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Soren Might Reconsider Her Thoughts To Do With The Digimon World Chapter 16


11-08-16 05:01 PM
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Soren Might Reconsider Her Thoughts To Do With The Digimon World Chapter 16

In the digimon masters lair Soren was walking around the dark hallways still spaced out in her thoughts.

Why why can't I shake off this bad feeling!

Then something happened a flash came to her mind of a young girl, and young boy playing in the grass and tag as well.Then the memory went away Soren was in pain, and in shock from the memory. And using one hand to hold one side of her head where the pain was.

What.......what was that memory?...
She questioned

The pain faded away then she heard in the distance a talking. So she quietly went somewhere that seemed to be the grand Hall she opened the door a little halfway so that she wasn't heard and she then saw the master and Zeke talking about something concerning her.

Master and Zeke?
She thought

So master what should we do about Soren? I checked on her not long ago, and it seems a bit of her old self is resurfacing.

What....thought Soren

Really? I didn't think it was to happen quickly maybe the memory eraser machine wasn't powerful enough. Said the master

No....thought Soren Who...who am I then?! She thought

Soren heard what she needed to know, and left quietly back to her room. Soren was surprised and in shock of what she saw and as for her memory problem.

I've been....used all this time? She said to herself in disbelief So my feelings have been right all along for thinking things are not good the question now can I get my memory back? It's the only way to help me recover what I have lost. And who was that young boy? He looks familiar....

Soren sat down and thought If I am going to fool those two I better keep up appearances. For them not to snuff me out and its best to be completely normal not to show anything has changed.

Another knock came.

Come in. She said

Zeke appeared again.

Hello Zeke what's up?

Are you doing ok? You worried me there to do with your question before. He said

Soren thought Time to fool him....

Soren said to Zeke Please forgive me for thinking such thoughts as that. We will have everything we ever wanted when the master has that power.

Wonderful she is back to normal I guess there is no need for that plan the master and I had for her. I will report this. He thought

Ok great! Rest up well we need to track down the digigestends again, and kill them for real this time oh....better yet I won't have you coming with me.


Because I need you at your full strength.

Ah...I see thank you I will do what I can for a speedy recovery. She said with a smile

Ok good gonna go to bed now see ya.

And with that he left.

Soren still looking at the door said in her thoughts Sorry to do this Zeke, but I plan on getting my memory back.

She slept off after that thought. It's night time in the digimon world, and everyone is asleep except for one person that is Sato. He is thinking about his long lost sister, and where she could be in the digimon world.

Lunamon said Sato are you ok?

Yeah...sorry to worry you. I am thinking about my sister, and when we get to meet up with her.

I am sure it will be soon remember we need to focus with the task that is at hand. Said Lunamon

I know.

Ok then rest up.

With that they both slept. Morning came and everyone was up.

Ok guys we need to be prepared for anything Zeke and Soren may come at us today. We don't need to fear since Gennai has cracked what was stopping the old digigestends digimon from digivolving. Tai do you want to take over this now since your digimon can digivolve again? Said Hana

Nah....your doing a good job we will be here to assist you guys, but you new digigestends are more in the front. said Tai

We have your back so don't worry. Said Matt

We will help in any means that is necessary. Said Agumon

Great! Let's be on our way with that I say to go and look for another crest. Said Yuuko

I agree with that. Said Harumi

It's best to do that before facing the big boss of the digimon world. Said Sato

I wonder who will be the next person to obtain their crest? Said Ame

You won't be able to find that out. You'll all will be dead before you can collect them all. Said a voice

Everyone quickly spun around.'s you Zeke back to destroy us again? Saki said sarcastically

Yes little brat I am. Said Zeke

Hey I am no brat! Said Saki

Unknown to them Viximon hopped onto Hanas shoulder.

Hana....I don't see Soren. He whispered

Yeah I wonder if her ankle is still recovering. She whispered back

Looks like it. Said Viximon

Listen I have a plan. Said Hana

What? He asked

Since you are small he won't notice you. When he leaves attach yourself onto him and follow, so you can find her.

That's a brilliant plan, but how? He asked

I'll attack him head on, and you can quickly without being seen jump onto him and hide.

Isn't that reckless?

Even if it is I want to help you and Soren I dunno why, but I want to help her now seeing she isn't one of the bad guys.

Ok cool.

Hey something is happening! Said Sora

Ames crest holder began to glow.

There is a crest nearby! Said Gazimon

Hana and Viximon looked at each other, and nodded at each other. Viximon hid himself within Hana

Palmon digivolve now!


Just do it!

Ok! Palmon morph digivolve into!!!!! Lilymon!

Everyone was surprised with her actions.

Listen carefully everyone. Said Hana not taking her eyes off from Zeke.

Tai you, and Izzy go with Ame to look for her crest I'll handle things here.

Oh no you don't! Black Agumon digivolve now!

Yes master. He said appearing out from nowhere.

He digivolved into BlackGreymon.

Nova blast. He said

Not while I am still alive! Lilymon now!

Flower cannon!

This move was strong enough to deflected his attack!

She...did it...said Itoh in shock

Wow she is really a great leader maybe even better than Tai....said Kairi surprised also.

Hey! I heard that you know! Said Tai a little annoyed from his sisters comment.

Hehe oops....said Kairi

You guys need to go now! Said Hana

Right! Come on guys! Said Tai

Tai, Izzy And Ame left to look for the crest.

Zeke growls Why are you always to be the one to stand in my way?!

Because it's my job to stop people like you destroying the digimon world. She simply said back.

Then Hana had a good idea.

Hey Saki? Said Hana looking back.


Wanna join the fuzz?


Hana points to Sakis crest.

Oh! I get it! Elecmon ready for battle?

I am! Said Elecmon

Then She whispered into his ear of something

Yep I can now do that. Elecmon digivolve into Black Garurumon!

That puny thing won't be strong enough to defeat mine. Said Zeke

Wrong again! I think you don't know something we know digivolve again! Said Saki holding up her crest to the sky, with her crest glowing blue.

WHAT!!!!! Yelled Zeke

Black Garurumon digivolve to!!!!! Shadow Weregarurumon!

He goes, and stands next to Lilymon ready for battle! Saki goes and does the same by standing next to Hana.

Twice the trouble twice the power! Said Hana


Not if you are with the power of light! Nothing is impossible! Said Saki

Everyone else was in shock.

I didn't want to do this, but....BlackGreymon go into ultimate mode now!

WHAT!! Screamed everyone

This isn't the full extent of Zeke's all mighty power! How will Lilymon, and Shadow Weregarurumon handle this?! And will Tai, Izzy And Ame find the crest on time? Until next time look out for the next chapter!


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