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09-18-19 02:15 AM

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09-21-13 07:37 AM
10-02-13 07:20 PM

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iPhone 5c, iPhone 5s


09-21-13 07:37 AM
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So, yesterday was the release of the awaited iPhone 5s. The Friday before yesterday came the iPhone 5c. 

The iPhone 5s is a newer model of the iPhone 5. For one, the most talked about feature is the new fingerprint scanner on the home button. Instead of having to use the pass code when turning on your phone and when buying apps.
The next feature is the A7 chip. It will give you a much better gaming experience on the 5s...2x faster than the models with A6 chips. iOS7 is optimized for the A7 chip, making it that much more faster. 
The next feature is the iSight camera. You can take slow-mo pictures, burst shot pictures, and much more.
There are some more features, like built-in apps, and all that stuff. 
If you want a more in-depth look at it, go to the website itself. 

The 5c on the other hand is basically the 5. Not much difference other than some small tech changes, like iOS7 built in, etc. The only major difference is the plastic cover. That's it. Supposedly it is more "vivid, and colorful", yet it really isn't that much. Of course, it is cheaper, with a buy upfront of $99 (not including phone plans, contracts, etc.)

So, all I am asking is who got one? Whether it be the 5s or 5c, tell us your experience with it!
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09-21-13 08:20 AM
Divine Aurora is Offline
Link | ID: 887807 | 85 Words

Divine Aurora
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Well I don't have a iPhone 5c and to be honest I don't want one. Nothing really changes when apple releases new products, the thumb print scanner is "new" to the iPhone, but I think the galaxy or some other droid had it before the iPhone. I can update to ios7 on mostly any of my other apple products and there is only a slight difference between ios 6.1.3 and ios7 also making the phone plastic  just kills the appeal of the phone to me.
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09-21-13 09:47 AM
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Honestly, I think Apple products are a scam and they don't upgrade anything except for maybe the screen size the finger print identification. People just pay for the brand, and don't see any other phone in the market. Android has honestly upgraded a lot of things over the years, but IPhone users don't see that. It's a shame too because Android is usually less expensive than the IPhone.
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09-21-13 11:11 AM
tgags123 is Offline
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TreasurePlanet23 : I agree with you 100%

I hate iPhones. Samsung Galaxy is the best phone out there. It is a lot more customizable, bigger screen, widgets, more free apps, free music, etc.
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Post Rating: 1   Liked By: TreasurePlanet23,

09-23-13 07:35 PM
B619ook is Offline
Link | ID: 889511 | 62 Words

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Well apple is a great company and all and the way the sold 9 million phones in a day was phenomenal, I'm still not buying because one, everyone is just waiting there butts of just to get one and two I already bought a phone before the Iphone 5c and 5s came out so looks like I'm out of money right now.
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Post Rating: 1   Liked By: SheLikesCloth,

09-23-13 08:08 PM
SheLikesCloth is Offline
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I'm much more excited for the iPad Mini 2. I'm much more gaming oriented, and this thing will be blazing fast. I need to replace my 4th Gen iPod Touch soon as well.
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10-01-13 11:24 PM
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I do like to get the new iPhone 5c/5s, but the only disadvantage I got with apple-related products is that they are extremely expensive to get, but other than that, I would like to get one though.
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10-01-13 11:28 PM
diabeticzach is Offline
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Sidewinder : I don't like apple products but i can tell you that the finger print reader was hacked with in two hours of release and then when they fixed that exploit they hacked again in 90 minutes which is insane but if you like your flashy phone with mp4 thats on you I got a laptop for music and games and such
Vizzards United

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10-02-13 04:27 PM
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Black Bot
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Sidewinder : I do not really plan on buying one of those, but I would get the iPhone5s because it has more features and stuff even though it is more expensive. Otherwise, I would buy the 5c if I wanted to save some money.
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10-02-13 07:20 PM
diabeticzach is Offline
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Android that is the only you can seize root and get emulators and do all sorts of crazy cool things, it's similar to linux I have heard and just better soo ya fan boy hard right here
Vizzards United

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