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Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location Guide

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01-30-17 04:32 PM
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Link | ID: 1327677 | 2636 Words

Level: 117

POSTS: 3968/5062
POST EXP: 329541
LVL EXP: 17506125
CP: 25992.5
VIZ: 689493

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Before you begin the game, you will hear voices speaking as well as a quick cutscene showing off Baby. Once you click New Game, you will a girl saying, “Daddy, why won’t you let me play with her?” After that, the game will begin.

Night 1
Active Threats: None
Difficulty: You can’t die

The game begins with you in an elevator. A voice will come on and explain bits of story and gameplay from time to time to help you. Eventually, a keypad will flip open and he will ask you to enter your name. No matter what you click, the result will be the same. He tries auto-correcting your name, and the result is Eggs Benedict.

Once the elevator ride ends, you can open the elevator doors by pressing the bright, red button to your right. Once the doors open, make your way through the vent in front of you. Crawl to the exit of the vent, and you will reach the Primary Control Module.

Primary Control Module

Click the button that has the symbol of a sun on it to light up Ballora Gallery once the dialogue ends. He will then instruct you to click the button that has the symbol of lightning on it to electrocute her. Check the light again, and Ballora will be dancing on her stage.
Do the same on the right side. Once you electrocute Funtime Foxy, she will be dancing on her stage as well. Go through the vent that opens in front of you. Once you reach the exit of that vent, you will be in Circus Baby’s Auditorium.

Circus Baby’s Auditorium

Check the light to the room as you are instructed to do so. He will tell you to keep electrocuting Baby to get her to activate, but it never happens, despite the system telling you that she is working just fine. Go back into the vent you came from, and exit it. A random cutscene of you watching TV and eating popcorn will play, and then the night will end.

Night 2
Active Threats: Bidybab, Ballora, Funtime Freddy
Difficulty: Medium


Once night 2 begins, you will find yourself back in the elevator. The keypad will flip up again, and like last time, no matter what you press, the result will be the same. Once you press something on the keypad, it will autocorrect it to Angsty Teen. Once the elevator stops, click the red button to open the doors and go through the vent.

Primary Control Module

Check the lights and zap as instructed on both sides. Once you finish electrocuting Funtime Foxy, the voice changing thingy will mess up and it will revert back to the original voice. Go through the vent that opens up in front of you and reach Circus Baby’s Auditorium.

Circus Baby’s Auditorium

You will be instructed to check the lights and zap Baby. Do so, and he will inform you that there is some sort of power malfunction. The system goes offline for a while to try and fix the issue. As time progresses, you will be notified through the system that a vent has been opened. Then, Baby will speak to you. She tells you that there is a crawlspace beneath the desk, and instructs you to go under the desk to protect yourself.

Once under there, close the door to the crawlspace to protect yourself. Once the door is closed, you will hear Bidybabs’ voices. Eventually, they will try and open the door. Click and hold on the edge of the door to keep them from opening it. They will eventually lose their grip on the door, and that will be your chance to close it again. After a bit, they will try to open the door again, but more fierce this time. Hold the edge of the door as long as possible to keep them from getting to you.

Once they lose their grip, they will give up and leave. Baby tells you not to follow the guide’s directions that are coming up, and if you do, you will die. The system comes back online and tells you that he failed to fix the issue, and you must do it manually. Go back through the vent and once you reach the Primary Control Module, go through the vent that opened to your left to reach Ballora Gallery.

Ballora Gallery

Remember, do not follow the guide’s directions for this part. Do what Baby told you to do. Crawl slowly towards the end of the gallery, and stop moving if you hear Ballora’s music playing. It is recommended that you wear headphones for this part since her music can be kind of quiet. Once you reach the end of the gallery, go through the door to arrive in the Breaker Room.

Breaker Room

From here on out, the game gets considerably harder. The tactic to avoid Funtime Freddy is pretty vague. What you need to do is make all the systems back online by clicking and holding the button on the keypad to your left. In the top right corner you will see a bar labeled Danger Level. While you have the keypad up, Funtime Freddy will move around and try to reach you. Your strategy here is to repeat the following steps:

1. Flip open the keypad and PARTIALLY restart a system.
2. Flip the keypad down and press spacebar to play an audio clip.
3. Repeat.

The audio clip that plays when you press the spacebar is what calms Funtime Freddy down and keeps him away from you. Repeat this process until you have restarted the systems. This may take a few tries.

Once all the systems are back up, go back to Ballora Gallery. Crawl through Ballora Gallery. Ballora can’t attack you at this time, so you can go as fast as you want here. Once you reach the vent, the 2nd night ends. A cutscene will play of you again eating popcorn and watching TV. Once the cutscene ends, night 3 will begin.

Night 3
Active Threats: Funtime Foxy, Bon-Bon
Difficulty: Medium


Like always, you’ll begin in the elevator. The guide’s keypad will flip up and make another silly joke as usual. Once the elevator stops, press the red button and go through the vent in front of you to reach the Primary Control Module.

Primary Control Module

The vent in front of you as well as the vent to your right will open up. If you go through the vent straight ahead and then hide under the desk and close the door like you did on Night 2, you will hear Baby talking about some lore. All it is is lore hints, so if you don’t really care about that, head through the vent on your right to reach the Funtime Auditorium.

Funtime Auditorium

This is where it gets tricky, so read carefully. Funtime Foxy is motion activated, so you need to be careful with every step you take. Headphones are highly recommended for this part. If you hear movement, flash your beacon by pressing the spacebar. You may or may not see Funtime Foxy for a split second. If you see her, flash the beacon multiple times before she disappears, but don’t flash it too much, because that will result in a death. Walk carefully, and listen closely. Once you reach the end of the hallway, you will be in the Parts & Service room.

Parts & Service Room

Your goal here is to repair Funtime Freddy. Follow HandUnit’s directions. He will tell you to click multiple buttons across Funtime Freddy’s face, which will allow the faceplates to be opened. Click a few more buttons around the face, and the chestplates will open. Now, HandUnit will tell you to retrieve two power modules. The first power module is located on Funtime Freddy’s stomach.

The second power module is located on Bon-Bon, the Bonnie hand puppet. However, once you check Funtime Freddy’s hand, you will find that Bon-Bon is gone. Look all around the area to locate Bon-Bon. He will scurry across the room and will usually be found somewhere around Funtime Freddy. Don’t shine the light on him too much, though. Once you’ve located Bon-Bon, shine the corner of your flashlight on him. Notice how he gradually moves up as time passes. If you let him go too far, he will attack you. Let him get high up enough to the point where you can quickly click on the button on his bowtie. Once you have finished up in here, go back into Funtime Auditorium.

Funtime Auditorium

This time, you can go through the Funtime Auditorium as quickly as you want. Once you reach near the end of the auditorium, Funtime Foxy will attack you. This is normal, and this is when Night 4 will begin.

Night 4
Active Threats: Minireena
Difficulty: Hard

Scooping Room

Once you begin Night 4, you will not find yourself in the elevator this time, but rather in a location known as the Scooping Room, as explained by Baby. Once the cutscene ends, the night will begin. You must click and hold on the various springlocks inside the suit you are in. If any of them fail, it will result in a death. Not only that, but there will be various Minireenas climbing all over you. The ones climbing in the middle don’t do anything unless you don’t ignore them. Ignore the Minireenas climbing through the middle. The Minireenas climbing up the sides need to be shaken off, but don’t shake too much. Shaking causes the springlocks to come loose, resulting in you having to either wind them back up again or die. This will take you a couple of tries, but eventually you will get the hang of it. Once you survive long enough, Night 5 will begin.

Night 5
Active Threats: Ennard
Difficulty: Easy


Once the night begins, you will find yourself in the elevator one last time. Like always, the keypad will flip up and autocorrect whatever you try to type in. Once the elevator stops, click the red button and crawl through the vent in front of you to reach the Primary Control Module.

Primary Control Module

Once you reach the Primary Control Module, you will be told to check the lights on both sides. Once you check the light in Ballora Gallery, you will be greeted with a disturbing image of a dead body hanging from a rope. Once you check the lights for Funtime Auditorium, you will see the same thing. The guide will act as if everything is fine and dandy. After you have done both of these things, go through the vent to your right and into Funtime Auditorium.

Funtime Auditorium

You can go as fast as you can without getting attacked this time, so just make your way towards the Parts & Service room.

Parts & Service

Once you reach the Parts & Service room, you will find Baby without its endoskeleton, slumped over on a conveyor belt. Baby will interrupt the guide in the middle of him speaking. She will give you directions on where to find the buttons that open various parts of her body.

Eventually, the top left corner of her head will reveal a keypad. Baby will tell you a random sequence of numbers that changes everytime, and you must press those numbers on the keypad. If you go too slow or press the wrong number, Ennard will attack you. Once you have entered the sequence, pick up the card that is revealed near the bottom-right of Baby. After you have picked it up, click on the green button to your left and Baby will be sent to the Scooping Room. Go back into Funtime Auditorium.

Funtime Auditorium

Baby will tell you another random sequence of directions that you must follow by using the WASD keys on your keyboard. Follow her directions carefully. If you flash the beacon, you will be attacked. If you go the wrong way, you will be attacked. Eventually, you will find your way to the Scooping Room.

Scooping Room

Once you reach the Scooping Room, a cutscene will occur. It’s basically all lore at this point, and the end result is that you are scooped. Ennard goes inside your body and uses you as his human flesh suit. This is the end of the game….but it’s not. There’s a secret ending known as the Fake Ending that you can achieve by finishing the random Death Minigame. Return to the main menu.

Difficulty: Hard

Go into the Extras menu, and hover your mouse over the bottom left corner of your screen. An icon of Baby in the Death Minigame will show up. Click it, and you will begin the minigame. Make sure to read this VERY carefully, as one wrong step or going too slow will make it impossible to get the secret ending. Follow these steps as fast as you can to finish the minigame:

1. At the start of the stage, grab the pink cupcakes, and head right one screen.
2. Give two cupcakes to each of the kids on the floating platforms, but not the ones on the ground. Go right one screen by jumping from the top right platform.
3. Skip the blue cupcakes and the pit. Jump over the second pit again and keep going right.
4. Feed the first kid 2 cupcakes and head back left to grab the blue cupcakes.
5. Go back right and jump and fire at the right time twice to feed the rest of the kids on this screen. Go right.
6. Jump over the green cupcakes. Go right.
7. Jump and fire at the right time twice again to feed the kids in this area as well. Go back left and get the green cupcakes.
8. Go right a few screens until you see two kids and two pits. Use one cupcake, since that one cupcake will feed them all.
9. Go back to the first 2 kids near the beginning and feed them one cupcake. Once that’s done, keep going right until you see an ice cream cone. Grab the ice cream cone.
10. Once you grab the ice cream cone, quickly make your way back to the very beginning.
11. Drop the ice cream in between the first to flowers on the very first screen.

If done correctly, a cutscene should occur where a little girl is stuffed inside Baby with an arm that extended from Baby’s stomach. This will unlock a second star on the title screen, and will grant you access to the “final level”.

Night 5 (Alternate)
Active Threats: Ennard
Difficulty: Very Hard

Play Night 5 normally until you get to the part where Baby is telling you which way to go in Funtime Auditorium. Ignore her directions and keep heading northeast. If the minigame was completed, you will hear a voice saying “access granted”. Doing this will put you in a secret room reminiscent of the original Five Nights at Freddy’s game.

This is arguably the hardest part of the game, and it will require lots of practice to finish. Ennard will try to get into your office by means of both doors as well as the vent above you. Headphones are recommended for this part, since you can listen to which side Ennard is coming from. Be sure to also use the cameras, so you can see Ennard’s location. Close the doors only if necessary, since they will drain your power.

Once you finish the night, you will watch a cutscene of you eating popcorn at home (along with Ennard in your house). After that, you will have unlocked the third and final star on the title screen, as well as the ability to play Custom Night mode.
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Lexatom : I had a feeling you might do a guide of this was a matter of when and what day it was going to happen. I've read all of this since knowing the game fully well. XD
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