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03-07-17 04:16 PM
03-07-17 04:16 PM

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Video Game Song Screenshot and Video


03-07-17 04:16 PM
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I've added 2 new options for the songs in the Video Game Music Room: Screenshot and Video.

Song Screenshot
When a song has a screenshot assigned to it, that screenshot will represent the song instead of the game's title screen. So for example, if a song is a character's theme song, the screenshot would be of that character. If the song is of an event in the game, the screenshot would be of that event. I added a screenshot to 'One Winged Angel' as an example here:

Song Video
If a song has a video assigned to it, that video will be the video that displays in the background of my music streams. Normally a high rated song is played. When a video is assigned, that video will play not skip to the next video until that video ends (normally the videos only play for around 30-60 seconds and then another video of that game is played). You can see an example of this here:

Only moderators and staff of the Video Game Music Room are able to add these to a song's page.

Staff : Letting you all know of this. To add these to a song, simply click the 'Edit Page' at the top left of a song's page that you want to add a video or screenshot to.
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