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10-21-19 08:07 PM

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03-25-15 09:50 AM
05-11-15 01:59 PM

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What is your favorite Kingdom Hearts character?


03-25-15 09:50 AM
laborsome1 is Offline
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My favorite is Riku, because he is kind of dark, and the way he holds the Keyblade is unique. 
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03-25-15 12:50 PM
Zlinqx is Offline
Link | ID: 1150062 | 106 Words

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Roxas because unlike Sora he seems to have somewhat more of a personality and is more interesting as a character, while Sora is basically for the most part just your average goody two shoes chosen one.


Axel because I felt he was a really interesting character and just a complete badass, I love that scene where he kills Vexen. And I really did feel bad for him after Roxas left the organization and how he was trying to find him, his death scene is one of the saddest scenes in the franchise IMO.


Donald because... Well how could anyone not love Donald?
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03-25-15 01:11 PM
F. Starr is Offline
Link | ID: 1150068 | 78 Words

F. Starr
Level: 36

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I would say my favorite was Saïx, the Luna Diviner. I love the constant calm he always has, and yet they label him the Berserker for his battle rage. Which is kind of perfect for your Second in Command, really. Always makes wise decisions, but when it comes to fighting, smash your enemies with a giant sword.

I also really liked Xaldin, not really for his story or personality, but those Lances, Lindworm. Thems is sexy.
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04-16-15 06:13 PM
gamerforlifeforever is Offline
Link | ID: 1159226 | 29 Words

Level: 159

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My favorite Kingdom Hearts character would have to be Riku because I think his personality is more interesting than Sora's. I like Sora to but I think Riku's cooler.
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04-16-15 08:40 PM
janus is Online
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I've only played the first game so my knowledge of the franchise is limited.

Nevertheless, I think I will go with... Donald Duck. I like his short temper and whatever the environment he always fits well. Granted, he's not as strong as Sora or as agile as Goofy, but he's still the best.
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The unknown

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04-19-15 10:06 AM
ThanatosUnraveld is Offline
Link | ID: 1160469 | 210 Words

Level: 22

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I originally liked Riku until he (spoilers for someone whose never played kingdom hearts but if you haven't why are you here in the first place?) turned evil in KH 1 just because he was jelly that Sora made some friends in the process of trying to find Riku and Kairi. I think it would have to be a toss up of Marluxia and Axel i like Marluxia because i find him to be one of the more unique characters from the Organisation 13 just because of his hair and ya i know a lot of members have crazy hair colors but i find his pink hair to be interesting and i like his scythe because well it looks cool, he also reminds me of  Byakuya from Bleach you know the flower pedal attacks. I Like Axel because well everyone does i did like Reno from FF 7 and Axel was based off him so that's cool I also like his voice, for some reason (maybe its just me but his voice actor has a slight slur in it) I also like how hes a fire user I know not unique but at least he wont BURN out to fast (har har har har) and also Sea salt Ice cream. 
i mean i like to drink out of cups just like any other panda but sometimes drinking Sunny D out of a jock strap is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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04-30-15 05:19 AM
OrdannonsX is Offline
Link | ID: 1164664 | 110 Words

Level: 47

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Zlinqx : Whoa, really? TBH, I actually think Roxas is the one who doesn't have much of a personality at all, as opposed to Sora, who always steps up for his friends and others who needs them.

As a teenager, Sora had always been a role model of mine. At least, he was always someone I aspired to be. Just overall a really nice guy, who's always ready to help others. Yeah, Sora is definitely my favourite character. People complain about him being, and I quote DiZ "Too nice for his own good", but I love Sora for it. As far as video game role models go, Sora is my hero.
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04-30-15 10:03 AM
cnw64 is Offline
Link | ID: 1164711 | 60 Words

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Riku would be my favorite character I always thought he was super cool when I was younger, I still think he is. I was overjoyed that you get to play as him in Dream Drop Distance. I also like Xemnas, I don't really know why though. Maybe it's the way he talks ? His words always felt empowering to me.
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04-30-15 10:46 AM
Zlinqx is Offline
Link | ID: 1164724 | 185 Words

Level: 111

POSTS: 1159/4552
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LVL EXP: 14674057
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OrdannonsX : Sora is pretty one dimensional, he simply always does whatever he thinks will help his friends sure that can make him into a role model and somebody to look up to but the fact stands as a character he isn't very interesting. And honestly a bit idiotic at times since he doesn't really think much about things and people can pretty easily take advantage of him and trick him.

The reason I liked Roxas a lot was because of 358/2 days.

358/2 Days spoilers ahead

The reason I liked him a lot in 358/2 days, because that's mainly where his personality shows (haven't played DDD) at the beginning of the game he starts not having much of personality being kind of like a robot but as he progresses through the game and he meets Axel and Xion it slowly starts to develop and he starts questioning what the organization is doing he starts really caring about his friends, Which made me really symphatize with his struggle at the end (as well as Axel) as he slowly started to lose his memories about Xion .

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05-11-15 01:59 PM
HydraDragon50000 is Offline
Link | ID: 1167304 | 25 Words

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I love Roxas, mostly because of his past, and sometimes you see him with two key blades, Riku is cool, but Roxas is even cooler.
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