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List of Video Game Characters in EarthBound (Mother) Franchise
Aloysius Minch [EarthBound (Mother)],
Ana [EarthBound (Mother)],
Boney [EarthBound (Mother)],
Bubble Monkey [EarthBound (Mother)],
Buzz Buzz [EarthBound (Mother)],
Claus [EarthBound (Mother)],
Dr. Andonuts [EarthBound (Mother)],
Duster [EarthBound (Mother)],
Flint [EarthBound (Mother)],
Flying Man [EarthBound (Mother)],
Frank Fly [EarthBound (Mother)],
Giygas [EarthBound (Mother)],
Hinawa [EarthBound (Mother)],
Jeff [EarthBound (Mother)],
Jeff Andonuts [EarthBound (Mother)],
Kumatora [EarthBound (Mother)],
Lardna Minch [EarthBound (Mother)],
Lier X. Agerate [EarthBound (Mother)],
Lighter [EarthBound (Mother)],
Loid [EarthBound (Mother)],
Lucas [EarthBound (Mother)],
Master Belch [EarthBound (Mother)],
Maxwell (EarthBound) [EarthBound (Mother)],
Mick [EarthBound (Mother)],
Mimmie [EarthBound (Mother)],
Minnie [EarthBound (Mother)],
Mr. Carpainter [EarthBound (Mother)],
Mr. Saturn [EarthBound (Mother)],
Ness [EarthBound (Mother)],
Ninten [EarthBound (Mother)],
Paula [EarthBound (Mother)],
Picky Minch [EarthBound (Mother)],
Pippi Lindgren [EarthBound (Mother)],
Pokey Minch [EarthBound (Mother)],
Poo [EarthBound (Mother)],
Porky [EarthBound (Mother)],
Rope Snake [EarthBound (Mother)],
Salsa [EarthBound (Mother)],
Starman Jr. [EarthBound (Mother)],
Teddy [EarthBound (Mother)],
Tessie [EarthBound (Mother)],
Tony (EarthBound) [EarthBound (Mother)],
Tracy [EarthBound (Mother)],
Wess [EarthBound (Mother)],

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