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04-05-20 02:46 PM

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04-21-17 10:37 PM
04-29-17 02:08 PM

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100K CPs!


04-21-17 10:37 PM
Yuna1000 is Offline
Link | ID: 1336021 | 64 Words

Level: 83

POSTS: 1809/2465
POST EXP: 318960
LVL EXP: 5398081
CP: 135858.4
VIZ: 277959

Likes: 6  Dislikes: 0
Earlier today, I made it to 100K CPs and I would like to thank everyone for having been so supportive all this time.  I'm sure I couldn't have made it here without you. *Hugs everyone*  =)

Thank you all so much and I will do my best to continue to contribute to our community, so see you again at 150K or 200K CPs! =)
Site Staff
Screenshot Manager, Content Adder

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 12-08-14
Location: Realm of Dreams
Last Post: 17 days
Last Active: 10 hours

Post Rating: 6   Liked By: gamerforlifeforever, janus, no 8120, pinkeyedtree, RDay13, Zlinqx,

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04-21-17 10:52 PM
Eirinn is Offline
Link | ID: 1336026 | 36 Words

Level: 145

POSTS: 7200/7900
POST EXP: 1300417
LVL EXP: 37274035
CP: 69210.5
VIZ: 1826847

Likes: 1  Dislikes: 0
Congrats, Yuna! You've been working your butt off for a while now, especially this month, so it's no surprise that you've hit this milestone. You definitely earned the chance to make this thread. Great work.
Vizzed Elite
Review Manager

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 07-18-12
Last Post: 578 days
Last Active: 578 days

Post Rating: 1   Liked By: Yuna1000,

04-22-17 05:30 AM
EX Palen is Offline
Link | ID: 1336044 | 87 Words

EX Palen
Spanish Davideo7
Level: 119

POSTS: 3671/5168
POST EXP: 905627
LVL EXP: 18456312
CP: 142717.8
VIZ: 8552478

Likes: 1  Dislikes: 0
Congrats on such an amazing milestone, Yuna!

Getting up to those numbers requires a lot of dedication and commitment. The fact that you're just the fourth person to ever reach it is the best proof of it. It's also insane to think you've done this in less than 1000 days, you've averaged way more than 1k CP everyday since you logged in!!!

Keep the hard work going! You can still become the 2nd user with most CP, so there you have another milestone you can fight for!
Global Moderator
Forum Manager, Game Guide Manager, Content Adder
Vizzed #1 Scooter fan

Affected by 'Carpal Tunnel Syndrome'

Registered: 07-03-13
Location: Barcelona
Last Post: 4 hours
Last Active: 4 hours

Post Rating: 1   Liked By: Yuna1000,

04-22-17 07:10 AM
darthyoda is Offline
Link | ID: 1336050 | 24 Words

Level: 105

POSTS: 3627/3729
POST EXP: 217130
LVL EXP: 12187486
CP: 14074.1
VIZ: 353275

Likes: 1  Dislikes: 0
100k is HUGE! Congrats man! *Throws confetti* 

I haven't even gotten to 15k, you are going really fast! *Raises Glass* "Here's to another 100k!"
Vizzed Elite
The most active Sith on Vizzed!

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 06-02-12
Location: Texas
Last Post: 624 days
Last Active: 624 days

Post Rating: 1   Liked By: Yuna1000,

04-22-17 11:08 AM
no 8120 is Offline
Link | ID: 1336064 | 38 Words

no 8120
Level: 45

POSTS: 284/519
POST EXP: 43961
LVL EXP: 632509
CP: 99160.3
VIZ: 4401273

Likes: 1  Dislikes: 0
  congratulations yuna on making it to 100k with all the excellent work you have been doing on the site I,m sure you will have no problem making it to the next level keep up the great job XD!
Site Staff
Content Adder

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 06-04-12
Location: CANADA
Last Post: 10 days
Last Active: 42 min.

Post Rating: 1   Liked By: Yuna1000,

04-22-17 06:26 PM
gamerforlifeforever is Offline
Link | ID: 1336096 | 15 Words

Level: 161

POSTS: 8358/10000
POST EXP: 554097
LVL EXP: 53214370
CP: 95938.4
VIZ: 4411958

Likes: 1  Dislikes: 0
I'm not surprised at all that you managed to reach the milestone this month. Congratz.
Vizzed Elite
Ultimate Pokemon Fanboy, Member of the Year 2016, and Vizzed's #1 My Hero Academia fan

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 07-04-12
Location: Somewhere in Ohio
Last Post: 9 days
Last Active: 5 days

Post Rating: 1   Liked By: Yuna1000,

04-23-17 01:01 PM
janus is Offline
Link | ID: 1336188 | 27 Words

Level: 116

POSTS: 4708/4761
POST EXP: 561477
LVL EXP: 16971032
CP: 57385.4
VIZ: 4359506

Likes: 1  Dislikes: 0
Damn, that's a lot of contribution! I guess adding and editing all those characters must have taken a lot of time! Congratulations, and here's to 100k more!
Vizzed Elite
The unknown

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 12-14-12
Last Post: 186 days
Last Active: 7 hours

Post Rating: 1   Liked By: Yuna1000,

04-23-17 01:08 PM
AuroVee is Offline
Link | ID: 1336195 | 30 Words

Level: 36

POSTS: 253/335
POST EXP: 33899
LVL EXP: 307609
CP: 2945.9
VIZ: 18049

Likes: 1  Dislikes: 0
Congratulations, Yuna. This will be another achievement to add to your collection along with the rainbow banner for this season's TdV if things keep up in the way they are.
The Latius of Vizzed

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 05-15-13
Last Post: 958 days
Last Active: 737 days

Post Rating: 1   Liked By: Yuna1000,

04-29-17 02:08 PM
Pacman+Mariofan is Offline
Link | ID: 1336801 | 64 Words

Level: 149

POSTS: 7587/8528
POST EXP: 594170
LVL EXP: 41087522
CP: 34778.8
VIZ: 1031052

Likes: 1  Dislikes: 0
Congrats on another amazing achievement! I knew you'd get there eventually (and quickly XD) so I'm glad to see you announce it! Good luck reaching 200K CP in the future.

Based off of what AuroVee was saying, the TdV will show your contribution. It also tends to help users contribute
way more than usual, which I can't imagine would be like for you XD
Vizzed Elite
Mark 9:23

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 10-22-12
Location: The Milky Way (not the candy)
Last Post: 680 days
Last Active: 599 days

Post Rating: 1   Liked By: Yuna1000,