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List of Video Game Characters in Suikoden Franchise
Ace [Suikoden],
Adlai [Suikoden],
Adrienne [Suikoden],
Agnes [Suikoden],
Aila [Suikoden],
Ain Gide [Suikoden],
Akaghi [Suikoden],
Alanis [Suikoden],
Albert [Suikoden],
Alberto [Suikoden],
Aldo [Suikoden],
Alen [Suikoden],
Alenia [Suikoden],
Alex [Suikoden],
Alhazred [Suikoden],
Amada [Suikoden],
Ameria [Suikoden],
Anita [Suikoden],
Anji [Suikoden],
Annallee [Suikoden],
Anne [Suikoden],
Antonio [Suikoden],
Anya [Suikoden],
Apple [Suikoden],
Arshtat [Suikoden],
Arthur [Suikoden],
Asad [Suikoden],
Augustine Nabor [Suikoden],
Ax [Suikoden],
Axel [Suikoden],
Ayame [Suikoden],
Ayda [Suikoden],
Babbage [Suikoden],
Badeaux [Suikoden],
Bahram Luger [Suikoden],
Balsam [Suikoden],
Bang [Suikoden],
Barbara [Suikoden],
Barbarossa Rugner [Suikoden],
Bartholomew [Suikoden],
Barts [Suikoden],
Basil [Suikoden],
Bastan [Suikoden],
Bazba [Suikoden],
Beechum [Suikoden],
Belcoot [Suikoden],
Belle [Suikoden],
Bergen [Suikoden],
Bernadette Egan [Suikoden],
Billy [Suikoden],
Blackman [Suikoden],
Bob [Suikoden],
Bolgan [Suikoden],
Boris Wizen [Suikoden],
Borus Redrum [Suikoden],
Boz Wilde [Suikoden],
Brec [Suikoden],
Buchse [Suikoden],
Byakuren [Suikoden],
Camille [Suikoden],
Camus [Suikoden],
Carrie [Suikoden],
Cathari [Suikoden],
Cecile [Suikoden],
Cedric [Suikoden],
Chaco [Suikoden],
Chadli [Suikoden],
Champo [Suikoden],
Chandler [Suikoden],
Chapman [Suikoden],
Charlemagne [Suikoden],
Chiepoo [Suikoden],
Childerich [Suikoden],
Chisato [Suikoden],
Chris Lightfellow [Suikoden],
Chrodechild [Suikoden],
Chuchara [Suikoden],
Chuck [Suikoden],
Cius [Suikoden],
Cleo [Suikoden],
Clive [Suikoden],
Connie [Suikoden],
Cornelio [Suikoden],
Craig Laden [Suikoden],
Crowley [Suikoden],
Dario [Suikoden],
Deborah [Suikoden],
Desmond [Suikoden],
Dilber Novum [Suikoden],
Dios [Suikoden],
Dirk [Suikoden],
Diulf [Suikoden],
Dolph [Suikoden],
Dominic [Suikoden],
Dongo [Suikoden],
Duke [Suikoden],
Dupa [Suikoden],
Edge [Suikoden],
Egbert Aethelbald [Suikoden],
Eikei [Suikoden],
Eileen [Suikoden],
Eilie [Suikoden],
Elaine [Suikoden],
Elenor Silverberg [Suikoden],
Ellie [Suikoden],
Elliot [Suikoden],
Ema [Suikoden],
Emilia [Suikoden],
Emily [Suikoden],
Eresh [Suikoden],
Erin [Suikoden],
Ernie [Suikoden],
Ernst [Suikoden],
Esmeralda [Suikoden],
Estella [Suikoden],
Etienne [Suikoden],
Eugene [Suikoden],
Eunice [Suikoden],
Euram Barows [Suikoden],
Faylen [Suikoden],
Faylon [Suikoden],
Feather [Suikoden],
Ferid [Suikoden],
Filk [Suikoden],
Fitcher [Suikoden],
Flail [Suikoden],
Flare [Suikoden],
Flik [Suikoden],
Franz [Suikoden],
Fred [Suikoden],
Frederica [Suikoden],
Freed Yamamoto [Suikoden],
Fu Su Lu [Suikoden],
Fubar [Suikoden],
Fukien [Suikoden],
Fuma [Suikoden],
Funghi [Suikoden],
Futch [Suikoden],
Fuwalafuwalu [Suikoden],
Fuyo [Suikoden],
Gabocha [Suikoden],
Gadburg [Suikoden],
Gadget [Suikoden],
Gadget Z [Suikoden],
Galleon [Suikoden],
Gantetsu [Suikoden],
Gareth [Suikoden],
Gary [Suikoden],
Gaspar [Suikoden],
Gau [Suikoden],
Gavaya [Suikoden],
Geddoe [Suikoden],
Gen [Suikoden],
Gengen [Suikoden],
Genoh [Suikoden],
Genshu [Suikoden],
Georg Prime [Suikoden],
Georges [Suikoden],
Geschutz [Suikoden],
Gijimu [Suikoden],
Gilbert [Suikoden],
Giovanni [Suikoden],
Gizel Godwin [Suikoden],
Goesch [Suikoden],
Gon [Suikoden],
Gordon [Suikoden],
Goro [Suikoden],
Grady [Suikoden],
Gremio [Suikoden],
Grenseal [Suikoden],
Gretchen [Suikoden],
Griffith [Suikoden],
Guillaume [Suikoden],
Gunde [Suikoden],
Gunter [Suikoden],
Hai Yo [Suikoden],
Haleth [Suikoden],
Hallec [Suikoden],
Hanna [Suikoden],
Hans [Suikoden],
Hanzo [Suikoden],
Haruto [Suikoden],
Haswar [Suikoden],
Hazuki [Suikoden],
Helga [Suikoden],
Hellion [Suikoden],
Helmut [Suikoden],
Hervey [Suikoden],
Hilda [Suikoden],
Hix [Suikoden],
Hoi [Suikoden],
Huan [Suikoden],
Hugo [Suikoden],
Humphrey Mintz [Suikoden],
Icas [Suikoden],
Igor [Suikoden],
Iku [Suikoden],
Isabel [Suikoden],
Isato [Suikoden],
Ivanov [Suikoden],
Izak [Suikoden],
Jabba [Suikoden],
Jacques [Suikoden],
Jale [Suikoden],
Jango [Suikoden],
Jeane [Suikoden],
Jefferson [Suikoden],
Jeremy [Suikoden],
Jess [Suikoden],
Jewel [Suikoden],
Jidan Guisu [Suikoden],
Jinku [Suikoden],
Joker [Suikoden],
Josephine [Suikoden],
Joshua Levenheit [Suikoden],
Jowy Atreides [Suikoden],
Jude [Suikoden],
Juppo [Suikoden],
Kage [Suikoden],
Kahn Marley [Suikoden],
Kai [Suikoden],
Kamandol [Suikoden],
Kanaan [Suikoden],
Kanak [Suikoden],
Karen [Suikoden],
Karl [Suikoden],
Karmandol [Suikoden],
Kasim Hazil [Suikoden],
Kasios [Suikoden],
Kasumi [Suikoden],
Katarina Cott [Suikoden],
Kate [Suikoden],
Kathy [Suikoden],
Keen [Suikoden],
Keneth [Suikoden],
Kenji [Suikoden],
Kessler [Suikoden],
Kevin [Suikoden],
Kiba Windamier [Suikoden],
Kidd [Suikoden],
Kika [Suikoden],
Killey [Suikoden],
Kimberly [Suikoden],
Kinnison [Suikoden],
Kirke [Suikoden],
Kisara [Suikoden],
Klaus [Suikoden],
Kogoro [Suikoden],
Koichi [Suikoden],
Konrad [Suikoden],
Koroku [Suikoden],
Kosanji [Suikoden],
Koyu [Suikoden],
Kraze Miles [Suikoden],
Kreutz [Suikoden],
Krin [Suikoden],
Kun To [Suikoden],
Kuromimi [Suikoden],
Kwanda Rosman [Suikoden],
Kyle [Suikoden],
Lance [Suikoden],
Landis [Suikoden],
Lazlo [Suikoden],
Lebrante [Suikoden],
Ledon [Suikoden],
Leknaat [Suikoden],
Lelei [Suikoden],
Leo Gallen [Suikoden],
Leon Silverberg [Suikoden],
Leona [Suikoden],
Leonardo [Suikoden],
Leone [Suikoden],
Lepant [Suikoden],
Lester [Suikoden],
Levi [Suikoden],
Lilan [Suikoden],
Lilen [Suikoden],
Lilin [Suikoden],
Lilly Pendragon [Suikoden],
Lilon [Suikoden],
Liloon [Suikoden],
Linfa [Suikoden],
Lino en Kuldes [Suikoden],
Liu [Suikoden],
Liukan [Suikoden],
Lo Fong [Suikoden],
Lo Hak [Suikoden],
Lo Seng [Suikoden],
Lo Wen [Suikoden],
Logan [Suikoden],
Logg [Suikoden],
Long Chan Chan [Suikoden],
Lorelai [Suikoden],
Lotte [Suikoden],
Louis Keeferson [Suikoden],
Louise [Suikoden],
Luc [Suikoden],
Luca Blight [Suikoden],
Luce [Suikoden],
Lucia [Suikoden],
Lucretia Merces [Suikoden],
Lulu [Suikoden],
Lun [Suikoden],
Luvais [Suikoden],
Lycia [Suikoden],
Lymsleia [Suikoden],
Lyon [Suikoden],
Maas [Suikoden],
Mace [Suikoden],
Maha Sparna [Suikoden],
Makumaku [Suikoden],
Mamie [Suikoden],
Manaril [Suikoden],
Manu [Suikoden],
Mao [Suikoden],
Marco [Suikoden],
Marica [Suikoden],
Marie [Suikoden],
Marina [Suikoden],
Marlowe [Suikoden],
Maroon [Suikoden],
Marscal Godwin [Suikoden],
Martha [Suikoden],
Mathias [Suikoden],
Mathiu Silverberg [Suikoden],
Maximillian [Suikoden],
Maxine [Suikoden],
Mazus [Suikoden],
Meese [Suikoden],
Meg [Suikoden],
Mekumeku [Suikoden],
Mel [Suikoden],
Melissa Raulbel [Suikoden],
Melodye [Suikoden],
Melville [Suikoden],
Meroon [Suikoden],
Meruvis [Suikoden],
Miakis [Suikoden],
Micky [Suikoden],
Mike [Suikoden],
Miklotov [Suikoden],
Mikumiku [Suikoden],
Milia [Suikoden],
Milich Oppenheimer [Suikoden],
Millay [Suikoden],
Millie [Suikoden],
Mina [Suikoden],
Minen [Suikoden],
Mio [Suikoden],
Miroon [Suikoden],
Mitsuba [Suikoden],
Mizuki [Suikoden],
Mohsen [Suikoden],
Mokumoku [Suikoden],
Mondo [Suikoden],
Moose [Suikoden],
Morgan [Suikoden],
Moroon [Suikoden],
Morrin [Suikoden],
Mose [Suikoden],
Mr. Mouse [Suikoden],
Mua [Suikoden],
Mubal [Suikoden],
Mueller [Suikoden],
Mukumuku [Suikoden],
Murad [Suikoden],
Muro [Suikoden],
Muroon [Suikoden],
Muto [Suikoden],
Nabokov [Suikoden],
Nadir [Suikoden],
Nakula [Suikoden],
Nalkul [Suikoden],
Nalleo [Suikoden],
Nanami [Suikoden],
Nao [Suikoden],
Nash Latjke [Suikoden],
Nataly [Suikoden],
Neclord [Suikoden],
Nei [Suikoden],
Neira [Suikoden],
Nelis [Suikoden],
Nemne [Suikoden],
Nick [Suikoden],
Nico [Suikoden],
Nicolas [Suikoden],
Nifsara [Suikoden],
Nikea [Suikoden],
Nimni [Suikoden],
Noah [Suikoden],
Nomno [Suikoden],
Norden [Suikoden],
Norma [Suikoden],
Oboro [Suikoden],
Odessa Silverberg [Suikoden],
Oleg [Suikoden],
Onil [Suikoden],
Ornan [Suikoden],
Orok [Suikoden],
Oskar [Suikoden],
Oulan [Suikoden],
Pablo [Suikoden],
Pahn [Suikoden],
Pam [Suikoden],
Paula [Suikoden],
Pecola [Suikoden],
Peggi [Suikoden],
Percival Fraulein [Suikoden],
Perrault [Suikoden],
Pesmerga [Suikoden],
Phil [Suikoden],
Piccolo [Suikoden],
Pico [Suikoden],
Pilika [Suikoden],
Pohl [Suikoden],
Qlon [Suikoden],
Queen [Suikoden],
Quincy [Suikoden],
Rachel [Suikoden],
Rahal [Suikoden],
Raja [Suikoden],
Rakgi [Suikoden],
Ramada [Suikoden],
Rania [Suikoden],
Raura [Suikoden],
Raven [Suikoden],
Reed [Suikoden],
Reinhold [Suikoden],
Rekareka [Suikoden],
Rene [Suikoden],
Retso [Suikoden],
Rhett [Suikoden],
Richard [Suikoden],
Richmond [Suikoden],
Rico [Suikoden],
Ridley Wizen [Suikoden],
Rikie [Suikoden],
Rikimaru [Suikoden],
Rina [Suikoden],
Riou [Suikoden],
Rita [Suikoden],
Roberto [Suikoden],
Rock [Suikoden],
Rody [Suikoden],
Roland Lesaurus [Suikoden],
Ronnie Bell [Suikoden],
Roog [Suikoden],
Rowd [Suikoden],
Roy [Suikoden],
Rubi [Suikoden],
Ruby [Suikoden],
Rulodia [Suikoden],
Sagiri [Suikoden],
Sairoh [Suikoden],
Salisha Raulbel [Suikoden],
Salome Harras [Suikoden],
Samus [Suikoden],
Sanae [Suikoden],
Sancho [Suikoden],
Sansuke [Suikoden],
Sarah [Suikoden],
Sasarai [Suikoden],
Sasuke [Suikoden],
Scott [Suikoden],
Sebastian [Suikoden],
Selen [Suikoden],
Selma [Suikoden],
Semias [Suikoden],
Sergei [Suikoden],
Servillah [Suikoden],
Setsu [Suikoden],
Shabon [Suikoden],
Sharmista [Suikoden],
Sharon [Suikoden],
Sheena [Suikoden],
Shiba [Suikoden],
Shigure [Suikoden],
Shilo [Suikoden],
Shin [Suikoden],
Shinro [Suikoden],
Shiramine [Suikoden],
Shiro [Suikoden],
Shizu [Suikoden],
Shoon [Suikoden],
Shu [Suikoden],
Shula Valya [Suikoden],
Shun Min [Suikoden],
Sialeeds [Suikoden],
Sid [Suikoden],
Sieg [Suikoden],
Sigfried [Suikoden],
Sigurd [Suikoden],
Silva [Suikoden],
Simone Verdricci [Suikoden],
Sisuca [Suikoden],
Skald Egan [Suikoden],
Snowe Vingerhut [Suikoden],
Solis Raulbel [Suikoden],
Sonya Shulen [Suikoden],
Sorensen [Suikoden],
Sotah [Suikoden],
Stallion [Suikoden],
Subala [Suikoden],
Sydonia [Suikoden],
Sylvina [Suikoden],
Taggart [Suikoden],
Tai Ho [Suikoden],
Taisuke [Suikoden],
Takamu [Suikoden],
Taki [Suikoden],
Tal [Suikoden],
Talgeyl [Suikoden],
Tanya [Suikoden],
Taylor [Suikoden],
Ted [Suikoden],
Templeton [Suikoden],
Tengaar [Suikoden],
Tenkou [Suikoden],
Teo McDohl [Suikoden],
Tesla [Suikoden],
Tessai [Suikoden],
Tetsu [Suikoden],
Thomas [Suikoden],
Tir McDohl [Suikoden],
Toma [Suikoden],
Tomo [Suikoden],
Tongatihi [Suikoden],
Tony [Suikoden],
Toppo [Suikoden],
Tov [Suikoden],
Travis [Suikoden],
Trishtan [Suikoden],
Tsai [Suikoden],
Tuhululu [Suikoden],
Tuta [Suikoden],
Twaikin [Suikoden],
Ugetsu [Suikoden],
Urda [Suikoden],
Valeria [Suikoden],
Varkas [Suikoden],
Viki [Suikoden],
Viktor [Suikoden],
Vincent de Boule [Suikoden],
Volga [Suikoden],
Wabon [Suikoden],
Wakaba [Suikoden],
Wan Fu [Suikoden],
Warlock [Suikoden],
Warren [Suikoden],
Wasil [Suikoden],
Watari [Suikoden],
Wendel [Suikoden],
Wilder [Suikoden],
Wilhelm [Suikoden],
Window [Suikoden],
Windy [Suikoden],
Wustum [Suikoden],
Yadima [Suikoden],
Yahr [Suikoden],
Yam Koo [Suikoden],
Yod [Suikoden],
Yoran [Suikoden],
Yoshino Yamamoto [Suikoden],
Yovel [Suikoden],
Yu [Suikoden],
Yuber [Suikoden],
Yuiri [Suikoden],
Yumi [Suikoden],
Yun [Suikoden],
Yuzu [Suikoden],
Zahhak [Suikoden],
Zahra [Suikoden],
Zamza [Suikoden],
Zegai [Suikoden],
Zen [Suikoden],
Zenoa [Suikoden],
Zerase [Suikoden],
Zorak [Suikoden],
Zunda [Suikoden],
Zweig [Suikoden],

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