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List of Video Game Characters in Fushigi Yuugi Franchise
Amiboshi [Fushigi Yuugi],
Ashitare [Fushigi Yuugi],
Chichiri [Fushigi Yuugi],
Chiriko [Fushigi Yuugi],
Hikitsu [Fushigi Yuugi],
Hotohori [Fushigi Yuugi],
Madoka Ootori [Fushigi Yuugi],
Mariko Kobayashi [Fushigi Yuugi],
Miboshi [Fushigi Yuugi],
Misaki Himuro [Fushigi Yuugi],
Mitsukake [Fushigi Yuugi],
Nakago [Fushigi Yuugi],
Nuriko [Fushigi Yuugi],
Shigi [Fushigi Yuugi],
Shura [Fushigi Yuugi],
Soi [Fushigi Yuugi],
Suboshi [Fushigi Yuugi],
Takiko Okuda [Fushigi Yuugi],
Takumi Mochizuki [Fushigi Yuugi],
Tamahome [Fushigi Yuugi],
Tasuki [Fushigi Yuugi],
Tomite [Fushigi Yuugi],
Tomo [Fushigi Yuugi],
Uruki [Fushigi Yuugi],

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