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09-23-19 02:11 AM

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My Imagination - Explanations and reasons
Now you will know WHY i make the series here and not somewhere else!
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07-01-16 05:04 AM
07-01-16 10:06 AM

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My Imagination - Explanations and reasons


07-01-16 05:04 AM
MarioLucarioFan64 is Offline
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Hey, everyone! I am making my stories for 'My Imagination' very fast: You got to wait 4 days and bam: I made the next chapter! But ever wondered WHY i make them? Well, here's some explanation:

I am the owner of a Google+ Community called 'Creators Island', of which i'll share somewhere else. And i'll post these stories there as well. However, it won't be chapter by chapter. It will be everything together. I, sadly, used your feedback for my stories to improve them. It's like a video game: It needs testers first. And those 'testers' were you guys. I should have said that at the beginning. Sorry.

But i don't say i USED you guys. I said i used your feedback, if you gave some. And i'm going to do something pretty big with the result, and i secretly needed your help with that. I'll give you guys Viz if you helped me out. List with users are below.

I hope you'll understand it all.

NintendoFanKimmy :  
Linkums :  
TheTrueUlti :  
Mynamescox44 :  
Jygin :  
LunarDarkness2 :  

Thank you guys for helping so far. Full credits will be placed in the full story.
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Request-accepting artist (accepting requests for free at the moment)

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07-01-16 07:58 AM
-Drew- is Offline
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MrBeingcool1 : nothin to apologize for bruh?? askin for feedback to improve (regardless of whether there's a specific person or group you want to impress) is a normal thing that authors n artists do and it's crucial that they do so since it's what drives them to improve so don't worry about it and forget about the Viz m8
Trusted Member
the disappointed customer noise from papa's freezeria

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07-01-16 08:06 AM
Ultrajeff is Offline
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No need to apologize. It's beneficial to observe the opinions of others; It helps you improve, and it's fun to read, friend. The giving of your Viz won't be necessary; we'd do anything for you, honestly. Just ask.
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The Vizier of Vizzed

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07-01-16 10:06 AM
Linkums is Offline
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That's nothing to apologize for. That's totally normal and fine. If I had known you were looking for more feedback, I could've at least pointed out spelling mistakes here and there. But yeah, no worries at all.
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