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01-02-15 08:49 PM
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Yoshi's Island in 3D

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01-02-15 08:49 PM
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Time for another review from The IB

This review is on game is for the 3DS called Yoshi’s New Island, this game was released on March 14th, 2014, and it’s the 3rd game in the Yoshi’s Island series. This game in the timeline has taken place between the events of Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island and Yoshi’s Island DS. Yoshi’s New Island brings back that 1995 style we all knew with Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island, with a lot new twists and turns with newer and returning enemies, you also get the same controls and nearly the same levels from the original games with a 3D effect with a new adventure Mario will be touring with Yoshi to reunite with his brother Luigi and his true parents. Well, let’s go on with the Yoshi’s New Island review.



Ok, let me get started with the graphics, and personally, I think the graphics don’t look that all great, and yeah, I know it’s a HD handheld, but it doesn’t mean to have the settings like a little more “babyish” Sure, I know that Mario is a baby and all of that and I know Nintendo wants to make a theme surrounding that, which I am indeed cool with and I have no problem with, but I think the graphics need a little adjusting, and it’s not that it looks babyish, but also, I think to my point of view, the graphics does seem a little too blurry, like it isn’t sharp enough, or even have like an outline on the sprites which I don’t mind, but they are people out there that much want the lines and others don’t really care about it, and I am one of those guys (don’t really care about the lines). So, I think in a way, I think Nintendo could improve on this a little bit, like making it something we all are familiar with in the Super Nintendo and Nintendo DS versions, that would be great. That’s all I got to say about the graphics. If you factor with switching to the 3D mode, it does look a lot more better, but still, if the graphics were a little bit more sharper, this would make a great game, well, regarding the graphics.

I will give this a 7 out of 10. Like I said I think a lot more could have been done with this regarding the graphics, like maybe updating them to look a little bit closer to the Super Nintendo version, which would be a little more amazing.


Sound / Music..

Let me start with the music first, like another thing that isn’t really to par, it’s the music. Alright, I think the music in this game is alright and all, but to my ears, the really isn’t too much to the gamer that wants to play this, well, maybe the younger people like kids and maybe females, but I think that’s mostly it though, I think if they had like a little bit of music from the Super Nintendo days, and heck, even give it a little bit of a modern twist, it still wouldn’t be that bad (as long they didn’t screw it up though. So, I think the music kinda killed it, but not really a whole lot though. But hey, they might be some people that might like the music in this game, as for me, I’m not too interested in the music, but hey, it’s not really the music that makes the game, it’s the way the game is played which plays alright.

As for the sound effects, I don’t think the sound effects isn’t that bad at all, and if you listen to it, I think they took at what they used in the Nintendo DS version and ported into the 3DS version which I think, I think it’s pretty alright, you know what I mean. So, for the sound effects, it does make up from a pretty bad music. Normally, the music always out shadows the sound effects, but this time, it is the other way around, the sound effects seem a little better, but that might just be my opinion though.

So, with what I have said about the Sound and Music, I will go ahead and give this an 8 out of 10, I think the Music ended killing the score from being 10 because the music wasn’t all that great, but the sound effects does make it up though, but not a whole lot, so that’s why I gave it an 8.


Addiction Level..

Meh, it is kinda addicting and kinda not, I think personally, I think it’s a little bit more addicting than the Nintendo DS version, but it’s not addicting than the Super Nintendo version, but mostly if you got a 3DS handheld and you like the Yoshi series, more in likely this is the game you’ll be playing, although it’s not too addicting, but you might be playing this game for quite awhile though, especially if you’re a Yoshi fan. If you’re like one of those people that likes to 100% complete things, this game will be a little bit addicting to play and it will make you not put your 3DS down, so in reality, it really depends on the player playing the game, some might find this addicting and others night not find it too addicting, as to me, it’s a little more addicting than the DS, but less addicting than the Super Nintendo.

With that all said, I will give this an 8 out of 10, it’s a little addicting, but I think if a few changed were made like I’ll mention in the Depth section of this review, I think that the score would be a whole lot higher.


The Storyline..

The storyline event took place sometime between Super Mario World 2 Yoshi’s Island and Yoshi’s Island. The story went that after the events of SMW 2, the Stork realized that they gave Baby Mario and Baby Luigi to the wrong people, and after this mistake the Stork has made, he went back to get Mario and Luigi and correct the mistake, until Kamek got revenge from defeating Bowser in the previous game and has taken the babies again, but like last time, Kamek accidently drops Mario again, and the Yoshies has seen Mario dropped on the island yet again and they decided to do what they did last time. Went ahead and went on their adventure in Yoshi Island yet again traveling around the island in search for his baby brother again and once again, defeat Baby Bowser again, and then once done, the Stork finally takes the babies to the right parents.

So, with that said, I am going to give the storyline part of Yoshi’s New Island a 6 out of 10, I think the real reason, I think to my point of view, the storyline of the game seems a little bland versus the other 2 Yoshi games, and I think they could of done better with the story, but who am I kidding.



For the Depth, ok, I do have to admit, it does have a little bit more stuff than they have in the Nintendo DS version, but prior to the game’s release, I was hoping that they would bring back all of the power-ups from the Super Nintendo, but I was half right, half of the power-ups came back like the Green, Red, Blue Watermelons, but most of them never made it which was quite a downer, but other than the power-ups, I think this is a pretty decent game regarding of all the levels and worlds and how much content is in each of those levels, and with the good amount of enemies (new and returning enemies), and the 6 minigames you can unlock by collecting 30 gold coins (by collecting all 5 flowers and landing on one of the 5 flowers at the end). So, I think this game does have a bit of content in the game, not a whole lot when it comes to power-ups, but as of everything else, I think this game has a good amount of stuff nonetheless.

Ok, as for the details in this game, I do have to give this game an 8 out of 10. The lack of power-ups killed the score for Depth, but as of everything else, I think this makes the score of 8 a pretty good score for the Depth of the game.


Difficulty / Gameplay..

I think both the Difficulty and the Gameplay saved this game to be a really bad game, because after all the bland Storyline, Music, and Graphics and not much Depth, I think with the difficulty, it does take the difficulty that is from the original Super Mario World 3 Yoshi’s Island game into Yoshi’s New Island, it has like the same amount of difficulty and despite not having as much power-ups than in the original Super Nintendo game (like I mentioned above in the Depths), this game has still got a decent amount of difficulty I do got to say.

As for the Gameplay, I think all and all, the gameplay does bring back to what we knew back in both the Super Nintendo version and the DS version, such as defeating by making and throwing eggs at them, stomping on some of them (but be careful, some enemies will hit you if you try stomping on them), or using a Watermelon to spit seeds, ice, or fire at your foes to defeat them. Plus you got 6 bosses to defeat in each world, plus Kamek wants to fight you halfway through the world in the towers. So, basically, it takes to what you know from the past 2 Yoshi games and put it into this game which I think personally is what makes this game pretty alright.

So, with the Difficulty and Gameplay said, I have to give this game an 8 out of 10, the gameplay, despite everything else, the gameplay was still pretty alright, it hasn’t changed from the Super Nintendo and the Nintendo DS versions which is a good thing I do got to say. For the difficulty, it isn’t really that hard at all, the enemies and even the bosses aren’t too difficult to beat, so personally, I think this saved the game from being a bad game in the series.



Overall, I think the game is pretty alright, but still I think a whole lot could have been done though. I think both the music and the graphics did end up bombing this game and the lack of power-ups also affected this game’s rating, but personally, I think the Difficulty and the Gameplay, plus the sound effects, they both have made up the flaws that the graphics and the music has had with the game. Plus even with the graphics and the music, I still think this is an alright game though, it is still a playable game though, and if the graphics and the music were a little better, that would really made this game to be one of the top games for the 3DS, so I think that they could be a little bit of some fixing with this game I do like to see in a future Yoshi’s Island game, like if the power-ups returned, that would make up not appearing in this and the DS games. But hey, it’s really something to look into in the future; we’ll see if this can happen.

For the final score, I would give this an 8.5 out of 10, this game is pretty alright, but I think a lot of work could have been done to this game, but to my point of view, I would still play this game. What I would say, if you like Yoshi and you have a 3DS, you can try out this game, this is a pretty decent game to try out, it might not be the best game out there, but it is quite a fun and interesting game to play on the 3DS. Give it a try.

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