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List of Video Game Characters in Animal Crossing Franchise
Ace [Animal Crossing],
Admiral [Animal Crossing],
Agent S [Animal Crossing],
Agnes [Animal Crossing],
Alfonso [Animal Crossing],
Alfonso [Animal Crossing],
Alice [Animal Crossing],
Alli [Animal Crossing],
Amelia [Animal Crossing],
Anabelle [Animal Crossing],
Anchovy [Animal Crossing],
Angus [Animal Crossing],
Anicotti [Animal Crossing],
Ankha [Animal Crossing],
Annalisa [Animal Crossing],
Annalise [Animal Crossing],
Antonio [Animal Crossing],
Apollo [Animal Crossing],
Apple [Animal Crossing],
Astrid [Animal Crossing],
Aurora [Animal Crossing],
Ava [Animal Crossing],
Avery [Animal Crossing],
Axel [Animal Crossing],
Aziz [Animal Crossing],
Baabara [Animal Crossing],
Bam [Animal Crossing],
Bangle [Animal Crossing],
Barold [Animal Crossing],
Bea [Animal Crossing],
Beardo [Animal Crossing],
Beau [Animal Crossing],
Bella [Animal Crossing],
Belle [Animal Crossing],
Benedict [Animal Crossing],
Benjamin [Animal Crossing],
Bertha [Animal Crossing],
Bessie [Animal Crossing],
Betty [Animal Crossing],
Bianca [Animal Crossing],
Biff [Animal Crossing],
Big Top [Animal Crossing],
Bill [Animal Crossing],
Biskit [Animal Crossing],
Bitty [Animal Crossing],
Blaire [Animal Crossing],
Blanca [Animal Crossing],
Blanche [Animal Crossing],
Blathers [Animal Crossing],
Bliss [Animal Crossing],
Bluebear [Animal Crossing],
Bob [Animal Crossing],
Bonbon [Animal Crossing],
Bones [Animal Crossing],
Booker [Animal Crossing],
Boomer [Animal Crossing],
Boone [Animal Crossing],
Boots [Animal Crossing],
Boots [Animal Crossing],
Boris [Animal Crossing],
Bree [Animal Crossing],
Brewster [Animal Crossing],
Broccolo [Animal Crossing],
Broffina [Animal Crossing],
Bruce [Animal Crossing],
Bubbles [Animal Crossing],
Bubbles [Animal Crossing],
Buck [Animal Crossing],
Bud [Animal Crossing],
Bunnie [Animal Crossing],
Butch [Animal Crossing],
Buzz [Animal Crossing],
Cally [Animal Crossing],
Camofrog [Animal Crossing],
Canberra [Animal Crossing],
Candi [Animal Crossing],
Carmen [Animal Crossing],
Carrie [Animal Crossing],
Cashmere [Animal Crossing],
Celeste [Animal Crossing],
Celia [Animal Crossing],
Cesar [Animal Crossing],
Chadder [Animal Crossing],
Cheri [Animal Crossing],
Cherry [Animal Crossing],
Chevre [Animal Crossing],
Chico [Animal Crossing],
Chief [Animal Crossing],
Chip [Animal Crossing],
Chops [Animal Crossing],
Chow [Animal Crossing],
Chuck [Animal Crossing],
Claude [Animal Crossing],
Claudia [Animal Crossing],
Clay [Animal Crossing],
Cleo [Animal Crossing],
Cobb [Animal Crossing],
Coco [Animal Crossing],
Cole [Animal Crossing],
Colton [Animal Crossing],
Cookie [Animal Crossing],
Copper [Animal Crossing],
Cousteau [Animal Crossing],
Cranston [Animal Crossing],
Croque [Animal Crossing],
Cube [Animal Crossing],
Cupcake [Animal Crossing],
Curly [Animal Crossing],
Curt [Animal Crossing],
Cyrano [Animal Crossing],
Daisy [Animal Crossing],
Deena [Animal Crossing],
Deirdre [Animal Crossing],
Del [Animal Crossing],
Deli [Animal Crossing],
Derwin [Animal Crossing],
Diana [Animal Crossing],
Diva [Animal Crossing],
Dizzy [Animal Crossing],
Dobie [Animal Crossing],
Doc [Animal Crossing],
Don Resetti [Animal Crossing],
Dora [Animal Crossing],
Dotty [Animal Crossing],
Dozer [Animal Crossing],
Dr. Shrunk [Animal Crossing],
Drago [Animal Crossing],
Drift [Animal Crossing],
Ed [Animal Crossing],
Egbert [Animal Crossing],
Elina [Animal Crossing],
Elise [Animal Crossing],
Ellie [Animal Crossing],
Elmer [Animal Crossing],
Eloise [Animal Crossing],
Emerald [Animal Crossing],
Erik [Animal Crossing],
Eugene [Animal Crossing],
Eunice [Animal Crossing],
Faith [Animal Crossing],
Fang [Animal Crossing],
Fauna [Animal Crossing],
Felicity [Animal Crossing],
Filbert [Animal Crossing],
Flash [Animal Crossing],
Flip [Animal Crossing],
Flo [Animal Crossing],
Flora [Animal Crossing],
Flossie [Animal Crossing],
Flurry [Animal Crossing],
Francine [Animal Crossing],
Franklin [Animal Crossing],
Freckles [Animal Crossing],
Freya [Animal Crossing],
Friga [Animal Crossing],
Frillard [Animal Crossing],
Frita [Animal Crossing],
Frobert [Animal Crossing],
Fuchsia [Animal Crossing],
Gabi [Animal Crossing],
Gala [Animal Crossing],
Gaston [Animal Crossing],
Gayle [Animal Crossing],
Genji [Animal Crossing],
Gigi [Animal Crossing],
Gladys [Animal Crossing],
Gloria [Animal Crossing],
Goldie [Animal Crossing],
Gonzo [Animal Crossing],
Goose [Animal Crossing],
Gracie [Animal Crossing],
Graham [Animal Crossing],
Greta [Animal Crossing],
Grizzly [Animal Crossing],
Groucho [Animal Crossing],
Gruff [Animal Crossing],
Gulliver [Animal Crossing],
Gwen [Animal Crossing],
Hambo [Animal Crossing],
Hamlet [Animal Crossing],
Hamphrey [Animal Crossing],
Hank [Animal Crossing],
Hans [Animal Crossing],
Harriet [Animal Crossing],
Hazel [Animal Crossing],
Hector [Animal Crossing],
Henry [Animal Crossing],
Hippeux [Animal Crossing],
Hopper [Animal Crossing],
Hornsby [Animal Crossing],
Huck [Animal Crossing],
Hugh [Animal Crossing],
Iggly [Animal Crossing],
Iggy [Animal Crossing],
Isabelle [Animal Crossing],
Jambette [Animal Crossing],
Jane [Animal Crossing],
Jaques [Animal Crossing],
Jay [Animal Crossing],
Jeremiah [Animal Crossing],
Jingle [Animal Crossing],
Jitters [Animal Crossing],
Joan [Animal Crossing],
Joey [Animal Crossing],
Julian [Animal Crossing],
June [Animal Crossing],
K.K. Slider [Animal Crossing],
Kabuki [Animal Crossing],
Kapp'n [Animal Crossing],
Katie [Animal Crossing],
Katrina [Animal Crossing],
Katt [Animal Crossing],
Keaton [Animal Crossing],
Ken [Animal Crossing],
Kevin [Animal Crossing],
Kicks [Animal Crossing],
Kid Cat [Animal Crossing],
Kiki [Animal Crossing],
Kitt [Animal Crossing],
Kitty [Animal Crossing],
Klaus [Animal Crossing],
Knox [Animal Crossing],
Kody [Animal Crossing],
Kyle [Animal Crossing],
Labelle [Animal Crossing],
Leigh [Animal Crossing],
Leonardo [Animal Crossing],
Leopold [Animal Crossing],
Lily [Animal Crossing],
Limberg [Animal Crossing],
Lionel [Animal Crossing],
Liz [Animal Crossing],
Lloid [Animal Crossing],
Lobo [Animal Crossing],
Lolly [Animal Crossing],
Lopez [Animal Crossing],
Louie [Animal Crossing],
Lucha [Animal Crossing],
Lucky [Animal Crossing],
Lucy [Animal Crossing],
Lucy [Animal Crossing],
Lulu [Animal Crossing],
Lyle [Animal Crossing],
Lyman [Animal Crossing],
Mabel Able [Animal Crossing],
Mac [Animal Crossing],
Maddie [Animal Crossing],
Maelle [Animal Crossing],
Mallary [Animal Crossing],
Maple [Animal Crossing],
Marcel [Animal Crossing],
Marcie [Animal Crossing],
Marcy [Animal Crossing],
Margie [Animal Crossing],
Marina [Animal Crossing],
Marshal [Animal Crossing],
Mathilda [Animal Crossing],
Mayor Tortimer [Animal Crossing],
Melba [Animal Crossing],
Merengue [Animal Crossing],
Merry [Animal Crossing],
Midge [Animal Crossing],
Mint [Animal Crossing],
Mira [Animal Crossing],
Miranda [Animal Crossing],
Mitzi [Animal Crossing],
Moe [Animal Crossing],
Molly [Animal Crossing],
Monique [Animal Crossing],
Monty [Animal Crossing],
Moose [Animal Crossing],
Mott [Animal Crossing],
Mr. Resetti [Animal Crossing],
Muffy [Animal Crossing],
Murphy [Animal Crossing],
Nan [Animal Crossing],
Nana [Animal Crossing],
Naomi [Animal Crossing],
Nate [Animal Crossing],
Nibbles [Animal Crossing],
Nosegay [Animal Crossing],
O'Hare [Animal Crossing],
Octavian [Animal Crossing],
Olaf [Animal Crossing],
Olivia [Animal Crossing],
Otis [Animal Crossing],
Oxford [Animal Crossing],
Ozzie [Animal Crossing],
Pancetti [Animal Crossing],
Pango [Animal Crossing],
Papi [Animal Crossing],
Pascal [Animal Crossing],
Pashmina [Animal Crossing],
Pate [Animal Crossing],
Patty [Animal Crossing],
Paula [Animal Crossing],
Peaches [Animal Crossing],
Peanut [Animal Crossing],
Pecan [Animal Crossing],
Peck [Animal Crossing],
Peewee [Animal Crossing],
Peggy [Animal Crossing],
Pekoe [Animal Crossing],
Pelly [Animal Crossing],
Penelope [Animal Crossing],
Penny [Animal Crossing],
Pete [Animal Crossing],
Petunia [Animal Crossing],
Phil [Animal Crossing],
Phineas [Animal Crossing],
Phoebe [Animal Crossing],
Phyllis [Animal Crossing],
Pierce [Animal Crossing],
Pietro [Animal Crossing],
Pigleg [Animal Crossing],
Piper [Animal Crossing],
Pippy [Animal Crossing],
Plucky [Animal Crossing],
Plucky [Animal Crossing] [Animal Crossing],
Pompom [Animal Crossing],
Poncho [Animal Crossing],
Poppy [Animal Crossing],
Porter [Animal Crossing],
Portia [Animal Crossing],
Prince [Animal Crossing],
Puck [Animal Crossing],
Puddles [Animal Crossing],
Pudge [Animal Crossing],
Punchy [Animal Crossing],
Purrl [Animal Crossing],
Queenie [Animal Crossing],
Quetzal [Animal Crossing],
Quillson [Animal Crossing],
Rasher [Animal Crossing],
Redd [Animal Crossing],
Renée [Animal Crossing],
Resetti [Animal Crossing],
Rex [Animal Crossing],
Rhonda [Animal Crossing],
Ribbot [Animal Crossing],
Ricky [Animal Crossing],
Rio [Animal Crossing],
Rizzo [Animal Crossing],
Roald [Animal Crossing],
Robin [Animal Crossing],
Rocco [Animal Crossing],
Rocket [Animal Crossing],
Rod [Animal Crossing],
Rodeo [Animal Crossing],
Rodney [Animal Crossing],
Rolf [Animal Crossing],
Rollo [Animal Crossing],
Rooney [Animal Crossing],
Rory [Animal Crossing],
Roscoe [Animal Crossing],
Rosie [Animal Crossing],
Rover [Animal Crossing],
Rowan [Animal Crossing],
Ruby [Animal Crossing],
Rudy [Animal Crossing],
Sable Able [Animal Crossing],
Saharah [Animal Crossing],
Sally [Animal Crossing],
Samson [Animal Crossing],
Sandy [Animal Crossing],
Savannah [Animal Crossing],
Scoot [Animal Crossing],
Serena [Animal Crossing],
Shari [Animal Crossing],
Sheldon [Animal Crossing],
Shep [Animal Crossing],
Sly [Animal Crossing],
Snake [Animal Crossing],
Soleil [Animal Crossing],
Sparro [Animal Crossing],
Spike [Animal Crossing],
Spork [Animal Crossing],
Sprinkle [Animal Crossing],
Sprocket [Animal Crossing],
Static [Animal Crossing],
Stella [Animal Crossing],
Sterling [Animal Crossing],
Stinky [Animal Crossing],
Stitches [Animal Crossing],
Stu [Animal Crossing],
Sue E. [Animal Crossing],
Sven [Animal Crossing],
Sydney [Animal Crossing],
Sylvia [Animal Crossing],
T-Bone [Animal Crossing],
Tabby [Animal Crossing],
Tad [Animal Crossing],
Tammy [Animal Crossing],
Tangy [Animal Crossing],
Tank [Animal Crossing],
Teddy [Animal Crossing],
Tex [Animal Crossing],
Tia [Animal Crossing],
Tiara [Animal Crossing],
Tiffany [Animal Crossing],
Timbra [Animal Crossing],
Timmy [Animal Crossing],
Tipper [Animal Crossing],
Tom [Animal Crossing],
Tom Nook [Animal Crossing],
Tommy [Animal Crossing],
Truffles [Animal Crossing],
Tucker [Animal Crossing],
Tutu [Animal Crossing],
Twiggy [Animal Crossing],
Twirp [Animal Crossing],
Tybalt [Animal Crossing],
Ursala [Animal Crossing],
Valise [Animal Crossing],
Velma [Animal Crossing],
Vesta [Animal Crossing],
Vic [Animal Crossing],
Victoria [Animal Crossing],
Villager [Animal Crossing],
Vladimir [Animal Crossing],
Walker [Animal Crossing],
Walt [Animal Crossing],
Wart Jr. [Animal Crossing],
Weber [Animal Crossing],
Wendell [Animal Crossing],
Wendy [Animal Crossing],
Whitney [Animal Crossing],
Willow [Animal Crossing],
Winnie [Animal Crossing],
Wisp [Animal Crossing],
Wolfgang [Animal Crossing],
Woolio [Animal Crossing],
Yodel [Animal Crossing],
Yuka [Animal Crossing],
Zell [Animal Crossing],
Zoe [Animal Crossing],
Zucker [Animal Crossing],

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