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06-22-15 06:39 AM
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"Almost 2 Decades Remembrance, For A Journey Through Time and Wonder"

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06-22-15 06:39 AM
sonicthehedgehog57 is Offline
Link | ID: 1177907 | 5489 Words

Level: 65

POSTS: 915/1175
POST EXP: 336131
LVL EXP: 2295131
CP: 42898.9
VIZ: 5058

Likes: 7  Dislikes: 0
    *Rushes through signpost and snickers* Hehe it's been a long time since I've seen this lovely place; however, I feel it's always nice to go back and experience some past moments after many tough spots in one's recent/later events. After nearly 20 years of being away, I've missed the feeling of this "Lost Land" and feel it'd be nice if other newer followers of my journeys got to take a peek . Though...sadly, Little Planet isn't here anymore so...I can't show everything I suppose *standing atop rock surface* I remember when this planet used to be chained down and locked away from its normal peaceful atmosphere thanks to our lovely Robotnik; but, after my encounter with him upon that island it has now disappeared....*peeks out of eye and see's chain link again from cloud's shadow* W-What? H-How is that there...can't be...How is Little Planet back?! ....! There can only be one reason and I think I'd better head over there quick to put it down fast! *Goes across Future Panel* Gotta make this Past....erm...Future, great again! *Teleports to Vizzed Planet*

    *Note* ~ As this being just a standard re-release of an older game, (1993) I'll be judging each factor on that time period over our current gaming period. Otherwise I'd believe it to be highly unfair. (since it's not quoted as an HD release either) Just a warning for all you viewers/critiquers out there!

                /\__Returning to past sights, still made enjoy in our future__//

    *Flickies and animals fly/jump across screen* I'm sure many of us adventure filled gamers will remember the classic feel and memories of this blue quilled animal throughout his past adventures. With many of us having skipped the first release of his adventure, A lot of us eventually came to try this gem out during a gamecube or later on release like now. The only big question between all of that "time" is how were the looks and feel of the game managing back then and even now? For when it was released I can definitely say it was a big jump up in quality from the original "Sonic the Hedgehog" game and from what I can see it even goes past Sonic 2 in some scenario's (or is at  least leveled with it throughout the game). Just seeing these words here though, isn't going to help you out with understanding how creative the scenario's can appear inside the game. So before I waste all your time as well as our hero's with that brief explanation, what'd you say to racing ahead and getting to some examples eh? *spin dashes through loop and blasts off into segment*

             "::.__Wacky Workbench__.::''/

    In my eyes this is definitely one of the more eye-opening areas in the game, mostly for the fact that 80% of the level makes you feel like a 70's disco dancer on a trippy "onion" ring. (guess it's something you should expect from the word "Wacky" in the title) The level starts up and almost right away you're thrown into a dark lavender colored paradise with the floor being like a mad disco ball and flashing and spurring colors all around its base. During those erratic moments you can be lifted HIGH up into the air, that is until the ground/floor base stops glowing like described above. If that wasn't enough of a "trip" for you as for almost any new player/viewer, later on you'll have to traverse against a specific foreground object (which appears a lot throughout the level) which can hurt you as it light up in certain directions and shortly shine like crazy just the same as the checkerboard style flooring below and earlier on.
    Taking a perspective more so on the actual walkways and platforms surrounding this area. It makes it seem as though this is like an industrial complex with its spinning tops that you can land upon from plateau to plateau, to the bars you can navigate and hold onto across dangerous chasm's surrounding certain areas. Depending upon which path you've chosen as well this area can look like an abandoned workplace left to rot with the power somehow still on? Or it can look like a peaceful, more so refurbished area that was made for some grand opening once more. It's definitely "Wacky" and should definitely leave you with much to "Work" upon during a run-through.

               **==-Stardust Speedway-==**
    Not as eye opening in my eyes as the previous one; though, this one is usually the first one most recognized and called out by fans of this game. Mostly for the 3rd act due to a certain character you'll get to face off against finally; however, I think it'd be hardly fair if we only focus on that act so let's get a little preview of beforehand shall we? If you've ever had a desire to take a perspective amongst the stars above while being to make out faintly what the city lights and buildings looked like below then you'll definitely have a kick with this area . Also...If you're wondering if the levels are going to live up to the area's name YES! Since this one has "speedway" you'll be rushing  through loop de loops and blasting off from background objects just waiting to toss you and boost you all around this dark star striving sky.
    Also depending on a certain "route" you'll choose to take you can either end up in a speedway which is colorful and bright, allowing you to see the neatly lit houses/environments with the beautiful "stardust" sky from above..or you may have to run into a depressing dark ridden area with no views but destruction and sadness, having only the lightning from the blood red sky in our sights...with not even one bright light up in the sky to comfort us. Leaving us with only the dank and despair ridden clouds that cover the entire sky. Either which way this area can be beautiful in more than one way; however, I feel the only true way to experience its beauty is to race off its tracks yourself . But before this gets too long how about we "speed" our "way" onto the next part of this act! *Super peel's out into last segment*

    *Bounces across section from spring* Haha ^^ *speeds off towards robotic cage* Hopefully everything above can show you what a creative change in level design and animation quality this game as improved upon since the last 2 predecessors in this series. (like how sonic will spin around when running and hitting a spring at times) Very nice job SEGA and I'd say you've earned your well deserved 9 out of 10 here for graphical appeal!  *braces for upcoming event* Time to move on!

                    __--~~/Bringing some classical hits, on both sides of this hedgehog's hemisphere|--~~__

    Probably the area in which people's preferences can be the MOST diverse, and yes, even higher than gameplay in my quill ridden eyes. Whether you're a dun...dun dun Sonic BOOOM fan *shudders legs and slicks kicks looking at 3DS/Wii U game* or a Toot Toot Warrior beat critter, I'm sure we've all got our taste in which song is better for intros, ending's, or just levels/events in general. For those of you unfamiliar with this specific 90's game and only a prodigy of the normal classics then let me bring y'all up to my speed, keeds! Originally in Japan this game had one pumping soundtrack always making you feel alive; (as most people will tell you, and I agree) however, upon coming to the popular gaming culture region of the US...they decided to change/rework mostly all of the music found in the original to something new. This leads to the so called debates I stated above as such the scores for sound always range depending on the individual just like you viewers may not enjoy what I do here; *holds out gloved hand* but, wait...I'm not here to argue about who's right or wrong. Let's just say in this remake all sides shall be made mostly equal for 2 reasons, as in this example that I'll demonstrate, I'll use BOTH JP and US soundtracks even if one "may" get a single vote higher. What'd ya say we get right to it *pops in ring inside jukebox as music plays*

                Ooo...Tidal Tempest.ooO..oOo
    Wait wait WAAAIT!! *grabs onto tails and usernames of viewers* Just because this is a water level doesn't mean you always have to run away :/ haven't we learned after 3 years that it's not always the worst thing you can come across, plus the fact that it can even be enjoyable at times?! Looking at this area I guess you could say it has the familiar tone of  Labyrinth Zone from the original game on Genesis with obvious differences here and there, so you'd figure the tone of the music will be similar right? Well actually it's not really close it the original theme from the 1st game at all. Marching into the US version first, the best way I can feel to describe the vibe you'll get from the music is that it's a mix of relaxation from smooth jazz you'd hear during this games time period with the harmony of a subtle background singer. (oooo y-y-yeaaa...badada dede dum) This to me gives the area a nice calm feeling though with the reminder that there's an end goal you'll need to complete throughout. Swinging our echidna pal's hair to the side we move onto the JP version of this stage's theme, which is a bigger step away from similarity in terms of the American version.
    This theme has more of an ambiance feel to it while making you feel lost; although, it does give you a feeling of believing in your abilities to find a correct path out. Keeping mind that just like the graphics where the stage's 3rd (final act) design will vary depending on what "future" you'll achieve the music follows the same suit, going from a more upbeat town among the original or sinking deeper into a possible depression from the normal theme. Looking at this blue reviewer's idea of the area I'd say that the US version is actually superior and more fitting for a water stage compared to the other (which I feel fits more with a dark cave or something of a similar nature) so let's deck out another smooth track and see how it relates huh friends? *kicks jukebox with heel of kicks and switches to next track*

                Xx010=-Metallic Madness-!!(xX!!
    Alright here we...WOAH *dodges sawblade* this place is...AHH *runs around rotating spikes pillar* well I can tell you one thing...this area is a DEATHTRAP for sure! Being the final area of the game you can definitely expect some heart throbbing tunes which'll get you in the mood for the final battle up ahead correct? I can say for certain that "one" of these songs definitely fits that bill better than the other, and for the sake of novelty I'll do the US version again to start off with. In which....this is kind of what I meant by it varying from player to player as I feel that this version doesn't fit well this time around, why do I say that you ask? Remember how we stated it's the final battle up ahead so you'll be expecting/hoping for that adrenaline rush...sadly this version lacks that severely in my eyes as it just feels more like it's saying to you: "eh...let's put in a mechanical type tone and just leave it at that" which is okay on its own right still sounds fine for normal sonic means; although, when you take it back and compare it to the JP version it's sooorely lacking. (similarly to how JP didn't mix with the first example best)
    When you're thrown into this final area you're kicked off with a strong beat with a more so downish tone compared to the example above, with its lyrics making you wanna rush forward so you can settle the score quickly and make up the destruction cause to Little Planet's inhabitants. If that's not enough for you check this out *tosses them into act 3 with ruined future* Look at the destruction for the final place on this land that we couldn't help out! Still not enough? Well the song in this area is IMMENSILY creepy for a sonic game in my opinion check out the lyrics: "you can't do anything so don't even try. Get some help. Don't do what Sonic does. Sonic...dead or m-m-mine! you CAN'T tell this cool blue dude that those lyrics ain't creepy for this game! So....ugh...let's just m-move on the JP version I feel is superior here and what not s-so l-last example now *legs shake like jelly while running from music*

                **<3<3++Cosmic Eternity/Sonic Boom**<3<3++
    Now we've truly reached the end of it all the credits/ending theme to the game, (don't worry, I won't spoil it for y'all ) and for this final example to show the fairness and equality that I see with both soundtracks I chose the ending theme as I actually think both are great in their own ways. Even if I prefer one a little more than they're both equal in enjoyment to me unlike the level tracks above where one just blows the other away, so no worries here about that. For "Sonic Boom (End Ver)" you may expect it to be just a simple remix/rendition of the normal intro track you hear when waiting upon the title screen to switch over; though, to your surprise they actually did change basically the entire "theme" of the song and even some of the lyrics as well. To put this in a super sonic's perspective for each of you, this ending theme sounds more like an orchestral/symphony kind of feel with the instruments not being so rockin' and overpowering the vocalist. Instead we're left with a more calming pace of music (makes sense for an ending theme anyway) as you hear the singer emphasize more of lyrics with their peaceful voice as the background instruments still play and leave a nice jammin yet more so unwinding feel behind it, certainly sounds great and works great after having made it past your final trial!
    Moving onto the JP song "Cosmic Eternity" EVEN though I do prefer this ending it doesn't lower the US's track of enjoyment one bit, the only reason I feel this version sticks with me best for the ending theme more so has to do with its lyrics compared to Sanic Boom. (however...the mellow nature of Boom fits better for an ending) What I mean is that the US song uses more than half of the intros lyrics while the JP version is completely different...and...just take a listen: "Sonic booom, Sonic boooo-hoooo-oom, trouble keeps you running faster" VS "If you've gotta do something...believe in yourseeelf! HEY! Extraordinary things can happen, if you believe in yourseeelf". To me it seems like one REALLY makes you feel upbeat after your quest and makes you feel accomplish for the hard work you put in (specially starting with the peaceful calm tone like the US, then swiftly changing shortly after) while  the other one is more like having you on a coastal beach chair sipping some pink lemonade to ease out after that journey. Both songs are good by their own means and I'm not disputing either one as being bad or better than the other, it's all up to you with this melody!

    As we can see, due to the diverse soundtrack between regional releases the scoring can be average or rated very highly depending on what soundtrack you listen to and where you listen to it as well. (which is why we have 3 examples for ya) Since this game allows you to change between each version from act to act or stage or stage, I'd have to say that the music deserves the high rating of a 10 out of 10 for sound, due to the variety of melodies we're able to change between across each world and level!

             ****|_A highly addictive adventure, that will stick with you through many moments in time_/|****

    Looking upon this game with its musical charm and updated graphics in some senses, it makes you wonder how it may be more so addictive than previous titles or just very similar in the enjoyment factor of the past 2 entries in the series? It may make you laugh when thinking about it; but, one of the biggest things that I believe makes the game addictive has already been mentioned several times throughout the review. Which is the "Time Traveling" aspect of the game which affects your ending looks and perspective on the final area of each zone. There are many other features that make this game addictive in my eyes which we'll share here and a bit later on as well; although, I think it's best if we actually delved into some spots that make this specific entry special instead of rambling on, since we all know how fun/classic the genesis sonic games could be. (the speed and design) Let's get into it *gets shrunken down and mini-spin dashes ahead*

                >>>Time Travel>>>
    Funniest part about this to others, I'm sure this doesn't sound much like an interesting route to have to take in a Sonic game? I mean doesn't time travel need "time" to get started and stuff :/ our hedgehog's not about waiting, that's way unpast little planet cool. Unlike what your imagination may come up with though this feature actually works hand-in-glove for our spiky friend as you NEED to be going at fast speed and continually otherwise you'll end up floundering and cancelling the whole transportation completely! The thing that really factors into the whole transportation between time zones is the pure fact on just how much actually changes once you leave from one place to the next. Remember the graphics section as well as sound up above where I had stated that: "depending on which "route" you may take things can either be nice and even more so peaceful from before, or completely demolish and having havoc wrecked all around." and that rings true here making an addictive point for the fun you can have time traveling in this game. As when starting off inside the present world you're able to see the semi-peaceful and semi-destructive look of an area with badnicks all around with the beauty of the land still somewhat intact; however, if you were to swap between the past you'll notice what an area may look like when it was first created or shortly afterwards before the wildlife came into its habitat.
    Same thing if you were to swap into the future, only difference is that when doing so you'll get to see the rotten corruption of an area by Robotnik with the wildlife and just entire land being demolish from it's plant life into a cyborg tone you some insight and initiative to fix it before the end of the area. It makes the land addictive to travel through for the fact that the whole landscape changes with each time period you travel to, especially if you're able to accomplish a good future in the final zone :3 giving you that nice accomplishment and hope to move forward. (psst, the good future can be gained by going into the "Past" time and destroying a floating robotic monitor hidden in act 1 and 2 of each zone, and no longer needs to be accomplished after getting all Time Stones.) All I can say here is, if you want this hedgehog to give you a game with much to see, you'll definitely have a nice trip in this game with this time traveling wonder.

            (0)___Special Stages__-_(O)
    *stands behind signpost and jumps into gold ring* Ahh the nostalgic and iconic feel of racing towards the end as fast and with as many rings as possible, remembering to not miss/overshoot that jump at the end. What came next could be a mix of fear, happiness, or a heavy tense feeling depending upon which special stage your mind gravitated towards and how good you were at them. Funny thing both of the previous special stages always made me so tense and fearful (Sonic 1 spinning maze, and tube running in Sonic 2) while this one actually gets me excited and happy to play through it with only a slight amount of anxiety/worry due to the time limit. Unlike most of the special stages this one actually doesn't consist of getting a certain amount of things before a checkpoint or making it towards the end, including the fact that there's not much control over your character in the special stages.
    Instead this special stage format gives you probably the most control you've had over Sonic in the entire genesis/cd (Even GBA in my opinion) series, as you're able to slow down Sonic or speed him up and the way you turn is fluent and nice. As such it works well with your task of destroyed all of the 6 UFO's that are flying about the stage with only 100 seconds on the clock, if you're running low on time a special UFO will appear that'll ALWAYS give you at least 30 more seconds to try and defeat the stage. Due to the control being more fluent and not locked (like the 1st and 2nd's special stages) I can definitely say this brings the addictiveness level of this hedgehog's game up!

    Starting off the end of this segment I think it's fair to say that the addictiveness is surprisingly high for this game, specially with all the new aspects that it tries out. There are other things that make this game addictive; but, we shouldn't just talk about it all in one section so you'll see later on why it's very addictive yet also quite long in terms of playability and enjoyment. Spotting all the rings we've went through in this area and our time spent here I'd say that this addictiveness section earns a 9 out of 10 from me!

                (*)One's "time" bending story, which bashes others before it|)(|

    *standing ontop rocks tip* .....nnngh such a travesty to have to see all of this happen! All thanks to that vile jumping jelly bean of a doctor! *glimpse into last hour or so* ...onic....SONIC! Hm? *looks over shoulder and see's Rosy the Rascal (Amy)*'s just you Rose, was just looking over at that planet. You know it only really last one single month here on Mobius? *grabs her hand* Maybe we should go down and take a look at it see how well it's done since the last time it came overhead! ...HUH? What's happened?! The's all dissipated into somewhat of a desert like terrain Planet CHAINED to that rock foundation!! Something's not right here... *Goes over to observe formation* What could possibly be causing this to happen?...AHHHHH!! *Sonic turns around and see's a shadow figure take Rosy* ROOSSY!! Rrrgh! RRROOBBOTNIIK!! *goes back to present time as spin dashing down sloped terrain* Well it doesn't matter how things went down with the evil doctor, it's time to bring him down once more and lift this world from it's heavy chains! Let's put the madman in his right place and time, gonna need more than a Sonic Boom to save me as time is truly upon the essence now! *Sonic57 dashes up to Vizzed Planet* .....*red glowing eyes appear in darkness behind Sonic*

    This is honestly one of the more creative hedgehog stories and one of, if not, my most favorite story in terms of classic sonic games. Between the whole time aspect and the whole story being revolved BOTH around Mobius and a different planet as well? Makes it very interesting and more detailed than most games in the series where it's just the doc's gonna hurt your island where you live around, take him down and be king among heroes. So I'd say the story deserves a the great rating of a 10 out of 10! (especially since it was one of the only good games that came out on the CD system)

              ++()()Offering more to explore and unlock, that'll suck all your "time" away++()()

    We've already showed that this game does have more to offer than just the typical run your hero to the end of a stage as fast as possible and defeat the bad egg at the end. Between the time traveling and different futures you can try to gain during a playthrough of this game, already adding to the normal length of this game that shows that this game is already offering much to see for the early 1990's standards. To give you a basic run-down this game has around the same amount of levels/acts as Sonic 1 did which was 21 levels (22 if you count Final Zone) so this may not seem like much; although, if you take a look back and think about it there's a past and future for every 2 zones in an area. Perhaps if you warped early enough in the stage you could explore it entirly in that timezone and have it count as a stage (which would then be around 56 levels) yet, I think we'll just be fair and stick with the fact that it's 21 levels not counting the future/past/good future scenario. Also in case others are wondering, there are 7 Time Stones that you can collect in this game to get a good ending; yet, you won't get any special superpower like "Time" Sonic or anything like you would in Sonic 2 with Super Sonic sooo yeah just little warning there for you all. Now that the basics are out of the way, why don't we talk about some little extra's you might be able to find during your playthrough of this game!

    Since Sonic 2 we were introduced to some nice extra features such as the VS mode which pitted us against a friend in a race for the finish and we'd be presented with a new set of maps to show off each others abilities with the game, though not much was shown here besides that and a debug menu (with level select). So how does this game stack up upon its predecessor? It offers A LOT more that you can see and unlock from either easter eggs or by completing certain challenges/events, bringing us to the first example I'd like to give which is...
    The "D.A Garden" that you can unlock in this game is basically an upgraded sound test which gives you a replica tiny planet that you can move around/shrink/grow while listening to certain sounds found throughtout the game and it can be from normal stages to bad futures and good ones! The funniest thing to see when in this mode is how the background will also change its look depending on if you play a past/present/or even bad future song alongside moving the planet it's like you're creating a little cartoon animation at times ^^ with flickies and even Tails coming on the screen piloting the "Tornado" at times. It's quite a nice and relaxing mode from the typical gameplay and could especially be helpful if you wanna work on something with the music playing the background, though you intend to come back shortly afterwards. Onto the second example we have the "Visual Mode" (hmm the last one seems more like a great title for that xD) which is basically an extra mode which lets you watch the intro and ending to the game along some extra concept drawings an also the good ending with a few other options.
    After having completed the normal time trials (completing all acts and zones one at a time with end result time) you're able to unlock this do you unlock that mode? C'mon viewers! :/ I can't just be like Tails and pop out of nowhere to give you the answer. Speaking of that two-tailed wonder, that bring me to the final point which is that you're able to play through Sonic CD with Tails once you beat the game in this re-release quite a nice surprise and addition don't you think? Only bad thing for some of you is that he doesn't have his flying ability like in Sonic 3 (since this game came before that).

    I think this is a good spot to leave off our section on depth as there were other things I could talk about; but, really...then what would you have to find throughout this adventure? Between everything listed her and in the addictiveness segment as well, with the added fact that you can earn some meaningless achievements on your account. I'd say the depth for Sonic CD earns an 9 out of 10! Time for our last stride together!  *holds breath and jumps into water below*

              !!A game that starts with average difficulty, that raises based on choice!!

    nngh...mnn *pops out of water coughing* heh...huu...hoo! Never will adjust to staying under water for so long at times...either way we're on our final part of this quest and to be honest the difficulty here actually depends on whom is playing the game believe it or not. What I mean by that is if you just speed through the game normally and don't care so much about how the ending or levels play out, then the difficulty for you players would be the average hedgehog score of a 7 out of 10 since it's just the same as with the previous entries: "Make sure you don't drown, watch out for enemies, find boss's weak points". As such there wouldn't really be much to worry about that's been added if you go that route, which is why it got that score of a 7 compared to higher odds. Now if you were to be a completionist or just someone who likes to see everything in the best way possible (Good Futures and Ending) then the difficulty will jump up a bit for you players of this game, as there are faar more things you need to concern yourself with. Basically take all those worries up above and then add the following: "Make sure you have 50 rings at the end of each act, make sure you travel into the past successfully after finding its signpost, destroy the time capsules, and collect all 7 time stones" sure sounds like a lot more to deal with and that can cause some issues as we all know that the levels in the game ALWAYS end up progressing in difficulty as you move along.
    This alone may not seem like much of a punishment and that it should cause the difficulty to be raised; although, if you stop AT ALL during your run to teleport it will be cancelled and you'll have to find another past signpost. Meaning you can't get hit, can't hit a wall, can't stop accelerating, or reach the end of the level. I'd say that makes for a tough challenge throughout the game; but, there's also another point that I feel could be discussed which is that during a certain final act of an area you'll have to race against a well-known robot in the series...Metal Sonic. During this stage  there will be MANY hazards across the running path ahead as well as the fact that if you go too far behind you'll be insta-killed by robotnik's laser, and if you're too far ahead Metal shall use a hazardous move where he'll fly straight ahead and smash into you causing damage. Though you can't stay near him either as he'll use a static shock move which encompasses him in electricity and will hurt you if you're near. It can be pretty difficult trying to make it through this stage the first couple of times as he's a fast robot...yet its not impossible either so don't give up.

    Because of those examples above I think it's safe to say it does deserve a higher than average 8 out of 10 rating for difficulty, it's time to finish this now! *see's Robotnik's final machine ahead, jumps forward*

    *Explosions and foundation breakage occurs in background* nngh! Gotta...make it... *Runs with Pokefreak in hands* ...make it....out here! *jumps out of Little Planet holding Poke* haha yes! Little Planet has been restored and sent back where it belong for now, until it resumes its natural course. *looks ahead at vizzed board* Hope it was an enjoyable and happy ending to our adventure for you all; but, I've gotta speed keeds as I've spent enough "time traveling" around through this journey. As our hero will say "I'm outta here!" *dashes off towards board* ..... *planet's wishes and dreams bloom into flowers upon board*
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06-22-15 06:48 AM
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Well....this time I you all can call me crazy, and I'll have no excuse for it. Review turned out a lot longer than expect but hope it's still enjoyable. Took a while to make due to "moving" issues, so I hope it's still a good read. Hoping I can have my second one out by the night of the 25th at latest since I don't know when I may get the internet at our new place. Enjoy the first review for this month and hopefully I can give you all your second one on time too < 3 
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I see you finally got it done lol, even with the distractions. 

Its a well written review, The only problem is that the emotions appear in the text where you wanted symbols lol. 

I'll give a shot at the summons. 

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06-22-15 08:11 AM
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Very well done, Sonic! It was fun to read, and I was interested the whole time. It's impressive you got all this done while having so many distractions. lol

The only problem is whenever I search for Sonic Boom, I get this weird fangame some nerd made. It's not as good as this one at all.
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I wonder what the character limit on this thing is.

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sonicthehedgehog57 : As always, you've made a fantastic review. I'm glad I read it all before I had to go to work lol. I'm looking forward to seeing what review you've got planned next.

Barathemos : Thanks for fixing those summons. If you hadn't done that, I probably wouldn't have read this until later in the day lol.
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Barathemos : yeah was a tough on to get through and now I gotta finish the next one if 4 days if I want it up this month probably xD and the thing with the emotions only happen once from what I saw (Metallic Madness) the one by Difficulty was put there purposefully xP. Glad it was good though :3 even if it was....a lot...longer than expected XD.  Thanks for fixing that summons ALWAYS hate me.

A user of this : Glad you enjoyed it bro and yeah tried to make it as fun as possible due to the whole different time periods and normal sonic gameplay. Yeah I'm surprised I even finished it last night, but glad it's done and posted, hope the next one can be done in the same effort xD

gamerforlifeforever2 : Thanks glad it was great to read, and sorry about the failed summons. Those things never have liked me that much and have always usually been flops. Glad it was enjoyable for you all.
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