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Whats In That Closet?
a brand new story
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07-14-13 11:57 PM
07-15-13 12:51 AM

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Whats In That Closet?


07-14-13 11:57 PM
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Hi there again I wrote another story hope you like it

Long ago there were these children named peter and Sophia
and they are 13 years old. Peter and Sophia are brother and sister to each
other. They loved to go out and play a lot. Both of them lived in a small town
with some people the weather was sunny with some nice breeze. But when it came
to autumn the leafs from the trees fell and was changed to a different colour.
So the children played throwing, Kicking and enjoying themselves. And the
mother of peter and Sophia said "kids time to come home its dinner time!"
"Yes mum we're coming!" said peter and Sophia. The children had their
dinner and went to sleep. When peter and Sophia slept the both had the same
dream little do they know that this dream is pretty much real. So they woke up
and peter said "I had the most awkward dream but I can't remember it then
Sophia said "yes I too had an awkward dream and I can't remember it at
all." so it was Friday the children got ready and went to school did work
and head for home.

Then peter and Sophia saw a van pass by, as they walked so they got home and
their mother was waiting for them. She said with a smile "children welcome
home I have something for you" so peter and Sophia wondered what it could
be they went to their room and that is when they saw a big closet. Peter and
Sophia's mouth dropped and Sophia asked " mum how were you about to
afford this?!!!!" and mum said "I have been saving up money to buy
this closet for you" peter said "wow...." he was so speechless.
So mum said "kids put your clothes in the new closet" "ok!"
they both said. Peter and Sophia were excited for their new closet so they
opened inside it was dusty. So they had to clean it. Cleaning the closet took
them ages to do and finally some time the closet was squeaky clean. So they put
their clothes in it and the coats too the next day which was Saturday. Peter
and Sophia were out playing with their friends when the closet back at the
house started to shake! The mum was in the kitchen cleaning up so she didn't
know what happened. Time passed and their mum called peter and Sophia back to
the house. So at dinner time peter said "today was a lot of fun!" and
Sophia said "yes indeed it was!" so after dinner peter and Sophia
went to bed and little do they know that both of them will go on a big

so morning came they woke up and something felt strange both of them got ready
and went  to the living room. But when they got there peter and Sophia's
mum was frozen just like a statue by standing! Both of them was in shock
"mummy!" said peter and Sophia as they rush towards her. Peter said
"mum talk to me!" while Sophia said “mum snap out of it!" Sophia
smacked her but still their mum didn't budged at all. Sophia cried saying
"peter what are we going to do?!" and peter said "its ok don't
cry everything will be alright let’s get help." peter and Sophia ran out
of the house to find the towns people are statues as well! Both of them are
even in more shock than before. Peter said "no! Even the towns people as
well!" Sophia couldn't take it anymore "waaah!!!" she cried out
so loud. And peter looked at her put his hand on her cheek and said to her
"Sophia listen to me ok? I promise we will find who did this to the people
we care about! So Sophia please don't cry" "ok" sniffed Sophia
as she calmed down. So both of them went back to the house, trying to figure
out what to do that's when they heard a loud noise. Sophia ask "peter
where is that noise coming from?" and he said " sounds
like its coming from our bedroom!" so they ran to the room to find that the
closet has changed colour to a cream and the one that was making the noise the
whole time as well.

 Sophia said.... "Peter I'm scared" and peter said back "to
be honest I'm scared too" both of them took a deep breath and walked
slowly towards the closet when they got there peter and Sophia had a little
fight about who should open it. Then peter said "we both open it ok?"
"That sounds fair" said Sophia they counted to three and opened it.
When they did both of them saw a completely different world it was full of
medieval, magic, knights and evil wizards too. It was so hard to believe so to
check peter put his hand inside and it went through the closet. Before they
knew it peter and Sophia was attacked by a large dragon with a man that looked
to be evil riding on it the dragon breathed out hot blazing fire. So before
both of them were going to get hurt peter grabbed Sophia quickly and jumped
through the closet into that world and fell into the forest. The evil wizard
tried to find them but he gave up and peter said "phew.....looks like the
coast is clear Sophia" and Sophia said "yeah your right"
figuring out what to do next peter and Sophia can't stay in the forest or they
will get attacked again. So both of them started to walk not knowing where they
were or how to get out of the forest. But peter and Sophia both knew that they
needed shelter and some food.

it took them time but peter and Sophia made it out of the forest and saw a
nearby town. Lots of people were there so they decided to look for help. When peter
and Sophia looked at peoples dressing it was different to theirs. Peter
couldn't find the words to ask people but a boy and a girl saw from the
distance of where they are standing that these new people needed help. So the
boy and the girl came closer
. so the
boy said " hi there need help?" and peter said "yes please thank
you so much" and the girl said "your welcome please follow us to our
house" the boy and the girl pretty much was the same age of peter and Sophia
they could tell. When the four of them arrived the mother and the father of the
boy and the girl asked who they were. before peter and Sophia could answer them
their stomach growled and the mother said "dear me you need food!"
the father said "haha come in and eat we can't  leave two kids starving
come in for dinner." so peter and Sophia explained themselves and the
mother said "that’s just awful everyone you know are now frozen? I’m sorry
to hear that" and the father said "it’s not safe here as well you
kids need to know how to fight" the boy said "oh sorry for not
introducing myself before my name is adalbert " and the girl said
"and my name is Judith please to meet you" peter said "it’s very
nice to meet you too" Sophia said "likewise" the father said
"adalbert and Judith you need to take this children to someone who will be
willing to teach them how to fight. Starting from tomorrow" and they both
said "ok!" “Children it’s time for bed now" said the mother

so adalbert and Judith showed peter and Sophia to where they will be staying
in the house. Adalbert said "good night" and Judith said "don't
let the bed bugs bite" so peter and Sophia slept and had another vision.
It was different they both saw clearly of where they had to go next. Morning came
and before peter and Sophia went anywhere both of them talked about the dream
they had and decided to tell adalbert and Judith. Both of them came bouncing
into the room "morning!" said adalbert "how was your
sleep?" said Judith peter said "hmm..... we have something to say..."
"what is it?" said adalbert Sophia said " well we have been
having strange dreams" and peter said "more like a vision when we
slept it was much more clear to see here than it was back at home" Judith
said "visions huh?" peter and Sophia wasn't sure if both of them will
believe what they just said then Judith looked at adalbert and he nodded.
adalbert said "well before we were born many good fairies lived but now no
on don't know what happened to them" and Judith said "or what became
of them fairies have the power to go into someone's dream and give them a
vision even to another world but we thought it was all rumours or a myth."

so adalbert said "which means you people are the next
heroes......" peter and Sophia both said in shock "next
heroes????!" peter said " how can that be?! We don't know how to
fight! Never the less even know why we are here!" and Sophia said
"yeah heroes? We don't even look like the type!" then adalbert said
"hold on you two think about it the people you know and care about including
your mother are statues. You have a vision from the fairy and you found this
world through your closet that's proof right?" and Judith said "if
the last fairy is still alive she might had call you here for some reason for
help I think" so peter and Sophia calmed down. Peter said "I guess
your right" Sophia said if we find out why we were summoned her we can go
home afterwards right?" Judith said "yes that's about right" and
peter said "so when do we get started?" peter and Sophia had breakfast.
And the father said "adalbert and Judith you both know where to take these
two" and adalbert said "of course father we leave from the other side
of town and go to a different forest" peter and Sophia changed what they
wore so that they will fit in with the others. So the four children left the
house and embarked on the most dangerous journey ever and made their way to the

When they got to the forest peter asked "who are we looking for?" and
adalbert said " we are looking for a man his name is Adam, he’s the best
fighter trainer that there is!" and Judith said "but since his
troubles has started he’s now a drunken old bastard and not willing to help
others anymore. All he does is drink alcohol say and night as well" and
adalbert said " Judith don't be so rude!" and she said back
"what? it’s the truth!" so the others walked into the forest into
find  him. As usual Adam is drowning in
his sorrows near a tree, sitting down. The children ran to him and adalbert
said "Adam please we need your help!!!" Judith said "I don't
think he will adalbert....." Adam looked up and did one disgusting burp to
them. Peter said "oh that’s gross!" and Sophia said "I can't breathe

Then Judith pushed adalbert out of the way and slapped Adam hard on the face
and Adam said "wha...da... (hic) whats da hec is your proplem?" Judith
said "we need your help snap out of this stupid sorrow you have fallen
into!" and Adam said "(hic) why shuld i?" adalbert said "these
people peter and sophia are not from this world and the fairy summoned them
here as well" then Adam said "(hic) you seroius?" Adam took a
good look at peter and Sophia and he said "don’t know if i shuld
(hic)" Judith gave another reason too. And said "they have been
having strange visions from the last fairy. They found our world through their
closet which is impossible and they are the next heroes to save our world"
Adam put the wine bottle on the ground he started to think and the children
wondered what was going to happen next. Adam said “(hic) did you come aross an
evil wizrd riding a dragon?” peter and Sophia said “yes we did!” peter said “he
nearly killed us!” and Sophia said “we had to jump through the closet into this
world to live…” Adam said “(hic) the wizrds name is jervis I have been hearing
rumors about him to do with the fairies and stole a forbidden book to take over
a different world” peter and Sophia was in shock and gasped.

Judith said “he wants
to take over your world as well….” And adalbert said “we must stop him! Or both
worlds are doomed Adam please help us! ” Adam stood up since he was still drunk
he wasn’t walking properly and said to peter and Sophia “jervis destroyed my
home town and my family as well thus I lost myself after that” peter said “I am
so sorry for your losses….” Sophia said “that evil wizard has gone too far
please teach me and peter how to fight!” and Adam said “I will and Judith
thanks for knocking some sense into me. From now on I will stop drinking and go
back to who I was before which is a trainer” the four children said “yes!” and
Judith said “about time! And you’re welcome!” Adam said “peter and Sophia
right? Your training will begin in the evening but let me warn you just because
you are children it doesn’t mean that I will go easy on you the training ground
is indeed gruesome and hard there will be challenges all the time. So its best
you get prepared for what you are soon about to face” Sophia said “we will
learn how to fight no matter how hard it will be!” and peter said “we are not
doing it for our world but for this world also! We must succeed no matter
what!” Adam said “good you both have fiery spirit I like that it will help you.
Judith and adalbert since you two have already been through this help them both
they need your support” adalbert and Judith said “yes Adam we understand!” when
suddenly in the distance they heard a loud scream.

Peter said “someone needs
help! Adam what do we do?” Adam said “ok kids let’s check it out but it’s
better to see from the distance” “ok!” said all of them. So everyone went to
the direction of where the scream was. A pretty girl was in danger and looked
age 13 as well. When peter saw her he fell in love and he said “we need to help
her!” Adam said “wait” and Adam couldn’t believe who he saw it was jervis! Adam
was in shock and panicked a little and Judith said “Adam…..what’s wrong?” and Adam
said “guys that’s jervis right there attacking that girl….”and all four said
“WHAT??!!” as they said it all of them were shock as well. Sophia said “but
still that girl needs our help!” Adam said “ adalbert and Judith you go, you
are both ready to handle a task such as this” they both said “we are?” and Adam
said “yes and now remember to use your weapons well!” “ok!” they both said. So
Judith and adalbert rushed in to help and Judith said “hey! Back off and leave
her alone!” and adalbert said “do as we say or deal with us next!” and jervis
said “ooo I’m so scared” and Judith said “hey! We are a lot tougher than you
think we are!” jervis said “such nonsense no one is ever stronger than me I am
the strongest wizard of them all! Muhahaha!!!” Judith said “what a wacko…..”  And jervis said “so you children want to be
next to die? If that’s how you want it so be it!” jervis did some evil magic
and just in time Judith counterattacked with a stronger magic shield. And
jervis said “well done so you know a little magic eh? I’m going I don’t want to
waste my time on you kiddies I have a world to take over. Dracul come!” so the
large dragon came swooping in to pick up his master and before they all knew it
jervis had disappeared.

The others came out from hiding and Adam said
“adalbert and Judith good job” and they both said “thank you Adam” so the young
girl who was attacked said “um…..thank you for saving me…” and peter said “no
problem we are always here to help people” and adalbert said in his mind (“yeah
right… didn’t do all that hard work!”) so Adam said “explain your
situation” and the girl said “I was helping my mother to get something’s and
all of a sudden on my way back home that wizard attacked me!” and peter said to
Adam “what does he want with this girl?” and Adam said  “not sure…..and girl what’s your name?” and
the girl said “my name is Anna and I think that wizard said something to do
with heroes that I’m one of them I think that’s why he tried to kill me….”
Everyone was in shock. And adalbert said to Adam “what should we do about
this?” and Adam said “Anna please take us to where you live I must talk with your
parents” and Anna said “yeah sure…..” so everyone followed Anna to her home
town. But when they got there the place was in a wreak! Anna said “no……he
attacked my home town…”so Anna ran off in search of her mother and father. She
found them in one piece and Anna sighed a good relief and she said “mother
father what happened here?!” and her father said “ugh……an evil wizard came
swooping down with his large dragon and destroyed half of the town!” and her
mother said “we also lost some people Anna your sister she’s dead……” Anna was
in shock so shocked that she collapsed on the ground and fainted. And her
mother said “no! Anna please you need to be strong!” and her father said
“sigh….dear it was hard to tell her but we had too….” The others felt so sorry
for her.

The parents looked at the others and the father said “I see you people
brought her home safely I thank you” and the mother said “please come to our
house and have some dinner it’s a way of saying thanks of taking care of my
daughter and bringing her back home” so the father got up and carried Anna back
home. So during dinner Adam asked her parents “Anna is she another chosen one?
How can it be….. And please tell me why…” the father and the mother looked at each
other and the father said “yes she is we didn’t want to tell her until it was
time…..” and the mother said “but she doesn’t have the will to fight let alone
looks like one. We didn’t know what to do or how to tell her…..” and Adam said
“she doesn’t have to be one if she doesn’t want to. Don’t force her when Anna
is ready she can find us in the forest” and the father looked closely and he
said “are you Adam the greatest fighter trainer that there is?” and Adam said
“yes I am these kids helped me to get back on track” so the father said “these
four are heroes?!” and the mother said “shh! Dear you will wake up Anna….” And
the father said back “oh sorry……” Judith said “no just peter and Sophia” and
the father said “oh ok…..” so everyone stayed at the house and then morning
came. The group left early to head for the forest after sometime they finally
got there and went straight to the training ground. Adam said “ok peter and
Sophia that’s the training ground” peter and Sophia looked scared but they toughened
up quickly “ok!” said peter “it’s time to do this mike it or break it!” said

Before they started everyone heard a voice in the distance looked back
and guess who it was? It was Anna! Everyone was shocked to see her.  Anna came running closer and stopped panting
for breath she said “don’t…..don’t start without me!” and Adam said “are you
sure about this? You don’t have to fight” regaining her breath she said “yes I
do! That wizard is going to pay for what he did! Killed my sister…….then half
of the town and people as well! I want to fight I’m determined too and that’s
my decision!” Adam said “ok ok that’s good enough. Welcome here peter and
Sophia were about to do their training you can join them” and Anna said “thank
you Adam I won’t let you down!” then the gruesome training began. These three
heroes had a tough time but day and night they continued to train even when
they fell. All of them rose back up to complete all of the challenges that
stood in their way. Then the girls Sophia and Anna started to learn magic to
heal and to protect.

Both of them didn’t get it right the first time so they kept
pushing themselves until it was right and they did. Finally now those three are
now born with powers to fight they are the heroes that everyone has been
waiting for. Powerful have weapons and strong magic as well. Now they are all
ready to fight jervis then Adam said “well done my students you are now the
heroes you were meant to be” and all 3 said “thanks Adam!” Adam also said “ we
must find the last fairy she is the only one who knows where jervis castle is.”
The suddenly everyone heard a voice they all looked back. Someone was running
toward them it was the last fairy! Everyone was surprised to see her out for
her home. Then she said “phew…. It’s a good thing I ran out here to find you
guys!” and Adam said “so… must be the last fairy…..I’m so sorry for what
jervis did to your sisters….” Then she said “yeah…….speaking of jervis he came
to finish me off luckily I ran away. My powers are too weak so I couldn’t fight
him….” Peter said “so you are the last fairy that gave me and my sister visions
right?” she said “yes…. I did. Long ago I had foreseen that he would had frozen
you two as well. My powers were not enough to shield everyone you know. And
also peter and Sophia you both had fiery spirit and the will to fight for
others. You just didn’t know you had it….” And Sophia said “and that’s why you
called us here to defeat jervis” and the last fairy said “yes….it was your fate
from the beginning and cannot escape it.” 
Adam said” adalbert and Judith your work here is done you can go home
now” and the last fairy said “no its not it is far from that. Don’t you know?” Adam
said “them? They are the last two heroes??? But how can it be? I didn’t know
that!” adalbert and Judith were shocked but excited.

Knowing they can stay with
the others both of them was very happy. So the heroes got themselves prepared
for the ultimate battle ever! And the last fairy said “ok all set? Make sure to
kill him! To save both worlds!” and Adam said “kids remember what I taught you
now? Put it to god use and end jervis life forever! Everyone is counting on
you!” the last fairy said “I have just enough power to send you to jervis
castle. From there you are on your own…..” all heroes said “we won’t let you
down!” so the fairy sent them there. The castle was old and creepy it was a
very scary place to be.  The heroes were
in a place surrounded by only darkness, dark clouds and it was cold as well. So
they all started walking towards they castle and on guard too for any open
attack on them. But it was too quite as if jervis was expecting them. That’s
what they all thought.

The five young heroes finally made it too the castle and
saw all of jervis’s minions!  So they all
bravely fought them until every last one was killed. The five young heroes made
their way deeper into the castle and kept going. All of them heard a voice “so
you manage to make it this far? Im pretty impressed by that, but this is where
it all ends! MUHAHA!” it was jervis! All five heroes  got ready for their toughest battle ever!
Jervis didn’t was time he attacked them with full force.  He used 
strong evil magic on them! The girls counterattacked with strong
shields  to protect while that happened
peter and adalbert attacked him with their swords but jervis blocked it! But
jervis wasn’t about to give up he had a evil plan up hes sleeve. He used all
the magic he had and put it on himself! This made him faster and stronger! And
untouchable!  And also the five heroes
were not ready to give up either! Jervis attacked them with a big bang! And
injuring our heroes!  Peter said
“ugh… guys ok?” Sophia said “yeah….somehow I’ll mange” adalbert said “his
magic is far too strong…..” Judith said “we must try everyone is counting on
us!” and Anna said “we must never give up!” peter had an idea! Jervis said
“this is the end for all of you midgets I will take over both worlds! MUHAHAHA!
No one will ever stop me!” peter said “not if we can help it we will destroy
you! Everyone quick combine your powers to mine for the final attack!” so the
heroes did as he said and combined powers. Peter’s sword started to shine and
became white! So now the combine was complete peter rushed and charged in. the
others followed to protect him.

Jervis was getting really mad. So he started to
fire magic balls everywhere at peter to kill him. The girls used their magic to
protect him who was still charging to attack jervis. While adalbert sliced and
diced the magic balls with his sword. This was covered with strong magic. the
girls used another new magic that they learned together. It was called bind
chain to stop jervis from attacking. They used that magic on him and struggled
to break free! Peter finally got to jervis and gave the final attack! It worked
jervis couldn’t believe he got defeated by a bunch of kids! Before everyone
knew it light started to come out from jervis body. More came out…. Jervis
started to scream of pain and the heroes ducked for cover jervis kept screaming
the others covered their ears then…..he exploded into little pieces with his
voice still echoing. jervis is now dead and gone forever! Our heroes did it!
They saved both worlds! And everyone can live peacefully! And at last peter and
Sophia can now go home! Peter said “guys…….we did it we destroyed the most
powerful evil wizard….” And Sophia said “it is finally done good work everyone”
Judith said “it was great that I too was a hero. I was able to help people and
save them…..” Anna said “my sister and the towns people that were killed can
now rest in peace I’m happy……” and adalbert said “it was a great pleasure
fighting alongside with you. This is the best adventure I have ever had thank
you” peter said “Sophia Judith and Anna do you guys have enough magic to send
us back home?” all three of them said “yes” with a smile on in their faces. So
our tired heroes went back home. But when they got to the village where Anna
lives there was a surprise waiting for them.

The towns people, Adam and the
last fairy made a feast for them! It was a gift as a welcome home for defeating
jervis! Yes indeed those kids did well. No they were awesome! So peter and
Sophia was called by Anna’s parents. So they all went to the bedroom and saw a
big closet just like theirs back at home. So peter and Sophia said their farewells
to each other and crying too. Anna kissed peter on the cheek and his face went
bright red. So they both saw through the closet that their world was there. It
was too hard to part from their friends and people that they knew as well but
both of them had to leave…..  so they
closed their eyes and jumped through. When they opened it peter and Sophia was
back in their bedroom and back home, to their own world. Both of them looked
back at the closet and the portal was gone… they both ran from their room
and downstairs to the living room and saw their mum standing there with a smile
on her face. Peter and Sophia ran to her crying and the mum embraced them both.
Since now things are different Sophia and peter did a lot of helping out. That
surprised their mum and the town’s people as well. But both of them never
showed their magic to anyone including the mum. So peter and Sophia lived a
good life still thinking of their friends and the adventures they all had



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Whoa! First of congrats on getting red jersey with this. This is huge. And this story is amazing and I enjoyed reading it. This is really great and you have a talent for this. You are quite good at this, I could never write anything quite like this. Congrats on this amazing story. Keep up the amazing work, you should be a writer and author with stories and writing skills like this. This is just great. I enjoy reading your work. Keep up the great work and keep writing!
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i dont want to be a nitpicker, but you should change the title to closet heh
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