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02-18-20 06:09 PM

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01-05-14 07:57 PM
01-24-14 01:41 PM

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Which state of music is your favorite?

Which state of music is your favorite? What was the decade your favorite music came out?
Retro (I.E: 60's, 80's, etc.)
25.0%, 3 votes
Current (2000 to Now)
75.0%, 9 votes
Multi-voting is disabled

01-05-14 07:57 PM
GameBoy1023 is Offline
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So, Since all the retro games are here on vizzed, I think it's time to ask a "Retro or new question"
Which state of music is your favorite?

For me, It's Current. I'm not that crazy for retro music.
I like everything that the new stuff has to offer.

What decade of music is your favorite?
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01-05-14 08:05 PM
EideticMemory is Offline
Link | ID: 954347 | 41 Words

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There are many, many retro songs that I enjoy, but most of my playlist of favorite songs were released post-2000. I voted "Current".

Panic! At the Disco and Imagine Dragons are two of my favorite bands and they are both current.
Vizzed Elite

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Location: North Carolina, USA
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01-05-14 08:31 PM
tgags123 is Offline
Link | ID: 954357 | 43 Words

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I say Current. I am not really a fan of any music that is older than the 90's, with the exception of Bon Jovi. My favorite bands are Imagine Dragons, Fall Out Boy, and Maroon 5, which all fall into the "Current" category.
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01-06-14 09:28 AM
Barathemos is Offline
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I would say that the current (older current) music is better. I liked all of the old green day and those kind of songs, and I like a couple of the new songs. And that mean really really new.
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01-07-14 04:09 PM
zanderlex is Offline
Link | ID: 956407 | 29 Words

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Level: 235

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I will go with current music because most of my favorite songs came out during this period and there were just a handful of old songs that I liked.

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01-08-14 04:36 AM
Bintsy is Offline
Link | ID: 956988 | 57 Words

Level: 119

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CP: 11028.4
VIZ: 62547

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I haven't liked a lot of the retro music.. I do enjoy some bands from the old days but not to many. I really like 2000+ music the most.. I grew up in it and that is why I don't like older music. I'm not saying it's bad but I like upbeat and to date music.
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01-10-14 06:50 AM
NintendoFan0513 is Offline
Link | ID: 958116 | 55 Words

Level: 39

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Likes: 1  Dislikes: 0
To me, I think older music (from about the late 50s to late 80s) is the best. There isn't much in the way of newer music that I enjoy listening to, but that's alright with me. I know there's some good bands and singers nowadays, but I still say that older music is my favourite.
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01-10-14 02:37 PM
Fishergirl7 is Offline
Link | ID: 958348 | 60 Words

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I really love a lot of music that came out in the 80's and 90's. I grew up listening to that stuff and still listen to it every now and again. I voted for current music however. Taylor Swift is my all time favourite musical artist and pretty much all I listen to, so I had to go with that. 
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01-10-14 02:41 PM
Chindogu is Offline
Link | ID: 958351 | 17 Words

Level: 64

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Current, every one I listen to (with the exception of Daft Punk) started making music after 2000.
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01-10-14 02:44 PM
MechaMento is Offline
Link | ID: 958357 | 125 Words

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The 90's was the peak of electronic, dance and big beat music. You had Fatboy Slim, Orbital, The Future Sound of London and my favourite the Chemical Brothers.
In 1997 The Chemical Brothers managed to get two Singles to Number one in the UK, I think they got somewhere in the 30's in the USA charts. Those songs were Block Rockin' Beats and my favourite of the 2 Setting Sun.
Their first 3 albums were amazing I really suggest you all check out them, they are...

Exit Planet Dust (containing 2 hits and 1 on the B-side)
Dig Your Own Hole (containing 2 Number ones and another chart hit)
Surrender (The album was full of chart hits though the peak was only 3 in UK)
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01-18-14 03:25 PM
xxdougiexxfreshx is Offline
Link | ID: 963067 | 15 Words

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I am more of Retro guy love my 90s the best out of them all
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01-24-14 01:41 PM
deggle is Offline
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2000 to now because of the music the bands make like MAE and the Hippos i love their songs
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