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02-17-20 09:34 PM

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Should I drop my Math class or stick with it.
I am failing, what should I do?
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11-06-13 07:37 PM
01-02-14 10:58 PM

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Should I drop my Math class or stick with it.


11-06-13 07:37 PM
Android89 is Offline
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I am currently taking Math 55A(Intermediate Algebra) and I am failing, I don't know what happened to my first test but I bombed real hard on it; and I just got my second test back, got a 68% which is better but still not good. I asked my teacher after class of what my chances of passing is, he pretty much said that I have a very slim chance of passing, he said I need at-least a 78% on both tests just to have a chance to pass. It is frustrating, I am not sure what to do, stay and have a good chance to fail, or drop it. I have always had a hard time in math, but whats worst in this class is that tests are 80% of your grade, there is no homework, no attendance,and no curve. I am a horrible test taker, I have test anxiety, like with this test I went to all my classes, did homework, did PreTest, felt confident, looked easy, but the minute I get the test I just loose it. Whats frustrating about this too is I have been in my community college since 2008, so I am getting kind of tired of it, I just want my AA and be done with it( I am not transferring),if I pass the class I only need a year left. With that I feel inclined to at-least try to pass it, but with such odds stacked against me, I just don't know. I made an appointment to see my counselor on Wednesday, but I was wondering what you guys think I should do, I would appreciate advice.( P.S Math is the only subject I cant get an A or B in).

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11-06-13 07:54 PM
Sidewinder is Offline
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Android89 :  

Hey there! Don't lose confidence. That's usually a killer. Don't go into tests with that kind of mentality...try to take every test without any other distraction...don't think about failing the class and how the odds are stacked against you. Stay calm with it.

Obviously, there's studying. Maybe the way you study isn't working out, so try a new method. Try mock tests at home. Ask someone to make some questions up, and give them to you to take. 

I know you know this, but just go over your work...check it. It's an absolute killer to make small mistakes that you know you should have got right. 

Nothing's impossible bro, I'll even pray for you to pass those tests. And hopefully you do  

Good luck.
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11-06-13 08:20 PM
SacredShadow is Offline
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Yeah I agree with sidewinder, maybe t is studying, maybe something just isn't clicking or the way you are studying just really isn't working out to well and you need to try a new method if you want to do well. 

I would study the material and have someone quiz you or go over the material with you to make sure that you know it. And like sidewinder said, do your best to ensure that you don't make little silly mistakes that will cost you points that add up and lower your score. I never liked math much myself and honestly I think it is perhaps my weakest subject. The best thing I can tell you to do is just power through it and try a different method of studying. 

I think once you adopt a more efficient study method then yo will do better in understanding the material at hand and you will pass. I have faith in you man, good luck on your future tests. 
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11-06-13 08:27 PM
rcarter2 is Offline
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It is frustrating. But in this case, you need to look past the frustration and think about the specifics. I assume that this late in the semester, you won't get a tuition refund for dropping the class. If that is the case, no matter what, you lose that money (since failing means you have to retake it anyway). The big con of sticking with the class is if you fail, it will really hurt your GPA. But if your Community College is like most colleges, if you retake a class, the grade you get the second time around replaces the one before. So that really isn't a big deal unless you have scholarships that need you to have a high enough GPA every year. If that is the case, drop it. If not, keep at it. Because at the very least, you can at least be there to get SOME exposure to working with the everything in the class. Having that little bit of experience will make it easier to pick up on when you go through it again the next time you take it. I know it is frustrating to take it knowing passing isn't so likely. But now you got to do what will make it easier to pick up when you take it again. Nothing better than to at least be familiar with the content.

Also, I do understand legitimate test anxiety. I have suffered that since high school. I can explain everything we have gone over in he class, use it in real life example, etc. But the moment it is in the form of a formal test, I lose it. When the test is over, I can answer any of those questions again. It is frustrating. And I know that people telling you to just be calm doesn't really help. It isn't just a matter of panicking or psyching yourself out from fear of tests or fear of failing. It is a matter of for some reason, it is like the part of your brain that knows that stuff no longer exists until after the test is over. It sucks. For me, I had to ask my college professors to give me tests from previous years every time. For me, when I did that, it was no longer a matter of recalling the content. It was like memorizing specific questions and answers. Doesn't work for everyone, but that was what I had to do. Yes, it was more work, but my college professors were more than happy to help me work around my problem with tests.
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(edited by rcarter2 on 11-06-13 08:36 PM)     Post Rating: 1   Liked By: thenumberone,

11-06-13 11:52 PM
Uzar is Offline
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You should stick with it. Math becomes very easy once you study it, and get into the rhythm of it. I always have anxiety going into tests also, but don't think you'll fail, you'll only do worse thinking that way. You should get a tutor, or a friend who's good with math, they would help you. Maybe you could even ask your teacher for extra help!
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11-07-13 03:20 PM
Black Bot is Offline
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Android89 : Hey, calm down a bit. I think you should stick with it. Study as hard as you could and fight! I know Algebra isn't hard, but you got to keep trying and trying! Just try and you may pass. It doesn't matter if you passed or not, at least you tried. But try your best on both of the tests!

I get worried sometimes, actually. But I handled it. You should be able to do it.
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11-13-13 07:23 PM
Android89 is Offline
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Hey guys thank you for the comments, I went to see my councilor today and decided that I will stick with it and try to pass the class. So again thank for the replies. This thread can now be closed if need be.   

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11-23-13 06:15 AM
12.98D is Offline
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ehhhh math is such pain.... 
i will had drop on it .... i really don't know what to say....but hope you pass....

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01-02-14 01:33 PM
deggle is Offline
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Android89 : hey its alright you will find a chapter you can beat i struggling with algerbra too but this chapter they are teaching i really got into and i almost beat all the nerds in the class. in pre-algerbra i got symatry better then others and you will egt somthing better then they wiil so dont give up buddy
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01-02-14 10:58 PM
Bintsy is Offline
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If I were you I would drop it and take another class .. I have never been good in math and it is pretty horrible when you set me in front of a crazy ton of problems.. although if you enjoyed it I would suggest staying in the class maybe asking for a bit of guidance or tutoring and you can pull through!

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