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12-14-19 06:08 PM

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02-09-14 10:41 AM
02-09-14 10:41 AM

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The legend of greenluigi magic flute of wind chapter 5


02-09-14 10:41 AM
greenluigi is Offline
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The legend of
greenluigi magic flute of wind chapter 5:
Magma town
Me, NFK and MMX decided
to look for the magical pearls. I took my pearl map I said: First of all let’s
get the ruby pearl!                 NintendoFanKimmy
pointed her finger at the map, she pointed at magma town: the nearest town to
get the ruby pearl. Mega Mewtwo X said: So let’s get to magma town then! We took
the route to get to magma town, when we were running, I was playing my flute to
play the “wind’s requiem” to make the wind to go to the north like that we can
get to magma town fast. NFK said: woah green! You sure play well on that flute!
We can get there in no time! We arrived in a flash! In magma town the weather
was always hot that we need it to drink water! MMX said: HOT!!!! LET’S GO GET
SOME DRINK!!!! We went to the drink shop and we drank some water, pineapple
juice, orange juice and apple juice. Kimmy said: yum! The apple juice is very
yummy! I said: yeah the pineapple juice is my favorite kind of juice! Mega
Mewtwo X said: I drank water and orange juice! I said: anyways let’s investigate
the town and ask people if they know about the ruby pearl! We left the shop and
search for people if they know about the ruby pearl…
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