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04-02-20 07:01 AM

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04-21-17 05:01 PM
04-21-17 05:01 PM

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CaH: Vizzed Edition


04-21-17 05:01 PM
AuroVee is Offline
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Some of you might know of a card game which is called Cards Against Humanity, in which one person - considered the Card Czar - draws a black card which has some phrase but with blank(s) in it. And then, the other people playing have to play white cards to fill in the tape, and the Czar chooses which card(s) he feels like is the most fun. It can sometimes be downright dirty at times, but it's a lot of fun.

For this forum game, the rules are similar, but instead of the Card Czar rotating, I will be always the Czar. And here are a few ground rules for this game:

1) Your answer(s) to fill in the blanks is preferred to be unique, which hasn't been used in the game.
2) No rude, racist or dirty cards. Keep them PG-13, please.
3) At least three users must submit answer(s) before a winner will be picked, and the winner will gain both an Awesome Point, and a small helping of Viz.
4) When someone gets 6 Awesome Points, the game will reset, and the winner will gain Viz based on how many Awesome Points were gained in total. So the longer the game goes, the bigger the reward.
5) Only one set of answers per user per black card, please. Also, there will only be one Black Card a day when challenges like the TdV are happening.
6) My decision on who wins is final.

And so, for the first game, the rewards are as follows:

Gaining an Awesome Point - 50 Viz
Winning - 50 Viz per Awesome Point earned overall by everyone during the game


And so, I will begin with your first Black Card, along with a few examples for how you can respond, using Sonic 06 as the example.

Black Card: 'I have 99 problems, but "_____" ain't one.'

Example responses:
'I have 99 problems, but "Sonic 06" ain't one.'
'Blank: Sonic 06.'
'Sonic 06'


Good luck, and let's all have a laugh from your answers.
The Latius of Vizzed

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

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