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Is the scroll/fixed setting on profiles broken?
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11-28-16 02:01 AM
12-03-16 09:52 AM

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Is the scroll/fixed setting on profiles broken?


11-28-16 02:01 AM
MarioLucarioFan64 is Offline
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I was changing my profile here yesterday and i uploaded a background. But once i wanted to set the background on scroll or fixed, i set it on fixed. I saved the change and checked, but saw my background still scrolling up and down with the page. It appeared it was still set on scroll. But i literally changed it to fixed. So do i do something wrong?
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12-03-16 09:52 AM
Pokemonfan1000 is Offline
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Try a different background and see if it's maybe an issue with the background you're trying to use. If not then the only one that I know of that can fix this if it is an issue would be

Davideo7 : There's a possible issue with the profiles. He set is background to fixed but it was still set to scroll. I'm gonna test this on my profile and will report back if there is an issue on mine as well.

EDIT: There is an error here. I changed my background and changed the setting from fixed to scroll and then tried to change it back to fixed but it changed it back to scroll so from what I'm getting you're not the only one with issue.
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