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What was the hardest game you ever played?
The one who has no mercy against weak gamers!
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06-29-17 02:48 AM
07-04-17 02:49 PM

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What was the hardest game you ever played?


06-29-17 02:48 AM
ElDaves is Offline
Link | ID: 1341956 | 138 Words

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Hello, this thread is for those who once in ther gaming life had the disgrace to met at least one kind of game that make him descend into madness, rage, sadness, frustration, insanity, negative addiction and obsession for doing what if felt like the impossible. Only to realize with a shock that the game was never designer for weaklings, that it tells in your face "You suck and wou will be always be a sucker!".

How did you met "that" game?, how would you describe it?, how it made you felt?. Its ok, i wont ask more questions because it can be a bit painfull to remember the negative feelings of raging but sure you still remember the name of "that" game. And thats why i want to hear it, share it, the one who had no mercy.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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06-29-17 04:07 AM
yoshirulez! is Offline
Link | ID: 1341957 | 41 Words

Level: 102

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CP: 19452.2
VIZ: 83263

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Darkwing Duck on NES.

It's not a broken game, it's not a bad game, it's actually very good. The only problem is that it's way too difficult..

I wish anyone luck with that game if they want to try it out..
Vizzed Elite
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06-29-17 09:54 AM
Andalucia is Offline
Link | ID: 1341969 | 24 Words

Level: 4

POSTS: 4/4
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CP: 10.4
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Hardest game I ever played was Dark Souls 3. Bought it expecting it to be somewhat like Skyrim or Oblivion and was sorely mistaken.
Perma Banned

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Registered: 06-28-17
Last Post: 810 days
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07-01-17 12:40 PM
G789 is Offline
Link | ID: 1342172 | 141 Words

Level: 23

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For me, this would have to be The Lion King on SNES: Can't wait to be King!
This is a puzzle stage in a mostly platformer game, and it was not intuitive exactly what environmental hazards you have to interact with to move forward, and exactly which ones kill you! Keep in mind, this is the 2nd level of the game! At least Battletoads: Battlemaniacs' giant brick wall level is the 3rd one for most people... and I was able to beat that game! (video is on this site's page for that game ).
But alas, I never got past this stage as a kid and haven't tried since. Plus, I feel like a franchise like the Lion King is inherently meant for children, but man, that difficulty is anything but child-like!

Also, runner up- Super Ghouls and Ghosts: entire game.

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 11-13-13
Last Post: 242 days
Last Active: 9 hours

07-01-17 01:10 PM
MattyIce is Offline
Link | ID: 1342175 | 94 Words

Level: 79

POSTS: 1848/1881
POST EXP: 233392
LVL EXP: 4490269
CP: 8892.7
VIZ: 1146765

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The hardest game I have ever played is definitely Adventure Island for the NES. I, still to this day, have never completely beaten this game. Its not really all that hard to get to World 3 but after that, the rest seems almost impossible ... and this game has 8 Worlds! It was one of the very few games that I played in my childhood and still have yet to beat. I know there is a 2nd one out, but I will not even touch that one until I have beaten the first one.
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Registered: 06-02-11
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07-01-17 01:59 PM
greenluigi is Offline
Link | ID: 1342185 | 58 Words

Level: 91

POSTS: 2809/2900
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LVL EXP: 7438455
CP: 9347.6
VIZ: 117214

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Cat Mario. This game was a nightmare, to be honest . I hope I can beat it someday... I should. Actually, I mUST since I'm a gamer hero and I will top everything , regardless their difficulty (I once beat a level in Mario Maker that only 2% of players in the WORLD could beat so HA )
Trusted Member

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07-04-17 01:10 AM
tyranit is Offline
Link | ID: 1342796 | 43 Words

Level: 74

POSTS: 1422/1596
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CP: 9370.7
VIZ: 102035

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Touhou: Perfect Cherry Blossom is the hardest game I've ever played. If we're talking bullet hell games, that's the one to play. It's almost impossible, especially on hard and lunatic. I hope to eventually be good at that game without dying almost immediately.
Trusted Member

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07-04-17 02:50 AM
Droog is Offline
Link | ID: 1342805 | 119 Words

Level: 30

POSTS: 188/261
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CP: 858.1
VIZ: 3660

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Well, I have a lot of these, but one more than others come to mind. I feel like you guys are going to think I'm lame on this one, but here is goes. The hardest game I ever remember playing was Friday the 13th for the NES. In my defence I played this before I was 11 and didn't have internet to look stuff up, so I didn't have a lot to go on. It took me a few months, and I keep finding new things, and Jason just kept getting harder and faster. Somehow I mange to beat it one night. I remember jumping up and down, and then my dad yelling at me to go to bed.
The Witch Doctor is in....

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07-04-17 02:49 PM
Pacman+Mariofan is Offline
Link | ID: 1342854 | 99 Words

Level: 148

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greenluigi : Cat Mario is the hardest game I have ever played also. Thanks to a friend who recommended I try out the game, I downloaded it for my phone. That wasn't one of my best decisions.

I only got past the first level, and that alone took me too long. There are so many smart traps in that game that made me think hard to pass them. I guess I'm happy I tried it, but I won't be going back to that game anytime soon unless someone ties me up and forces me to play it to escape.
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