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List of Video Game Characters in Civilization Franchise
Alexander the Great [Civilization],
Amaterasu [Civilization],
American [Civilization],
Askia Muhammad [Civilization],
Augustus Caesar [Civilization],
Babylonian [Civilization],
Bodicea [Civilization],
Boudicca [Civilization],
Caesar [Civilization],
Canute [Civilization],
Catherine I [Civilization],
Catherine the Great [Civilization],
Charlemagne [Civilization],
Chinese [Civilization],
Cleopatra [Civilization],
Cunobelin [Civilization],
Cyrus [Civilization],
Darius I [Civilization],
Dido [Civilization],
Egyptian [Civilization],
Eleanor Roosevelt [Civilization],
English [Civilization],
Frederick II [Civilization],
French [Civilization],
Gandhi [Civilization],
German [Civilization],
Greek [Civilization],
Gyda [Civilization],
Hammurabi [Civilization],
Hannibal Barca [Civilization],
Harald Bluetooth [Civilization],
Harun Al Rashid [Civilization],
Hatshepsut [Civilization],
Henry VIII [Civilization],
Hiawatha [Civilization],
Huayna Capac [Civilization],
Indian [Civilization],
Indira Gandhi [Civilization],
Isabella [Civilization],
Ishtar [Civilization],
Japanese [Civilization],
Josef Stalin [Civilization],
Kamehameha I [Civilization],
Lenin [Civilization],
Livia Drusila [Civilization],
Mansa Musa [Civilization],
Mao Tse-Tung [Civilization],
Mao Zedong [Civilization],
Maria Theresa [Civilization],
Mongol [Civilization],
Montezuma I [Civilization],
Montezuma II [Civilization],
Nebuchadnezzar II [Civilization],
Nezcaltiloyan [Civilization],
Pacal [Civilization],
Pachacuti [Civilization],
Peter the Great [Civilization],
Philip II [Civilization],
Ram Khamhaeng [Civilization],
Ramesses II [Civilization],
Roman [Civilization],
Russian [Civilization],
Sakajawea [Civilization],
Scherezade [Civilization],
Sejong the Great [Civilization],
Shaka [Civilization],
Sitting Bull [Civilization],
Suleiman the Magnificent [Civilization],
Theodora [Civilization],
William the Silent [Civilization],
Wu Zetian [Civilization],
Xerxes I [Civilization],

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