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Animal Cruelty
What should sentences be?
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Light Knight
08-31-15 11:51 AM
07-26-16 05:08 PM

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Animal Cruelty


11-18-15 06:24 PM
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Well this is something that peaked my interest what should the punishment be for animal cruelty, honestly I feel as though sometimes people treat there animals better than human beings and value there animals lives more than human being lives. But with that said I really don't think of animal cruelty as a crime air go I don't think it deserves a punishment, who are we to say one animal or insects life is worth more than some other animal/insects life, for example I kill ants and other bugs and insects but I don't get any jail time for that but if I kill a cat, squirrel or dog they are prepared to give me years in jail so the question really is why is one animal/insects life valued more over another, I mean really most animals and insects have short life spans as it is so what difference does it make if I kill it or it dies naturally(besides a moral/humane difference). I look at animal cruelty as atleast the abuser isn't doing it to a human being. Me personally I think human's owning animals is wrong and abuse in its self for basically kidnapping and enslaving a creature that belongs in the wild.In addition I think human's only own animal's because of a sense or need to dominate over something that they know can't necessarily think for itself or just want to control that said animal. Also I think we as humans just need to leave animals and nature itself alone and let things run it's natural course but this is just my opinion.
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11-18-15 06:36 PM
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As far as what I consider bad, I kind of take a golden rule on this, at least for intentional killing: if you're not killing the animal either to defend yourself or actually make food out of it (and not simply skinning an animal without consuming the meat), then that's fine. However, that brings the question as to whether or not it's two things: legal, and exclusive.

Let me clarify on the second point. What I mean, is that each side of that rule is viewed exclusively, such as one side is bad and the other is good. So what? There is some over-hunting of animals, that is actually about getting their meats and eating them. However, it's in very high excess to the point of pushing some of these animals (certain whales are a good example) to extinction, a.k.a. endangerment. Should that be punished? I air on the side of punishing it thanks to limits for hunting based on person, but they don't seem to apply as much to non-personal hunting.
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11-19-15 09:54 AM
hellno163 is Online
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If people cause suffering and death to an animal then that person should get the death penalty.

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11-19-15 07:34 PM
Zlinqx is Offline
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Without disclosing my own opinions on abortion in this thread let's try to stay on the topic of animal cruelty, if you guys want to discuss abortions then you should make a new thread on the matter.

As for my personal opinion I definitely think the punishment should be much longer and pretty much agree with geeogree on this that it typically leads to a person being dangerous towards humans as well. I will admit there is a pretty big double standard among most people who consider themselves being for animal rights, with killing dogs just being fundamentally wrong because they're usually kept as pets here in the west while pigs which are generally proven to be even more intellectual not so much.

I mean if we're really going by how mentally developed an animal is (which many people both for and against animal rights seem to base things on) people should be more against the killing of rats as they are one of the smartest animals out there. But we don't, we really base it more on which animals we prefer like dogs and cats which we keep as pets or which look cute while those that are nuisances or which killing benefits us are swept aside. I sincerely doubt the discussion would be the same if the guy had killed six pigs instead.
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02-22-16 08:58 PM
Titan127 is Offline
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Now this is an interesting topic, honestly, because I'm not sure what the punishment should be. Now, if I see an abused dog, I'm going to say something to the owner, simple as that. But I don't know about any legal punishments, really. I certainly feel like there should be some in place, but I'm in no position to argue my case, because I don't know whether or not it should be done.

On one hand, you have people with beliefs like mine, where most animal's lives should be treated with an equal or greater respect than that of a human. For example, if someone shoots a Siberian Tiger, they should die and everyone who assisted them should die, because there are so few of them now that, in my mind, their lives are worth more than ours. On the other side of the coin, however, you have people who feel that animals are essentially here to be used for our benefit and for any purpose we see fit. I find this view tainted with a disgusting lack of sympathy, but are they right?

Anyways, I think punishments should be severe, as well as having the person simply unable to acquire any sort of pet after whatever incident causing the charges to be raised, be it beating a dog, severe neglect, or, as happened in one case, tossing a dog off a cliff to make it look like it fell, and then when it wasn't dead, picking it up and doing so again.

Those are my views, but I'm an animal lover, simple as that, and because of that I've definitely got some severe bias on this particular issue, so I don't think I'd do very well trying to convince others of my beliefs, in this case, at least. 
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02-22-16 09:18 PM
Droog is Offline
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I really feel it needs to be treated as child abuse. There is just something that really upsets me about people who do this. I feel that the lowest sentence that should be given out is 18 months. These people are hurting animals, and most of them can defend themselves.
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04-16-16 11:03 AM
mario102 is Offline
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Oldschool777 : I think that that is perfect. "The punishment should fit the crime." It's true. Some people should just know that there are consequences to their actions, and if those actions are terrible, then those consequences would be terrible. Even if those consequences might not be considered "correct," anyone who rips the head off a dog should have their head ripped off.
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04-16-16 06:44 PM
Oldschool777 is Offline
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It should,dogs are at times more intelligent and more compassionate than humans will ever be. I think if you harm an animal,you should be harmed the same way by the owner.
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04-16-16 08:15 PM
Boured is Offline
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It makes me sad and also a bit angry about how someone could be so cruel as to do that. Basically cooking them alive is horrible, yet there isn't much of a punishment. You do the same to people you get life in prison or death, so are dogs less important to live than human? I guess so since they only gave him 6 months.......sometimes I look in the mirror and realize I share the same species as these evil people....and I hate it.
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04-17-16 09:00 PM
austipokedude is Offline
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I can't help but feel frustrated when animal cruelty is brought up in a discussion because the whole idea of it is just ridiculous. Honestly I feel that whoever is responsible for such a thing should be punished as much as the dogs were because they were left in your care as the caretaker so you're responsible for them on your behalf. I'm not saying that if somebody goes as far as putting dog's down you should be put down as well and it should be noted that it's a serious crime and you should be punished strictly for doing so. It's very difficult not to add the similarities between abortion and animal abuse because personally I feel they're very similar.
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04-20-16 11:49 PM
Mynamescox44 is Offline
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I'm very slightly split on this issue. More of me than not believes someone should be put through what the animal was put through, obviously some circumstances excluded. I mean just because we're a more dominant species, what gives us the right to abuse and mistreat other living beings? Anyone who says things like "Dogs / other animals don't have souls" is flat out wrong, and this is coming from someone who doesn't believe in the concept of a soul to begin with. These animals are exactly the same as us without the ability to speak and aren't "self-aware" like humans are(self aware meaning the ability to feel shame or judged by our peers, among other things).
The lesser part of me realizes it's hard to really think of these animals as equals when we use cows and pigs for livestock solely for the purpose of being eaten. We only care about Dogs and Cats as much because they are commonly domesticated.
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07-25-16 10:10 PM
Titan127 is Offline
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Okay, honestly, I think it depends on the situation. For example, I had to kill two baby mice yesteray. Why? Because they were living in my garage, and my stepmom had already scared off the mother, so she wouldn't be coming back, and these things would have been eaten, burned to death by the sun, starved, or died of dehydration. Even if they could have survived, I'd have killed them, they are mice, and they're pests, but I'm just giving an example.

I feel like, for pests, you almost have to get rid of them, because they're going to cause issues that can get worse and worse over time, and some times culminate into something horrible. (My aunt one time left a rat's nest in her garage. The next year, those rats built a nest in her family's tractor. Instant fire) On the other hand, animals that are generally not disturbing humans, or are only on human land because we invaded their own to the extend where they have no other option, should be spared. The mice, for one, could live without going into our garage or basement. A wolf with only one acre to roam and hunt can not survive, so if it has to kill a dog, then it has to kill a dog. We have a pack of coyotes in my home town that have eaten a few cows (one died on the barbed wire fence though, before they dug a hole underneath, so they haven't since) and they didn't really have much of an option, now did they? They had to hunt to survive.

The dogs and cats who are killed will always get the most attention though, not just because they're larger, but because, like you said, they are domesticated. A lot of people have dogs and cats, and as such we sympathize a lot more with them when they are tragically killed. I love my dogs, so I understand this notion completely, and while you're right, it is unfair to the other animals, there's really nothing I can do about it. If I have to pick my dog or a pack of coyotes, I'm going to pick my dog, you know?

As for the sentencing, I don't think what you outlined was even close to fair, either. She killed six dogs. There are, as far as I know, fewer dogs on the planet than humans, and I know for a fact that those dogs had a lot more in their hearts than she did. I say you hang her high, and I'm not exaggerating. If there's no death penalty involved, and we don't want to consider the dogs themselves, think about the children who are absolutely devastated by the deaths of their dogs? I've lost 3 of my dogs and 2 dogs that were my cousins, and I've cried for each one, despite my age, so I say we either give her a life sentence or hang her. Pick one in my opinion, but no way that she ever sees the light of day again.
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07-26-16 05:08 PM
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Couldn't read the entire thread in one go, sorry if this is redundant.

In towns, cities, and zoos animals are at a disadvantage. They're living creatures that evolved to function in their natural habitat, but outside of it they're dependant on their owners to provide for them. If you can't look after them, you shouldn't let them suffer.

Neglect is an variable offence that needs involvement on a case by case basis beyond simply giving them a fine.
The idea is to prevent future offences.

Torture of any kind is dangerous behavour. Locking a human being away for that is too extreme, but may be necessary if counseling/psychological help does not improve the situation.

The one thing lacking in these arguements is that farms/meat produce and zoos need to be included, along with poaching/hunting of animals. That'd be a whole topic by itself.
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