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List of Video Game Characters in Dragon Age Franchise
Alistair [Dragon Age],
Anders [Dragon Age],
Archdemon Urthemiel [Dragon Age],
Aveline Vallen [Dragon Age],
Bann Teagan Guerrin [Dragon Age],
Bethany Hawke [Dragon Age],
Cailan Theirin [Dragon Age],
Carver Hawke [Dragon Age],
Cassandra Pentaghast [Dragon Age],
Cauthrien [Dragon Age],
Cole [Dragon Age],
Cullen [Dragon Age],
Dog [Dragon Age],
Duncan [Dragon Age],
Eamon Guerrin [Dragon Age],
Fenris [Dragon Age],
First Enchanter Orsino [Dragon Age],
Flemeth [Dragon Age],
Goldanna [Dragon Age],
Harwen Raleigh [Dragon Age],
Hawke [Dragon Age],
Isabela [Dragon Age],
Josephine [Dragon Age],
Leliana [Dragon Age],
Leske [Dragon Age],
Mabari War Hound [Dragon Age],
Marjolaine [Dragon Age],
Merrill [Dragon Age],
Morrigan [Dragon Age],
Oghren [Dragon Age],
Queen Anora [Dragon Age],
Rendon Howe [Dragon Age],
Riordan [Dragon Age],
Sebastian Vael [Dragon Age],
Silas Corthwaite [Dragon Age],
Sketch [Dragon Age],
Sten [Dragon Age],
Teyrn Loghain [Dragon Age],
The Architect [Dragon Age],
The Warden [Dragon Age],
Tug [Dragon Age],
Varric Tethras [Dragon Age],
Velanna [Dragon Age],
Wynne [Dragon Age],
Zathrian [Dragon Age],
Zevran [Dragon Age],

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