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01-27-20 05:30 AM

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Pokemon Reviews:Gligar
Welcome to the pokemon reviews this time i am reviewing a servant of Dracula...screw twilight
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10-12-13 08:02 PM
10-20-13 09:22 PM

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Pokemon Reviews:Gligar


10-12-13 08:02 PM
relinquish022 is Offline
Link | ID: 904418 | 1373 Words

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Welcome my internet fans to the pokemon reviews today i am looking at one of my favorite pokemon ever gligar....but for some reason i did not put it in awesome month but anyway enough rambling its time to get this review started (P i am not reviewing Gliscor thats going to be for a later review)


This thing starts off with poison sting..better than leech life

Okay at level 4 we get sand attack,this could be useful but dont waste your time by using it 

At level 7 we get harden,not that useful but it help you sometimes 

At level 10 we get a rather DARK MOVE...yeah my girlfriend didn't like it either anyway we get a move known as knock off,this move has a base attack damage of 20 and has 100% accuracy also this move steal the targets item,this move is so stupid but the funny thing is that this is the best move we have right now so take it 

Okay at level 13 we get quick attack,this move has a base attack damage of 40 and has 100% accuracy also this move almost always hit first,good move take it done.

Now at level 16 we get one of my favorite moves fury cutter,this move has a base attack damage of 20 and has 90% accuracy also the damage of fury cutter increases based on how many times you used the move in a row,it will increase from 20-40-60-80 and so on and so on until it gets to a max 160,as much as i love this move its not for everyone and and its not for every pokemon so take it if you want but just remember you need to have a certain touch.

At level 19 we get a dark type move known as faint attack,this dark type move has a base attack damage of 60 and has near perfect accuracy,good move take it done

Alright at level 22 we get acrobatics this move has a base attack damage of 55 and has 100% accuracy also this moves power is doubled if you are not holding an item,this is a good move but i suggest you do not hold an item because this move will be SO powerful that you can blow away most enemies.

Now at level 27 we get slash,this normal type move has a base attack damage of 70 and has 100% accuracy also this move has a increased critical hit ratio,one of my favorite moves take it done.

Okay at level 30 we get U-turn this bug type move has a base attack damage of 70 and has 100% accuracy also after this moved is used the user switches out the pokemon,great move take it 

Now at level 35 we get

At level 40 we get x scissor this bug type move has a base attack damage of 80 and has 100% accuracy,GREAT move take it done 

Alright at level 45 we get sky uppercut this flying type move has a base attack damage of 85 and has 90% accuracy,This is a pretty good move take it done

At level 50 we get the move that the competitive community has such a lust for known as sword dance this move raises the users attack stat by 2 stages,great move take it but use it sparingly and only when you need it,also be sure to have a healing item on your pokemon incase it takes any damage

At level 55 we get one of the STUPIDEST MOVES EVER known as GUILLOTINE this move will always result in a one hit K.O IF it hits the bad part is that this move has completely RANDOM accuracy it can be 1% 84% 49% it does not care dont take it because its a waste 


Alright this things first stat is its health at 65 which is..decent its not really that good but its not terrible,next we have its attack at 75 which for some reason is not this Pokemons even though it really really REALLY needs to be,other than that this is a good stat so be sure to make good use of it,alright this things highest stat is and i think this stat should have been switched with its attack stat in fact...does anyone else think that was the original idea and they just changed it at the last minute?...maybe i am over thinking the point is this is a good stat and you will be able to take a few hits because of it,alright now we have this things lowest stat which is its special sucks but hey its the lowest thing we got and its a fair trade so who cares,now we have this things special defense which is at 65 along with its health and everything i said about the health..just apply it here,finally we have things last stat at 85 which is its speed and this is not to bad i are really fast when you are using this pokemon so once again this is a very good stat make good use of it,alright this thing has 2 weaknesses and bravo to this pokemon most of this thing is mediocre but this takes the cake i mean only 2 weaknesses...and there just water and ice those are the only 2 things that can harm you to an extreme extent so...not much else to say except this is great

TMS AND HMS pun...go

X scissor 

Alright this does have a purpose and a strategy,roost is there to heal you in case you take any damage,Earthquake is there to be your main attack move its not used to protect you from a certain type its just used to cut Targets down,x scissor is there to get rid of grass types or any type that is weak to bug,and dig is there not for attacking but to get away from something that can damage you so if you predict that something bad might happen use this move and get out of there,i think this is one of the best sets i have ever made but still if you guys have any sets or any ideas just tell me in a reply to this thread or pm me 


Alrighty this thing is...okay in gyms it really is i mean it this is one of the greatest pokemon i have ever had to test in gyms,its so fast and so deadly that you can get rid of the target before they even know what hit them but its going to have some trouble early on in the game so just be aware of that,your rival is going to be a bit of a challenge but it will still be a breeze once you get more powerful still you might need a back up team because stuff can get rough from time to time still you can ultimately pull through,trainers are nothing...NOTHING,as for the elite its not going to work out that well and really this guy is just deadweight there,GLISCOR however is going to be useful there but thats a different story for a different time

Final thoughts;Well...pretty good this is a good pokemon for a flying type and a good pokemon in general it has its ups and its downs but its still a decent addition to your party it has a good moveset somewhat odd but still decent stats okay tms and its good for gyms later in the game all in all i would recommend this pokemon to alot of people later on in the game but early on its going to be a hassle to train this thing but still if you train it good enough and learn how to use it effectively he will make a worthy edition to your team...just not the elite 4

Final rating:3.5/5

Fun fact:I have an M1 Garand hanging up in my house and it functions but i almost never use it because i am not that big of a gun guy...its still pretty cool to have it though XD plus the ammo for it is VERY expensive because i guess some people collect it for some reason 

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10-20-13 09:22 PM
Sidewinder is Offline
Link | ID: 911392 | 120 Words

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Gliscor is a great Pokemon to use in later generations. 3rd gen, it was okay. But now, with some additions like Roost, Gliscor has been a bit reinforced now. 

Roost provides help for defenses. Gliscor doesn't have the greatest defenses, so Roost is there to help provide support. 

Gliscor is a physical Pokemon, so go ahead for a STAB attack.


Can't really beat Earthquake...always a great Ground STAB attack. 

One thing to watch for is the Ice factor. 4x damage from Ice...stay away from them. 

Gliscor is a nice addition for a team lacking a ground type...of course, Gliscor cannot compare to a Garchomp or Flygon, but if you can't a hold on those two, go for a Gliscor.
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