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List of Video Game Characters in Scribblenauts Franchise
Ace the Bat-Hound [Scribblenauts],
Acrata [Scribblenauts],
Alexander Luthor, Jr. [Scribblenauts],
Alexander Luthor, Sr. [Scribblenauts],
Alley-Kat Abra [Scribblenauts],
American Eagle [Scribblenauts],
Anarky [Scribblenauts],
Angel O'Day [Scribblenauts],
Anti-Monitor [Scribblenauts],
Anya Savenlovich [Scribblenauts],
Ape [Scribblenauts],
Aqualad [Scribblenauts],
Arm-Fall-Off Boy [Scribblenauts],
Arrowette [Scribblenauts],
Artemis [Scribblenauts],
Awkwardman [Scribblenauts],
Aztek [Scribblenauts],
Babe [Scribblenauts],
Bat-Mouse [Scribblenauts],
Batcow [Scribblenauts],
Batwing [Scribblenauts],
Beefeater [Scribblenauts],
Bibbo Bibbowski [Scribblenauts],
Bizarro Green Lantern [Scribblenauts],
Bizarro Krypto [Scribblenauts],
Bizarro Robin [Scribblenauts],
Black Bison [Scribblenauts],
Black Flash [Scribblenauts],
Black Hand [Scribblenauts],
Blackhawk [Scribblenauts],
Blockbuster [Scribblenauts],
Bouncing Boy [Scribblenauts],
Brainiac 2 [Scribblenauts],
Brenna Wayne [Scribblenauts],
Bronze Tiger [Scribblenauts],
Brother Power, The Geek [Scribblenauts],
Brother Warth [Scribblenauts],
Captain Carrot [Scribblenauts],
Captain Marvel Jr. [Scribblenauts],
Carrie Kelley [Scribblenauts],
Cascade [Scribblenauts],
Cheshire [Scribblenauts],
Composite Superman [Scribblenauts],
Connor Hawke [Scribblenauts],
Cosmic Armor Superman [Scribblenauts],
Derrick Acosta [Scribblenauts],
Detective Chimp [Scribblenauts],
Doppelganger [Scribblenauts],
Dumb Bunny [Scribblenauts],
Ekron [Scribblenauts],
Elongated Man [Scribblenauts],
Eric Baudour [Scribblenauts],
Etta Candy [Scribblenauts],
Father Time [Scribblenauts],
Fisherman [Scribblenauts],
Flying Fox [Scribblenauts],
Garrett Hunter [Scribblenauts],
Gorilla Boss [Scribblenauts],
Icicle Jr. [Scribblenauts],
Indigo-1 [Scribblenauts],
J-Man [Scribblenauts],
Jayna [Scribblenauts],
Jenny Greenteeth [Scribblenauts],
Johnny Quick [Scribblenauts],
Jonathan Kent [Scribblenauts],
Jor-El [Scribblenauts],
Joshua of Wainwright [Scribblenauts],
Kendotha Kr'nek [Scribblenauts],
Knight [Scribblenauts],
Kritter [Scribblenauts],
Lagoon Boy [Scribblenauts],
Lara Lor-Van [Scribblenauts],
Lily [Scribblenauts],
Longcat [Scribblenauts],
Lori Lemaris [Scribblenauts],
Magpie [Scribblenauts],
Man-of-Bats [Scribblenauts],
Match [Scribblenauts],
Matter-Eater Lad [Scribblenauts],
Maxwell [Scribblenauts],
Mercy Graves [Scribblenauts],
Mon-El [Scribblenauts],
Mr. Toad [Scribblenauts],
Negative Man [Scribblenauts],
Osiris [Scribblenauts],
Owlman [Scribblenauts],
Power Ring [Scribblenauts],
Professor Pyg [Scribblenauts],
Raven Red [Scribblenauts],
Rick Astley [Scribblenauts],
Rocco Botte [Scribblenauts],
Scandal Savage [Scribblenauts],
Shawn Chatfield [Scribblenauts],
Shorm [Scribblenauts],
Simon Baz [Scribblenauts],
Slushh [Scribblenauts],
Soranik Natu [Scribblenauts],
Sparx [Scribblenauts],
Sportsmaster [Scribblenauts],
Spring-Heeled Jack [Scribblenauts],
Squire [Scribblenauts],
Star Sapphire [Scribblenauts],
Stargirl [Scribblenauts],
Starman [Scribblenauts],
Stephanie Brown [Scribblenauts],
Sue Dibny [Scribblenauts],
Superboy Prime [Scribblenauts],
Superwoman [Scribblenauts],
Tacgnol [Scribblenauts],
Tigress [Scribblenauts],
Tomar-Tu [Scribblenauts],
Uncle Sam [Scribblenauts],
Vanessa van Helsing [Scribblenauts],
Velcoro [Scribblenauts],
Vesper Fairchild [Scribblenauts],
Vox [Scribblenauts],
Warlord [Scribblenauts],
White Canary [Scribblenauts],
White Ghost [Scribblenauts],
White Rabbit [Scribblenauts],
Wintergreen [Scribblenauts],
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [Scribblenauts],
Wrath [Scribblenauts],
XS [Scribblenauts],
Yankee Poodle [Scribblenauts],
Yuga Khan [Scribblenauts],
Zan [Scribblenauts],
Zatara [Scribblenauts],
Zauriel [Scribblenauts],
Zibarro [Scribblenauts],

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