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List of Video Game Characters in Saints Row Franchise
Aisha [Saints Row],
Angel De La Muerte [Saints Row],
Angelo Lopez [Saints Row],
Anna [Saints Row],
Anthony Green [Saints Row],
Archibald Nice [Saints Row],
Asha Odekar [Saints Row],
Barry [Saints Row],
Benjamin King [Saints Row],
Blake [Saints Row],
Carlos Mendoza [Saints Row],
Charles Mueller [Saints Row],
Chicken Ned [Saints Row],
Chief Monroe [Saints Row],
CID [Saints Row],
Cyrus Temple [Saints Row],
Dane Vogel [Saints Row],
Deb [Saints Row],
Dex [Saints Row],
DJ Veteran Child [Saints Row],
Donnie [Saints Row],
Hector Lopez [Saints Row],
Helmers [Saints Row],
Jaime [Saints Row],
Jane Valderama [Saints Row],
Javier [Saints Row],
Jen [Saints Row],
Jessica [Saints Row],
Johnny Gat [Saints Row],
Joseph Price [Saints Row],
Josh Birk [Saints Row],
Judge Melmack [Saints Row],
Julius Little [Saints Row],
Jyunichi [Saints Row],
Katie [Saints Row],
Kazuo Akuji [Saints Row],
Keith David [Saints Row],
Kiki DeWynter [Saints Row],
Killbane [Saints Row],
Kinzie Kensington [Saints Row],
Krif Jacobs [Saints Row],
Laura [Saints Row],
Legal Lee [Saints Row],
Levar [Saints Row],
Libby [Saints Row],
Lin [Saints Row],
Lindsey [Saints Row],
Loreana [Saints Row],
Lorenzo [Saints Row],
Luz Avalos [Saints Row],
Maero [Saints Row],
Manuel Orejuela [Saints Row],
Marcel [Saints Row],
Mark Gabby [Saints Row],
Marshall Winslow [Saints Row],
Marvin [Saints Row],
Mary [Saints Row],
Matt Miller [Saints Row],
Miguel [Saints Row],
Monica Hughes [Saints Row],
Mr. Sunshine [Saints Row],
Mr. Wong [Saints Row],
Mr. X [Saints Row],
Nyte Blade [Saints Row],
Oleg Kirrlov [Saints Row],
Paul [Saints Row],
Peggy [Saints Row],
Phillipe Loren [Saints Row],
Pierce Washington [Saints Row],
Ralph [Saints Row],
Raymond Gonzales [Saints Row],
Reno [Saints Row],
Richie [Saints Row],
Rico Martinez [Saints Row],
Sam [Saints Row],
Samantha [Saints Row],
Samson [Saints Row],
Seth [Saints Row],
Shaundi [Saints Row],
Shogo Akuji [Saints Row],
Stefan [Saints Row],
Steven [Saints Row],
Tanya Winters [Saints Row],
The Boss [Saints Row],
The General [Saints Row],
Tobias [Saints Row],
Troy [Saints Row],
Troy Bradshaw [Saints Row],
Veteran Child [Saints Row],
Victor Rodriguez [Saints Row],
Vikki [Saints Row],
Vinnie [Saints Row],
Viola DeWynter [Saints Row],
Warren Williams [Saints Row],
Wheel Woman [Saints Row],
Will [Saints Row],
William Sharp [Saints Row],
Zimos [Saints Row],
Zinjai [Saints Row],
Zinyak [Saints Row],

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