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10-14-19 03:20 AM

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Jessie vs. James
It's finally happening.
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07-08-19 08:37 PM
07-14-19 06:09 PM

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Jessie vs. James


07-08-19 08:37 PM
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So ever since episode 2 of Pokemon, we have been blessed with the presence of Jessie and James, Team Rocket's finest members. They've gone through the highest highs together (literally, I mean they fly into space like every episode) and some of the lowest lows (Arbok & Weezing anyone?)

But now, in the Alola league, we are about to see the biggest face off in the history of Pokemon. After fluking it past the preliminaries, Jessie & James find themselves within the top 16 of the Alola League, where they randomly get each other as their opponents!

On July the 21st, we will see the battle we've always wanted to see. Which also means that one of those two will make Quarterfinals of a Pokemon League! That's crazy to think about haha.

What are you predicting will happen? Who are you rooting for?

Also, if you see this after the battle took place, what did you think of it?

I'm personally team James. Have been since the start.
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07-09-19 02:23 PM
SacredShadow is Offline
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Wow, I haven't followed the anime in ages so I had no idea about this. I predict that that the battle will go back and forth since they are comparable in skill, but I'd personally like see James win also. I've always liked his character more since the beginning of pokemon.

Nonetheless, even though I haven't watched pokemon since they were in Sinnoh, I'll definitely have to tune in and see how this battle goes on the 21st!
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07-10-19 07:54 AM
SonicOlmstead is Offline
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So here's my predictions I 99% think Jessie will win I mean mimikyu to strong xD the other 1% I kinda think bewear will show up and ruin the match. If were talking who I want to win I've always liked James more so I would want him to win it.
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Post Rating: 1   Liked By: jnisol,

07-14-19 06:09 PM
zanderlex is Offline
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I feel like Jessie will win simply because there would be a better story to tell whereas if James wins it feels like it would be more comedy based than actual skill.
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