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List of Video Game Characters in Data Hacker Franchise
Adica [Data Hacker],
Appariti [Data Hacker],
BlueEyedBex [Data Hacker],
Camadre [Data Hacker],
Cegmat [Data Hacker],
Chelise [Data Hacker],
Crypt Dragon [Data Hacker],
Dagga [Data Hacker],
Dinwitt [Data Hacker],
Drake Mandela [Data Hacker],
Dunewrym [Data Hacker],
eNguard [Data Hacker],
EPT. Representative [Data Hacker],
EVENT NPC [Data Hacker],
Flowah [Data Hacker],
Frakenguarr [Data Hacker],
Francine [Data Hacker],
Fungi [Data Hacker],
Fuulcer [Data Hacker],
Gagh [Data Hacker],
GerrySword [Data Hacker],
Haikodu [Data Hacker],
Ikewaise [Data Hacker],
ImThatGuyBen [Data Hacker],
Jaisone [Data Hacker],
Jaque [Data Hacker],
Jaxon [Data Hacker],
Jay [Data Hacker],
Jenny [Data Hacker],
JetLee [Data Hacker],
Jon Kernast [Data Hacker],
Katina [Data Hacker],
Khris [Data Hacker],
Konnam [Data Hacker],
Leinad [Data Hacker],
Leon [Data Hacker],
Loli [Data Hacker],
Lukas Bjerring [Data Hacker],
Lyn Kinx [Data Hacker],
Magus Mudraken [Data Hacker],
Mark Gandy [Data Hacker],
Masamae [Data Hacker],
Metal Giant [Data Hacker],
Miogauna [Data Hacker],
Pyroisp [Data Hacker],
Ricky [Data Hacker],
Rigael Robben [Data Hacker],
RochelleDagger [Data Hacker],
sabin1981 [Data Hacker],
Shanglion [Data Hacker],
Sharran [Data Hacker],
Sherwood [Data Hacker],
Slayer [Data Hacker],
Ssieth Annukabi [Data Hacker],
Stormbringer [Data Hacker],
Tabitha [Data Hacker],
Wellecto [Data Hacker],
Wild Dodobaird [Data Hacker],
Xarana [Data Hacker],
XSatsuma [Data Hacker],
Yunis [Data Hacker],

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