chronicles],
Ted Ustinov [Valkyria Chronicles],
Theold Bohr [Valkyria Chronicles],
Walter Nash [Valkyria Chronicles],
Wavy [Valkyria Chronicles],
Welkin Gunther [Valkyria Chronicles],
Wendy Cheslock [Valkyria Chronicles],
Yoko Martens [Valkyria Chronicles],
Zaka [Valkyria Chronicles],
Zeri [Valkyria Chronicles],

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