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12-05-19 09:49 AM

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04-24-09 10:43 PM
05-16-09 07:59 AM

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04-24-09 10:43 PM
Pyrobomb11 is Offline
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Hiya. I'm Pyrobomb11. You can call me Pyro or whatever other name you'd like. My real name is Ryan and I like to do these forums and things. I have a Wii, which unfortunately doesn't work right now, but will soon be fixed. I also have an X-Box, but no Xbox Live. If you'd like my Wii code, I could get it for Wii just won't play games. I have a DS Lite and Pokemon Platinum. I like to do this a lot too... .... ... ;D Well, that's me, and hi. ;D

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 04-24-09
Location: California, United States
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04-24-09 11:56 PM
Davideo7 is Online
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Welcome to the board

What games you got for Wii? Which do you play online?
Also what DS games do you play online if any?

Oh and please take note of our NES, GB and GBC game rooms, the links are located at the top right and top left of the page - basically on these pages you can play Nintendo, Game Boy and Game Boy Color games online on the board.

Enjoy your stay.
The Owner
Owner, Developer, Advertiser, etc
Founder, Mod, Investor

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Registered: 12-06-04
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04-24-09 11:58 PM
gtwalq is Offline
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Welcome to the forum Ryan, have a good'n
Vizzed Elite

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Registered: 01-21-09
Location: Australia
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04-30-09 12:03 PM
DarkHyren is Offline
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Welcome to Vizzed.
shame about your wii, but good to hear its on the road to recovery.

Be sure to check "THE RULES" when you have the time, the FAQ & Help Center for other handy info, and if you have any problems with anything be sure to ask and we'll try and help you out with them.

While you looking around why not check out some of the online games we have here in the Retro Games Room for even more fun
See you later
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2nd Place in the December 2009 VCS!

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Registered: 12-19-08
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05-02-09 11:02 PM
kimbo1 is Offline
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Dropping through to say welcome, I am new also..
To get unbanned message Randy53215.... (5/3/09)

Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 05-02-09
Location: Brentwood,CA
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05-16-09 07:59 AM
MegaKidicarus is Offline
Link | ID: 90282 | 109 Words

Level: 45

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Hi I hope you enjoy the many great features of this site and look forward to many new ones.
I like Zelda games and chrono trigger, Megaman, Mario and final fantasy, I like doing track and swimming also.

My favorite final fantasy is final fantasy 7.
My second favorite final fantasy is final fantasy 5.
My third favorite final fantasy is final fantasy 6.
My forth favorite is final fantasy 2.
My fifth favorite is final fantasy 3.
I really like final fantasy 7

My favorite megaman is megaman 6
My second favorite megaman is megaman 2
I relly like megaman 6

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Affected by 'Laziness Syndrome'

Registered: 02-21-09
Last Post: 1381 days
Last Active: 1379 days